Monday, April 12, 2021

Understanding the Purpose of Life with the Conceptual Model of the Tao

There is a conceptual framework for the Tao which helped me better understand my own life purpose. The model also helped me understand why we have so much opposition and why the Tao doesn’t interfere and meddle very much in our lives.  Let me explain this model.

The Tao

The Tao means “everything”, “all that is”, and “the way”. It is huge, but also kind of vague. It also is genderless, colorless, and without a form, so all those possible hang-ups, like “is there a God?” or “is God and old white man?” or “Is God married?” – well, they just don’t come into play with a conceptual model of “everything” because everything is already included in this concept. 

For me, I like this vastness, openness, and conceptual freedom when you begin with an idea where everything is accepted and part of the soup. 

How did things begin with the Tao?

Let’s begin with this “everything”. It is a vastness. It is inclusive of all energies, possibilities, and potential. We can symbolize this vastness with an empty circle – “The One”. 

There comes a moment when this vastness has an awareness – a type of consciousness, if you will. This sense of consciousness is a type of awareness the focus shifts toward observing, learning, and understanding more. This vastness starts to sense, feel, and collect impressions or data. The consciousness forms strings of thoughts and questions, perhaps questions like “Who am I? Why am I here? What am I doing? What am I?” This awareness and these thoughts have a sense of curiosity and perhaps a desire to explore, learn, and understand. Eventually the awareness of the Tao expands and grows. The Tao senses similarities as well as contrasts. The Tao finds way to learn more, to experience more, as the Tao’s expanded consciousness continues. As the Tao continues to discover more ways of learning, growing, and experiencing, there is an awareness that of these similarities, contrasts, and relationships in this vastness of energy.

Similarities in Group 1 

  • masculine
  • white
  • south
  • fire 
  • active
  • warm
  • young
  • odd numbers
  • mountains
  • rich
  • hard 
Similarities in Group 2
  • feminine
  • black
  • north
  • water 
  • passive
  • cold
  • old
  • even numbers
  • valleys
  • poor
  • soft

These two groups of energy are opposing forces and create actions such as a push and pull. This can result in conflict, changes in motion, as well as a change flow. But these changes can create transformations, and when this happens, it creates a type of progression. Progression means that when the situation repeats, different decisions and choices are made and the outcome changes. This means there is an opportunity for even more growth and an expanded awareness with some conflicts. 

The Tao determines it will divide itself into two. By doing this, it can expand the different types of experiences it can create. The Tao’s desire is to expand its consciousness and awareness, and this increase be from having plenty of different kinds of experiences.  

The Tao also recognizes it will have greater growth when there is conflict and opposing forces, so when the Tao divides, it divides using the two opposing forces.This will assure not only more experiences, but ones that will be more meaningful and be even more dynamic. This can create a process and method for the Tao’s knowledge, awareness, and consciousness to continually expand and grow. 

The Tao is now divided into two, and we view this concept as the Taiji or Tai Chi. It is also known as Yang and Yin energy fractal. This concept is centered around dual and opposing forces. We now have more form and order with this conceptual model and the opposing energies creates flow, movement, change, order, as well as balance. 

We began with the One – the Tao and then divided into two. We now have  the Tai Chi or the model of the yin and yang fractal. 

The symbolic representation of yang is a straight line and the symbolic representation of yin is a broken line.

Yang  ________

Yin    ___    ___

The Tao learned that If one additional yin line was added, or if one additional yang line was added, it could create a whole new and different type of experience and relationship. With the addition and combination of three components of the yin and yang line, we now have “the Three”. These combinations then created eight trigrams. 

The order sequence and combination seemed to now include an expansion of relatable relationships to not only nature, but also to virtues. As a result, the trigrams were labeled with that association it was most like:  

There also seemed to be a regular pattern and flow to the changes, transitions, and flow of these yin/yang energetic combinations. This resulted in them being placed in different types of conceptual models to help us better understand those relationships and transitions. This is often called the Bagua.

The construct of these eight trigrams can be combined with other three-lined forms to form a hexagram. This process of combining with other trigrams, hexagrams, or even turning on or certain relationships, creates even more opportunities to diversify the experiences for the Tao. 

This process of expansion of the yin and yang energies and sequences is sometimes known as “The Three producing the Ten thousand things”. 

The ten thousand things is a method the Tao has set up for continual growth, development, and expanding experiences. The Tao’s overall goal is to expand its consciousness, awareness, and harmony. The process is one of movement, progression, and change. 


The conceptual model of the Tao begins with this saying:  

  1. The Tao produced the One.
  2. The One produced the Two.
  3. The Two produced the Three.
  4. The Three produced the Ten thousand things. The ten thousand things carry the Yin and embrace the Yang, blending the Qi and achieving harmony.

