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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Cultivating Spiritual Energy is now Available in Paperback or eBook!

My BOOK, Cultivating Spiritual Energy is now available in paperback or as an eBook! 

Cultivating Spiritual Energy by  Beth D Quist
The focus of this book is on learning how to use the seven chakra energies. Each chakra is composed of a different type of spiritual energy, which can then create certain types of spiritual experiences. This is a guide to help you learn to sense, connect, tap in, use, and direct this subtle, spiritual, invisible energy. The results will open new doors for different spiritual experiences. 

In addition, I also have an author page on Amazon. On that page, you can follow me and keep up with all my blogs. 

Melania's Billboard Coat was a Message to Donald

Melania Trump - Photo by Andrew Harnik/AP/REX/Shutterstock
I have been rather perplexed by Melania's coat she wore when she visited immigrant teenagers at a detention center in 80 degree heat. It was like she was wearing a billboard sign. But why?

Her action to visit the detention center were done because it was part of her job - a public relations (PR) gig to help turn public outrage in a new direction. But what she wore was her personal statement and choice. The jacket was a message about her true thoughts and feelings.

People who hate their job will find ways to express their displeasure of being in a situation they don't like, or will sabotage certain events to feel more in control. This is why a waiter will spit in someone's food before they serve it. Or a programmer will insert a virus in their code. Or a neighbor will take their dog over to someone's lawn to poop.

It seems that Melania hates her job, or maybe just this assignment, and was letting us know she will do these things but will also maintain control. She visited the detention centered, looked gracious, attentive, smiled at the cameras, but also wore a billboard to express her true feelings. But then we ask, what doesn't she care about? Is it us? Or immigrants? Children? Or Donald?

My bet is that the message was directed at Donald.

It seems to me that Melania was acting like a disgruntled employee, but maintained the upper hand by wearing a billboard to message him. This is how I'm reading between the lines:

I REALLY DON'T CARE means "Donald, I don't really care about your PR".
DO YOU? means "Donald, do you care about the children or just the PR?"

I am now wondering what Melania's next subtle messaging process will be to message the Donald. Wearing a billboard was rather clever.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

My Meditation Journey

You know how you occasionally do those self assessments where you take a pause and evaluate what is going on in your life? Years ago I was going through one of those moments. I wanted to figure out if I spending my time wisely. Was I making sure I was doing the things that brought me more joy in my life? or love? or peace of mind?

The conclusion of this activity was that I was spending most of my time doing things I needed to do, but not much else. I also realized that often the best part of day was when I meditated. As a result of this self-assessment and awareness, I changed my schedule to make sure I meditated each day. I got up 10 earlier each day to meditate.

At first it was just 10 minutes in meditation, but it started to grow as my meditations got deeper, richer, more detailed, and provided more information. I now spend at least 60 minutes each morning in meditation.

I also noticed I got better results in my meditation when I did them right after I woke up At that time of the day, one's mind is fresh - almost like a clean and ready etch-a-sketch.

I also noticed that if I checked my phone or computer before I meditated, the meditation results were not as deep. It was as if this step of interacting with an electronic device refocused my brain and I wasn't able to 'connect' or 'expand' or get the same benefits from times I bypassed the electronics.

After years of this process of daily morning meditation, I also recognized noticed the very BEST meditations were in the VERY early morning when it was dark, silent, and peaceful. I once again modified my meditation schedule, so now, I'm often up at 3:00 or 4:00 AM, just to meditate.

The thing about meditating is there are a lot of different ways to meditate. The style of meditation I first began using is discussed in my book, Cultivating Spiritual Energy. For me, those early morning meditations are when the days wonder usually begins.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Lots of Sizes and Shapes at Water Aerobics

Not having a job means my days are more open, so I am going to the pool each day for water aerobics. I felt so brave attending the first class, putting on a swimming suit on, sucking in my tummy, and wiggling a toe in the water before taking that leap of faith. Most everyone is my age, or older, and around my size, or bigger. So when I saw a few women wearing bikini's I thought, "now THAT is brave!"

I have learned this is a group of people who don't care what you think - they just want to move and dance in the water.  

I think I found my tribe!

My new pole vault couch

I am now retired, which means I am old, frail, and out of my mind. With all of those fabulous qualities, I went shopping for a new couch. I wanted a couch I could die on with all my old age frailties.

The salesman said, "you know, you can have a couch that is designed for those with back aches and pains. Those couches are a bit higher, which makes it easier to get up and down off the couch."

I was sold.

I now have my new couch. The only problem is it is VERY high. If you are under 6 feet tall, you will need a running start and a pole vault to make it to these new heights. It is, however, a great exercise program that comes free with the couch.

After a lot of practice, I'm now to the point I no longer need to run and take that flying leap with my poll vault - I just jump, as my knees have miraculously gotten stronger. But the best thing about it is being able to look down from this great heights and say 'I am the master of this dominion!" To be honest, gazing down from this staggering elevation, feels pretty good.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

New Zero Tolerance Policy

Imagine that your apartment building is on fire and some how you are able to grab your family and escape the burning building. You see people in uniform across the street and breathe a sigh of relief - someone is here that can assist you in this time of need!

The people in uniform take your children from you, and you assume they are going to help. But then they handcuff you and take you to a holding area - a type of jail - where you are now going to be processed as if you are a criminal. You don't know where your children are and don't understand what is happening.

You and the other burning building survivors are then processed as a group, then sent back to your burning apartment building. You have no idea where your children are and don't know if they are alive, and don't see how you can survive, either.

