Monday, June 1, 2020

An Update on the Progress to Heal Humanity in the USA

My first acupuncture treatment was life changing. This was when I first “saw” a spiritual being who looked like an old Chinese Master. I knew he wasn’t physically in the room, but none-the-less I could still see him clearly standing in the room while Pat, the acupuncturist, inserted acupuncture needles in my body, When Pat left the room, the Old Chinese Master hovered over my body, moving his hands and I started to “see” lots of colors swirling within my mind . I also could feel new energy flowing within my body. This experience was why I became interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and then became certified in medical Qigong. 

Later, whenever I felt I needed some assistance during a medical Qigong treatment I was giving, the Old Chinese Master would show up in the treatment to help me. Sometimes he would bring another spiritual being with him, who I called the Microbiologist, because he seemed to work at a very micro-level on the cell structure of diseases (such as with cancer cells). 

When I retired from my Qigong practice, I shifted my focus from healing individuals to now working to heal humanity. This healing approach has been challenging and frustrating at times because the improvements and changes seem very slow and sometimes nonexistent.

Recently I was discouraged with the lack of progress but then the Old Chinese Master and the Microbiologist came to visit! They were here to assist!  It was just like the olden days.

They reminded me that healing humanity is just a bigger version of healing a single individual. Here is Qigong healing process we use to heal a person, and it is the same over all process to heal a society:
  1. You conduct an assessment to determine where there is stuck energy (Qi). 
  2. You then purge and remove the stuck energy (clean the vessel) 
  3. You then fill the vessel (society) with clean, vibrant, nourishing subtle energies. 
  4. You then focus on flow and balancing the energy in that vessel (society).

I told them I was focused on the patient being "the United States" and I was using societal problems as the method to assess and determine what needs to be healed. The Old Chinese Master and Microbiologist agreed with my approach and confirmed that the symptoms of stuck energy are being shown in the failures in our society. For example, a congress and senate that refuses to do its job of balancing the power of the executive branch is a symptom of stuck energy. An unfair judicial system indicates impaired energy flow and a fragmented and haphazard method in handling a pandemic indicates a lack of balance.

They then shared how the Trump era has provided exposure of many societal problems. Racism is the current focus, but it has also exposed problems with misogyny, corruption, bribes, protecting the rich, and a government inflicting harm on many people (such as children in cages). It has also exposed where the threats to our civil liberties and constitution are brewing. These behaviors and symptoms are now at the forefront of our psyche. This awareness is the first step in the healing process. That awareness is critical for step 1, the assessment of where the energy is stuck. This is how we learn what needs to be removed, cleared, changed, and corrected in order for society to heal. 

Step two in the process is to purge and remove stuck energy. In this society, the purging process often begins with demonstrations and then moves forward to the ballot box. The purging process is how to clean the vessel and prepare to receive new energy.

Step 3 and 4 will most likely take place after election (or a revolution). This will be when new ideas and methods will be introduced to help rebuild a society that benefits more of its citizens. 

The healing process is moving forward. Just like any healing, it is often difficult, painful, and messy. But things really are moving in the right direction.

I am now feeling encouraged. I now have validation that the chaos and pain we currently have is just temporary and part of the healing process. We really will become a better society and create a better world than the one we are leaving behind.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

The George Floyd Protests Mean It is Time to Change the Game

When my grandkids (ages 4 and 6) play one of their games, they will choose the type of game and then both work together to create the rules. 
When one of them no longer is having fun, the game will end and they then move one. They may create a new game, or move on. The game is now officially over.
In the USA, we change our national game through the election of a President. During the last election many decided to give Trump a shot to create and lead a new game. Many said “OK – let’s see what ya got”. Trump then started making up a new game for us to all play – one we had never seen before in a U.S. President. It was so unconventional so he was given a lot of leeway. Many believed (or hoped) this would be not only a new thrill ride, but that he may even be "chosen". 

We soon learned that Trump’s new game seemed to have a lot of new rules and most of them were centered around image, loyalty, and obedience. He also expected everyone who wanted to play in this new game also must pay to play. It seemed he was here to make some dough and expected everyone who wanted something from him had to give him something in return. Totally new and unexpected rules, but OK, we seemed to say, and looked the other way.

Soon we realized that anyone who wasn’t loyal, or obedient, or had told the truth was being sidelined. At first, those who complained were pushed aside and were belittled, bullied, or publicly humiliated. Careers and reputations ended with just a single tweet and some even received death threats from some right-wing whackos. The game was now not just entertainment - it was dangerous and becoming life threatening.