Currently there are 7.8 billion people on the planet right now, which means the Tao has gone way beyond creating the ten thousand things. Because we are all fragments of the Tao, all of us are embedded with the Tao’s original desire, which is kind of like a mission statement. That desire and mission statement is to learn, grow, and progress. It is to become aware and have an expanded consciousness. How we do this is to follow our desires and nurture our curiosity.  

I realize that we as humans are faced with opposing forces. One of those forces is to follow the crowd and the other force is to follow our desire. Just remember, the Tao WANTS us to experience or learn or have something the Tao has never experienced before. To me that means when you have a choice, lean towards following your inner desires over following the crowd.

I'm also hoping everyone gets the opportunity to experience those moments of wonder and awe along the way. After all, those are the sweet spots that make life worth living. 

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Genome Editing with CRISPR

Code Breaker Walter Isaacson has a new book available called "The Codebreaker Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race".  This is a story about how Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna and her colleagues turned their curiosity into an invention that will transform the human race. They developed an easy-to-use tool that can edit DNA, that is known as CRISPR. With this tool, a whole new era of possibility that can change life as we know it just became available. this tool, for example, helped scientists to more easily create the Covid vaccine in record time! It is also being used in medicine, and will be a game changer in many diseases, such as cancer and any genetic or inherited diseases. But it also opens up some ethical concerns, such as going beyond fixing or preventing diseases, such as the possibility of creating made-to-order babies with specific features (height, muscle mass, appearance, mental abilities, etc).

This made me want to know more about DNA sequencing, gene splicing, and the CRISPR tool. This video, from the McGovern Institute, is a good summary to better understand CRISPR and genes.


Saturday, March 27, 2021

Creating A Message of Importance for Future Generations (or Aliens)

In 1972, the Pioneer Plaque was created and placed on a spacecraft with a pictorial rendition that would serve as a message from planet earth to any extraterrestrials finding this plaque.The message includes a naked man holding his hand up in a gesture of greeting. The hand gesture also is supposed to show our best feature - opposable thumbs. In addition there is a woman standing idly by his side. Doing nothing. 

Other images on the plaque include the hyperfine transition of neutral hydrogen, the sun and galactic landmarks, along with a rendition of the solar system, and a silhouette of the spacecraft. 

This plaque was the first concerted effort to put together a message to let the receiver know who we are, where we live, and what is unique or special about we humans.

Years later, the Voyager decided the visual image carved on the Pioneer Plaque was incomplete, so this time, a Golden Record was created and included images, sounds music, and greetings in 55 different languages as a way to tell aliens more about us. 

I like this idea of communicating a message to describe, conceptualize, and share information about who we are to this unseen and unknown audience. Which brings me to to other ways we typically create messages to describe who we are to unknown peoples - we create time capsules. 

In 2020, there were many who created their own time capsules to memorialize our current era to create visual messages to help describe who we are. Many of these capsules included face masks, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper to convey mental and visual images to help describe our nature at this time.

Since learning of what most people are using in their time capsule, I've been comparing these current visual messages with the Pioneer Plaque and the Golden Record we sent to outer space. It is such a contrast of what we are trying to share and convey.  One message is clearly focused on being proud of our toileting skills and the other is jazzed about opposable thumbs. 

It makes me wonder which one of these messages is going to be the most appreciated by Aliens. 

For some reason, I think it will be our bathroom humor that will win out. 

Monday, March 22, 2021

Molly, Qigong, and a Dog Whisperer

In dog years, Molly is somewhere in her mid-fifties. She was rescued in Stockton, CA and placed in a dog shelter. During her exam, they discovered a tumor in one of her mammary glands and launched a "Go-Fund-Me" to raise money to cover surgery. Then, after her recovery, a photo of her was posted with hopes she would get adopted. My sister ended up adopting her and had Molly placed on a bus to take her from CA to Oregon. This happened right before Covid and Molly was there to share that year of "shelter-in-place" in a new home and a new companion.

But this week my sister found some little bumps under Molly’s skin. My sister called and requested I do “one of my Qigong things” and take a look inside Molly to see how bad it is. I told her I’m not well versed on a dogs anatomy, nor have I done many qigong treatments on animals, but I told her I would try, and maybe get some outside help to assist me. 

In the very early morning hours, I went into my Qigong mode of deep meditation and projected my “energetic self” to the bedside where Molly would be sleeping. When I "arrived" a female was sitting  and holding Molly. She introduced herself as a “dog whisperer” and came to help me. She would translate what Molly wanted to share.