This is America's new 'zero policy' for refugees. This is the new definition of what it means to be an America. 100% punishment. 0% humanity.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

2 Year Old Phone Chatter

This is our 2 year old grandkid, chatting away on her pretend cell phone, discussing all the various things she did and still has to do. Her stream of consciousness, and ability to share her life events and details, cracks me up.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The NFL's New National Anthem Policy Is Providing Fuel for a New Firestorm

Jim Rogash/Getty Images North America
The owners of the National Football League (NFL) have initiated a new policy mandating all players stand during the national anthem - no more kneeling will be tolerated. The owners are expecting this issue to become buried, especially since it also now includes financial consequences for any misaligned behaviors. But in reality, this is going to spark the flame of an even greater controversy than ever before. The controversy will now shift from the football field to the fans and in the stands of the coliseums.

Some fans will undoubtedly stop going to the games all together due to this new policy. But others will bring their angst to the games and take their own knee during the national anthem. This will be the fans way of saying, "I support the muzzled players" or "I still support freedom of expression" or "F-U Donald Trump".  Can you imagine the brawls and fighting that is going to happen in the stands when fans start to take a knee during the anthem? Now imagine when this becomes a movement and organized via social media as the kneeling starts to become the lead story in the news instead of the game. This is just the start of the iceberg as it becomes a national movement and THE political statement to say if you are aligned with or against Donald Trump. THIS is when the real fire storm begins. This creates an even greater and wider divide in the country because each person will be forced to choose between two American values; standing together as a community under the flag vs kneeling in support of personal choice and freedom of expression. Both are American values and are important, but in this controversy, the logic becomes null and void and sides are selected. 

The NFL has assumed their new decision will appease Mr. Trump, will keep their employees in line, and will end the the controversy. It will do none of these things. The problem and discussion is just going to change locales - to the fans in the coliseum. As this controversy grows and becomes more defined by political alignment with or against Trump, it will become an even greater divide for civil discord, and can even become the seeds for a new civil war.

The current NFL's national anthem decision is the 'Mount Sumpter moment' in our modern day history. This perilous future CAN be prevented and nuzzled if these NFL owners do the right thing -  reverse their new policy to become null and void, and then just step away and allow things to play out naturally, without interference.

This controversy is a created controversy, designed to split and divide these two American values against each other because someone wanted to hurt the NFL and be in the spotlight. Just let these two American values be allowed to be expressed, without taking sides, and fade away on its own. We don't need more fuel for a civil war.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Unlearning the Rule Book at 65

When former President George W H Bush was 65 years old, he declared he never, ever, wanted to see another sprig of broccoli on his plate or anywhere else in the land. It was as if some type of switch went on within him and he was now able to break free and assume more control over his life. When he reached that magical age of 65, he put aside those vegies and brought out more pork rinds (see NYTimes article).

I have noticed this same type behavior happening in my 65 year old buddies. Each seems to have experienced an epiphany moment and declare she/he is no longer going to do something, eat something, or be something they longer want. Just like that, they stop and discard that rule or expectation and move on.

This happens so frequently it seems to me this must be an automatic process that gets triggered around the age of 65 - kind of like puberty, but for the old. It is almost as if a person's psyche experiences a new type of awareness of what really does, or does not matter. The chains that used to bind them in their earlier years, is now magically broken and they can now choose to live and think a bit differently than before. At first, it can be a bit startling, but with more practice, it seems to grow and expand to more and more aspects of life. It is rather amazing to watch.

George W H Bush is currently 93 and still not eating broccoli. This tells me some of those rules and good intentions we learned in our youth are really not a requirement for a long and happy life, after all. From what I see, life after 65, is often about undoing the rules in a person's rule book and recognizing he/she is now free to be and to live as someone new. With luck, each may finally be able to become who they really are inside.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Protective Dot on the Forehead

I work with subtle energy in the body, providing Qigong (chee-gung) medical treatments. This is a branch of Chinese Medicine, similar to acupuncture, but without the needles. Occasionally, I provide remote Qigong healing treatments, connecting and directing Qi via a healing meditation. This type of Qigong treatment is done when the client can not come to the clinic or is in a different location.

One of my former colleagues, a Hindu man, was having debilitating headaches and asked if I could give him a remote healing treatment, as he was unable to leave his bed. So I did. In a deep meditation, I projected my energetic body to his bedside to start the assessment and healing process. For some reason, I could treat his body, but I could not access and treat his head. This was rather perplexing, but no matter what I did, I could not access and move the Qi and subtle energy in his head.

After the remote treatment, I reported what happened and how I was unable to help address his headaches because I could not get into his head. He said, “Oh, I placed a black dot (a bindi) on my head last night to protect me from outside forces. Maybe that was why you couldn’t get in my head and help my headaches?”

“Yes, I said. "Thoughts have energy and what and how you use your thoughts will direct the subtle energy - the Qi - to do what you ask. You used the ritual of placing the black dot of charcoal on your forehead while thinking thoughts of the bindi helping to protect your mind from outside influences. This set up a barrier of protection around your head."

We rescheduled a new remote treatment for the next day, and this time, he did NOT place a bindi protective dot on his forehead. With this new treatment, I had no problem accessing and treating his headaches.

This treatment was a good reminder that our thoughts have energy. Our thoughts guide and direct Qi, and it is Qi that leads and directs the flow of blood. We can impact our blood flow by impacting the flow of Qi, and our thoughts can help guide and move our Qi.