Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Tao, Government, and Societal Awakenings

The Tao 
The purpose of your life in its ultimate dimension or understanding, is not the shortsighted and narrow vision you may have. To the Tao, your life is an opportunity to experience something the Tao has not experienced before. The purpose of the Tao fragmenting was to produce an infinite number of possibilities that may be experienced – both positive and negative. One would assume that the negative would balance the positive and there would be an equal portion. However, this again is not the purpose of the Tao. For more energy that feeds the Tao is derived from positive experiences. In other words, the Tao itself desires increased energy and the best way to obtain this is through positive experiences. Therefore, the Tao, in its wisdom, devised mechanisms that would skew the experiences more towards the positive aspect. Therefore, producing an increase in positive energies.

One skewing mechanism is government. The correct use of government is to provide order so that the maximum numbers of people may associate together in harmony. If government is to provide harmony through governing of its citizens, there are several methods of providing this harmony. One is through strict observation of all rules and violators being severely punished or cast out. Another is that through unconditional love, all share equally and freely exchange one with another. A third is that through mass peoples support, government chooses those aspects which the average person sees as positive. All of these produce differences in experiences. It takes only a few to destroy the perfect arrangement.

But a society that is seen as widely successful is not possible because the Tao has also set certain forces within the human spirit that restrict it. Those forces are a sense of individual opportunity. This, of course, may have a positive side and a negative side. This aspect of what you may call the individual’s motivational drive allows the individual to seek to broaden their personal experiences which, of course, is what the Tao wants the individual to do. It is by this very nature not feasible to structure a society where each individual seeks the betterment of its surrounding population at the expense of itself. This is counter to the concept of true love. This is why utopian societies inevitably fail.

Marxism is striving to be a utopian society where all work for the benefit of each other. All have the same or in other words, all experience the same. You can see the conflict with the basic design of the Tao.

The third form, which may be loosely described as the form of organized mob rule has definite advantages. First, it is unpredictable and therefore suits the Tao’s purpose for broadened experiences. Secondly it is predictable, and therefore suits the Tao’s purposes. Now, to explain these conflicting statements. By having multiple people in the decision process, you of course obtain some very strange ideas of how to accomplish a simple task. You sometimes call this working in committees. However, this form of society may seem to be slow and often unmanageable produces a tremendous amount of interaction to accomplish simple tasks. This interaction produces experiences; a form of maximizing the Tao’s endeavors. Also, by involving as many fragments (people) as possible, and realizing that most fragments are guided by basic feelings of justice, the end result of these decisions are generally positive in nature, which produces positive energies for the Tao as well. The main drawback of this system is that is may produce times of intense conflict within the group when no clear choice is available. This, of course, produces negative energies, but generally the end results will still be positive and beneficial.

Awakenings in Society
An awakening in society is an event or occasion where great combinations and masses of people decide to change their experiences from one course to another. These blossoming’s can occur quickly and fade, or may take considerable amounts of time to completely unfold. The European awakening occurred quickly. The reason for this was due to the constrictive nature of the society before the awakening occurred. The more constrictive the society, the more the awakening energies are held within until they explode in to view. However, after the explosion, which may of course take a year or several, the fallout occurs nearly as quickly and events generally settle into a drab sort of existence. Things have changed but things have not. For example, the French Revolution was a quick, violent, bloody awakening that when it was complete the common individual was in the same status as before except for various unimportant changes. For example, the poor were still poor. Their basic education and opportunity for advancement had not changed. The previous rulers were gone, but in their place were rulers of similar nature and types. A king was replaced with an emperor; Louis for Napoleon. The common people still did not have any great say in their government.

The American awakening took place was over several decades, and perhaps centuries. The revolution was the primary awakening, but it was imperfect in its results so a secondary, though considerably less violent one took place with the Constitutional Congress.  However, many aspects were still unresolved, including one very critical point, the fact that not everyone was free. This point drove the third awakening, that of the Civil War.  This was required to provide freedom for all.  Minor awakenings of course have followed and the process still continues with the civil rights movement, the women’s movement, the gay rights movement, and now black lives matter. 