The death threats and danger expanded to almost anyone who voiced opposing opinions, or if they were a darker shade of pale, or a nonChristian religion, or from a "shit-hole country". The rules and restriction got worse and hate, violence, and anger grew.

Needless to say, we are all sick and tired of this lousy game and its impact on our country. It has fostered divisiveness, intolerance, and hate along with an almost constant feeling of dread. All we want is a game - aka a governmental system - that works. What we have is a person and his game creating more police brutality, racism, violence, and hate. How can this be seen as successful?

George Floyd was murdered by a policeman during an arrest and we are now seeing a bar-age of protests throughout the entire country. I see this as a message to all of us. The era of Trump being a novelty and being in charge needs to end. We need to end this game of Trump. It is dangerous. He is dangerous. This path is not providing the country what we need or want.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

"Becoming" by Michelle Obama

There are a lot of points of light in our country. It is not all doom and gloom. This is what struck me when I watched the documentary "Becoming" on Netflix. The film promo states it offers a rare and up-close look at Michelle Obama's life, taking viewers behind the scenes as she embarks on a 34-city tour that highlights the power of community to bridge our divides and the spirit of connection that comes when we openly and honestly share our stories. But it is much more than this. It is a film about hope, and also about sharing the energy of respect, love, and service.

What moved me the most from this movie was how Michelle Obama would pause and give her FULL attention to each and every single person she met. During a book tour, there are tons of people wanting to get their book signed, and she would pause, look each person in the eye, and give her full attention to them. It was almost as if I could see an energetic connection happen between them, as if Michele gave them a little piece of her soul - like a little spark of respect and love, saying "you are important!" I thought to myself, "WOW! She is changing people's energy one by one! This exchange is going to change and improve the world!"  I was in total awe.

The camera would sometimes scan the faces of the thousands in the arena's. I couldn't help noticing their faces - they were filled LOVE! There was HOPE! I was mesmerized by this. It was such a contrast to what I see in faces of the crowds during rallies of the current President. The crowds at  these Michelle Obama's gatherings reminded me how we CAN be better people. It now was becoming an emotional and even spiritual experience for me to watch this flick. I was watching someone who cared about all of us and wants us all to live the life we need and desire to have.

I was moved by this documentary. It was a good reminder of what happens when you are around people who can make your heart sing and your soul expand - your light can shine.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Twitter and Facebook - Clean Up Your Mess

If someone were poisoning the city's water system we would demand those in charge to get it fixed. We would DEMAND the poison be not only stopped, but removed! The social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, are all over the world and have become the primary method of connecting and communicating. But it is no longer just messages of like-minded people - it is a system that now is continually being  filled with the poison of hate, lies, and conspiracies.

I find it interesting that the companies who set up and created this virtual network continues to refuse to step in and make sure what flows in their "pipes" is not poison. They say they have no responsibility for what goes IN the pipes - only the pipes themselves. They are only the conduit.

This backward way of thinking is a cover and allows them to skirt their responsibility. They continue to sit on the sideline and just watch the world become more filled with hate, more divisive, and more sick - all due to the poison flowing in their pipes. The result of their inaction is a sick, unstable world.

Facebook and Twitter - CLEAN YOUR DAMN MESS! Stop that free flow of poison, lies, and hate in those pipes of yours. Your inaction is a major reason for creating this rather unstable world we now live in. If you want the world to be a better place, then BE BETTER PEOPLE! ACT like you want the world to be BETTER, and clean up the poison you are allowing to flow in your pipes.

Friday, May 22, 2020

A Hundred and Three Years from Now

A hundred and three years.
That was the answer I got to my question "When will all this chaos be over?"
"A hundred and three years."

What a strange answer, I thought. Why not 100 years? Why a 103 years?

I then did the math.
2020 + 103 = 2123.
The year would be 2123.
Now THAT sounds like a milestone type of year.

It seems like this would be the type of monumental moment in time when everyone would pay attention and reflect on how they survived and got to this point in time - the year 2123. It would be a year of examination, reflection, and celebration.

I then expanded my "healing humanity" meditations to include the future to that new anchor point in time - to the year 2123. I used sound and music to be a part of this meditation and filled the connection to that point along time, with Sara Bareilles song "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road". The song is about learning lessons from past mistakes and now choosing a different road.

I could sense that in this new period of time, there is more feminine energy. There is also a greater focus on community, supporting each other, and cooperating. I could feel hope. And strength. And harmony.