She then started to relay what Molly was communicating. "Molly," she said, "has had a challenging life. She is very tiny and it has been hard for her to defend herself. She has been physically abused. She has had a difficult life. Most of her life she has not had control over her circumstances and what she values most is having control or say in what happens to her. She is aware she has tumors and does not want to have surgery. She did not want surgery last year, but it was done to her. She does not want it again. She does not want to see a doctor. She wants to live out her life and enjoy this final chapter of life." 

The dog whisperer continued, "In fact, she said she has an agreement with your sister. She said they agreed this would be Molly's last home. Molly wanted a home with an older companion who lived alone. She did not want to compete with other dogs or other animals. She did not want to mauled or abused by children. She wanted a safe and peaceful life, which is what she now has."

"In addition, Molly has the expectation or understanding that Molly is supposed to die before your sister. She said this is part of their agreement. She said your sister has been very ill recently and Molly assumed she was going to die. She seems to believe your sister has talked about death and as a result, Molly felt she needed to "fast-track her own death" to make sure Molly would die before your sister."  

I then said “My sister will recover. She is not deathly ill. She had pneumonia but is getting better and is not going to die."

The dog whisperer then reported, “Molly said she will accept a Qigong treatment from you." So I gave Molly a miniaturized Qigong treatment and cleared out the stagnant qi with those new little tumors.

When I reported back to my sister what happened, she said, “Wow, Molly really does listen and understand me! I also will let her have her wish and not take her in for more tests or treatments.

I think the treatment went well and we all learned something from this experience.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

More on Other Timelines

Recently I have been sharing a few experiences about timelines, such as the ability to regress to former incarnations in a timeline as well parallel timelines. But there is much more about timelines than just these. For example, there is also the ability for a person to temporarily cross over to a different timeline and then return back to his own timeline. There are also timelines used for balancing, some are used as connectors, anchors, and even for testing theories.  How do I know this? Because I opened and walked through those doors and experienced them. 

For example, I had many experiences of interacting with someone who looked like my spouse but I later learned was someone visiting from another timeline. For the most part, he looked exactly like my spouse, but each seemed to have a different personality or history. The most stark example was one who temporarily crossed over to my timeline and had a huge scar on his abdomen. I had never seen this before and I asked him how and when he got that scar. He was VERY put off by my question. In a rather belligerent manner he said, “You know how I got this! I was in Vietnam and was hit by shrapnel!”  I had never seen the scar before and the man I knew had never served in Vietnam. This person, I later learned, was from a different timeline.

Right after this discussion, he left in a huff and must have crossed back to his own timeline because we never saw this one again. 

I also learned we have a “balancing timeline”. It is opposite than the timeline we are on and is done to balance the energies for all the timelines. For example, in our timeline, males are the usual gender with the power. But in the opposite/balancing timeline, it is the women who have the power.

This was difficult for me to conceptualize until I met someone from this opposite timeline. It was almost as if he was a mirror image of me, but male. His name was Ben (my name is Beth). We chatted about our different timeline experiences and he mentioned that the Speaker of the House at the time (in his timeline) was a woman named "Newlie" and she was trying to pass a federal law to make it mandatory that everyone burn the American flag on the 4th of July - or be jailed. I shared how the Speaker of the House in my timeline was named Newt Gingrich and he was trying to pass a law to outlaw the burning of the American flag and it to make it a felony. Polar opposites.

My point in all of this timeline discussions has been to hopefully plant a seed within you about how much more there is to life than what we usually see, hear, feel, or believe. There are many timelines with different life experiences being played out and it is possible to visit them. We can also visit different spots in the past in our own timeline and may even be able to tweak and improve it. In addition,  we also have an opposite timeline, so the weirder things get here, our antics can be forcing our opposite timeline to get weirder in the opposite direction - just to balance things out. 

Just know this - there is more to life than we know, and it is all connected and intertwined. There are also many doors available we can open, walk through, and begin to explore. The opportunities are vast and rather amazing.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

My First Experience with a Parallel Timeline

Most of us have heard there are parallel timelines where alternative choices were made and play out, but I always thought this was more of a theoretical concept than real. I also did not see how a parallel timeline would ever impact my life. Until it did.

My first experience with a parallel timeline occurred many years ago. I was on a road trip to the Sun Tunnels near Great Salt Lake with my former spouse. On our return from this day trip, we once again passed by a town we frequently passed by, because this city was also a place we often traveled past when we visited my parents.  Needless to say, it was a place we knew. 

The usual scenery in this area is mostly pastures, but on this return trip we saw a very OLD building covered with graffiti right by the freeway. The building looked to be the shattered remains of an old mill and now had broken walls and a sense of complete abandonment. This building had not been there just a few hours ago as we began our road trip. But now, on our return, a structure we had never seen before was in this former barren pasteur and seemed to be screaming at us to take notice. And we did.  