Awakenings are spontaneous. They seem to erupt quickly and without notice and those that do so seem to have vast amounts of energy and momentum behind them. These are the little drops that have accumulated through the years that eventually become the flood that cannot be stopped.  Eastern Europe, for example was a society that was awakened.  The harder those in control try to control the flood, the greater the flood becomes and less manageable.  But there is danger in allowing the flood to become prematurely.  A recent example is in China where the world witnessed and watched a single person defy a tank at Tiananmen Square, but the momentum for the whole of society was not yet sufficient. Later, a bigger storm had been brewing and we saw this explosion in Hong Kong. In addition, South Africa experienced their awakening when they decided to end apartheid. Moslem countries will also see an awakening movement in the future, but this will probably require a longer time to mature.

Awakenings are the results from pent-up feelings and suppressed emotions of the masses. The outcomes, however, are always in question. The results will determine whether a secondary or tertiary awakening is required. Once an awakening starts, however, there will be ripples of change that follow.  Some are major waves breaking forth, but there are also ebbs and flows of change, too. There will also be some repressive acts that follow (like Jim Crow) and conditions and also other extremes of liberty as well. This will be the case until balance is established. Once people have been given the vision of freedom and equality, it will linger on and slowly produce positive results.

Leaders During an Awakening
Great movements start when large groups of society feel positive about certain ideals and concepts. Once a sufficient mass of the population is focused, from that group natural leaders will arise to catalyze the ideas. These leaders may or may not produce the best results. If the results are positive, the movement moves rapidly on. If the results are negative, the leader is usually left behind and a second, or third arise to replace them. In other words, great movements are self-producing of leadership. The key is to create the necessary mass of popular ideals which will then allow the movement to self-lead. It does not work in the opposite direction.

There are two ways events happen; either through physical force or political motivation. Physical force will only be effective for short brief periods of time, but political motivation of society is long term and long lasting. For equality and freedom to take root, and to thrive, the better path is done through political motivation rather than violence. In the United States, for example, this means individuals need to participate in making sure the government they desire and expect represents them.

If you want a better government, vote and make your government better.

Monday, June 29, 2020


We are in the process of creating and building a new way of living. The old areas of suppression are being exposed, will be removed, and a new era emerges. This is what happens during an awakening or a blossoming. This movie, 13th, a documentary referring to the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which reads “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States.” The progression from that second qualifying clause to the horrors of mass criminalization and the sprawling American prison industry in the USA. The film helps us understand how we got to this point, and why this needs to be changed.

Watch the movie and help make the change. We need and deserve a better life than what we now have. All of us should have the opportunity to be free and the chance to become who and what we were meant to be. To thrive.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

A Network of Sound in a Humanity Healing Meditation.

I am focused on spending time each day on healing humanity meditations. My goal is to facilitate a shift and expansion of consciousness around the globe.

Recently this video, called "The Weight" featuring Robbie Roberts, kept on showing up in my YouTube channel, almost as if it was prompting me to use it in one of these meditations. The organization behind this video is one that brings musicians together all over the globe to play and sing all together - but apart.

I'm going to use this song in my healing humanity activities this week. My plan is to funnel this music and sound, along with the anchor points identified in each of these locations, to send out a type of transformational energy of unity, hope, and harmony around the globe.

When you play this video and listen to the song, notice all the people and locations involved who created this lovely harmonic sound. To me, this is already transformational. My hope is to take that joy and pleasure that are a part of this experience, and send it through the subtle energetic conduits around the globe. It is similar to giving a bird its wings to help its soul soar.

The Weight | Featuring Robbie Robertson and Ringo Starr| Playing For Change

Friday, June 12, 2020

Managing Your Spiritual Being Interactions

Over the years I have learned how to use and work with the energetic vibrations of the chakras to open up different spiritual doors. These doors often lead to some rather amazing experiences - like meeting and interacting with Spiritual Beings. In a way, the process is like using one of those old car radios where you turn the dial and find the radio frequency you need to listen to the music you want.   
Old Car Radio Dials
Over time my skills for finding the right station (or frequency) has improved and it seems I would often leave my radio "on" which allowed Spiritual Beings I didn't want to see or hear, visit. I later discovered there are some drawbacks to always being on. For example, Occasionally this meant I would wake up in the middle of the night and see a Spiritual Being in my bedroom. This was not something I wanted. In fact, it kind of freaked me out. To stop this, I needed to take more care in this process, so created an energetic force field of protection around my home and imbedded it with the rule “NO SPIRITUAL BEING CAN COME INTO MY HOME UNLESS I HAVE INVITED THEM IN.” This helped me take more control over these random and unwanted visits. 

One day I heard my doorbell ring at 3 AM. I woke up, sat up in bed, and turned my ear toward the door to focus on listening for any noise. Again, I heard the doorbell ring so got up and went to the door and looked through the peep hole. No one was there. I opened the door, stepping out a bit and looked around. Still, no one was there. I then sat on the couch and began a meditation to see if I could learn more about this event.  I then saw an unfamiliar Spiritual Being. He said he wanted to participate in the Qigong healing I would be doing later that day and he needed permission to be allowed in. He was my client's spiritual guide and desired to participate in this activity. I told him to come back at 10:00 AM and I would ask my client if it was OK for him to participate, and if so, he could come. He was back at 10:00, following my client through the door, standing quietly by her while I let her know her Spiritual Guide came with her and wanted to participate in her treatment. She agreed and so he stayed and helped. 

I have had similar doorbell incidences over the years - all from Spiritual Beings requesting an invitation to come into my home. But the most startling request came in the early morning hours around 3:30 AM on March 31 of 2020. I heard three taps on my bedroom window. My bedroom is on the 2nd floor of my home, so having someone tap on my window would require either a ladder or come from someone very tall.

I got up and found no one outside. I did a meditation and the individual tapping on my window was a very tall Spiritual Being who I call a 'Guardian of the Earth'. I first met the Earth Guardians when I was doing a meditation and was pulled to a location deep within the earth to meet with Gaia. To me, the Earth Guardians resemble the andromorph figures I have seen painted on the red rock walls in Southern Utah and are known as Barrier Canyon style petroglyphs. Now I had one visiting at my home to set up a meeting with Gaia. (My visit with Gaia on April 5, 2020 resulted in a remarkable event which you can read about here).
Barrier Style Petroglyphs of Andromorph Characters Resembling the Earth Guardians
I have been rather amazed to learn how the tools and methods to cultivate spiritual energy create more opportunities for some amazing experiences - such as meeting and interacting with spiritual beings. But I am also amazed that we can control and manage those interactions so we are not overwhelmed or afraid. I also find that rather amazing, too.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Making an Ethical Decision

As a kid growing up in Utah, there were a lot of rules we followed from the Mormon Church. One of the rules was to NOT drink tea and coffee. According to the Mormon Church, drinking these beverages could prevent you from getting into the celestial kingdom, the highest level in the after-life. I would think of this rule while gazing at my kind, loving father sip a cup of fragrant coffee each morning, believing (like kids do) that this one act was determining his eternal fate.

As I got older I started to see how these rules were not always black and white and were often probably misinterpreted or misused as they passed from generation to generation. They also were subject to new questions based on culture changes, such as....
  • "What if the tea is COLD, like iced tea?" we would ask. "Can we drink this" The response was "NO!"
  • "What about if the hot beverage has caffeine, like hot chocolate?" we asked. "That is OK" 
  • "What about an herbal tea. Is this OK?" "No!" 
  • "What about a caffeinated drink like coca cola?" But this response was different. It was "It is your choice!"
Later I learned that ethical dilemmas are not just inside religions and we should not expect to have an institution continually advise us on trivial matters, like what to eat. We need skills to know HOW to make decisions on our own. When I listened to Malcom Gladwell's Revisionist History podcast, and learned about Jesuit Casuistry - method of moral reasoning to help a person make ethical choices - I could see this skill was something worth learning. Essentially it is a way to do comparative analysis using your own principles and ethics. You take two moral values and then determine which principle the dilemma in question is more closely aligned with. For example, if the question is "should a Mormon be able to drink Coca Cola, a caffeinated beverage?" you could use the guiding principles that seem to be in conflict and use them to help you determine which direction you are more closely aligned with. For example, you could use these two principles to guide your analysis:
  • Principle 1 - "You need to keep the body healthy and well."
  • Principle 2 - "You need to try new things, grow, learn, and enjoy the fruits and bounty of the earth."
Next, I would ask myself, "Is drinking a Coke more aligned ethically to keeping my body healthy? Or is it more aligned with trying new things and enjoying the bounty of the earth? If I believe drinking a Coke is more closely aligned with NOT keeping my body healthy and well, I would choose to NOT drink the coke. But if I think it is more aligned with trying new things or enjoying the fruits of the earth, I would drink the coke.

Using this method of decision making can help someone learn HOW to make decisions based on their personal ethics. I also like how it keeps the responsibility of the choice on the individual. The process is probably something my dad did each morning when he sipped his coffee and read the newspaper - he was enjoying the fruits and bounty of the earth.