When we got home, we began a meditation and asked my Spiritual Guide and Teacher, John U.K., to help us understand what was going. He told us we were experiencing the side effects of moving to a different timeline - a parallel timeline. We were having a type of  “residual experience” where our memories had not yet changed and adapted fully to this new, parallel timeline. He was rather amused by this because usually the memories and experiences will instantly and automatically change and flow to match the new timeline when someone makes this kind of move; unless they are supposed to retain parts of their "old and former" memory from the "old and former" timeline. He reassured us this was like a “teaching moment” - a way for us to become aware there of the fact there are other timelines and be aware when we made that type of leap. 

Thursday, March 18, 2021

How I Learned that Life is More like a Wet Wiggly Noodle Than a Conveyor Belt

I shared an experience in a prior blog post about meeting and interacting with a barber from ancient Egypt, and this freaky experience also became a game changer in my understanding of how the world worked. It was very different from the one I was taught and grew up in. This experience confirmed the idea of reincarnation. It also changed the way I had believed time to be a steady constant in the world. Now, it didn't seem that way at all. In addition, I used to think time was like a big huge conveyor belt and we were placed on that belt when we were born and fell off it when we died. But now, I no longer saw us all on a moving belt and only moving forward. Now, it seemed like we were on a wet spaghetti noodle that could make loops and we could be "squished" into other places in this noodle. Life felt different now. 

Since that first experience I’ve also experienced other moments of interacting with other "me's" in the past. I have had quite a lot of incarnations. I have been both male and female. I have been rich as well as poor in these different incarnations. I have had experiences of being a suffragette, a black slave, Asian, an artist, a healer.  In other words, just like you, I've walked in a lot of different shoes inside each of these different incarnations. 

Why is life set up for us to have so many different types of life experiences? This is what I have learned. Originally there was the "ONE' - the Tao (aka God, Goddess, All that is, etc.). The Tao had a desire to experience more, but how would that be done? It would be done by having opposing energies, such as a push and pull to create different experiences. So the Tao divided into TWO (Yin and Yang). This was good, but not enough. The Tao wanted to grow and learn from those push and pull experiences and decided more fragmentation would be needed. The TWO then became the TEN THOUSAND+. This was the start of the Tao fragmenting and creating our universe, along with the souls who would be occupying and living in this universe. We are fragments of the Tao with the desires of the Tao embedded within each of us. We all have subtle energies that will either push or pull us into different directions based on our subtle desires. It is this inner push and pull that gives us opportunities to learn, grow, develop, and progress. 


If the purpose of all these many different life experiences in all these different incarnation is to give us more opportunities to learn, grow, and progress, is there an end-point in all of these incarnations? Well, YES and NO. 

At each end point there is also a new beginning to experience something we have never had before. That brief experience of interacting with a soul in ancient Egypt changed my understanding about how life actually works. There is great movement and possibility. We can visit and interact with points in the past. We can even influence our past with those visits and interactions. In other words, there is much more to explore and experience than we probably even knew was possible.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

An Experience in Working and Moving in Time

I used to visualize life’s journey being similar to standing on a conveyor belt. We could stand, sit, or be active, and the belt just continued forward in a steady manner until we were pushed off that belt or fell off (aka died). Then, when I met John U.K., my Spiritual Guide and Teacher,  some of the ways I perceived life started to change. For example, John U.K. shared information projection and being able to visit other locations of the Tao. He also discussed reincarnation and how having different types of life experiences helps us learn, develop, grow, and progress. I remember asking John UK if my spouse and I had ever had a life together, and this questioned help me learn a new life lesson. 

“Well, yes” John U.K. answered to my question about a former life with my husband. It was in ancient Egypt. During that lifetime he was a palace barber and you were a female living in that palace. He then asked “would you like to meet him?”  

“Yes!” I replied. I kind of expected we would be going THERE - to the past. Finally, I would get to see Egypt, I thought. But this was not even close to what happened. Nothing happened that I could see. My husband and I just continued to sit on the couch. 

Then, my husband closed his eyes and reopened them. He looked at me, then looked down, as if he was waiting for me to speak. I addressed him. I asked if he was the barber. He nodded his head. I asked if he would shorten my hair. He nodded again. I asked what he needed and he stated a comb and a flame. I asked him to follow me and we walked to the bathroom. I got out a comb and also retrieved a candle. I lit the candle. The barber then cautiously combed my hair and brought the flaming candle near my hair, then carefully singed my hair to a shorter level. 

I did not just stand there calmly. The smell was awful, but then to see my hair on fire surprised me and I freaked out. I screamed. This seemed to end the session and that connection to the past. My husband then seemed to "wake up" as if he had been in a deep meditation and we put all the fires out.  

It was obvious my expectations of what would happen were way out of whack. I think I was expecting something from Star Trek or Aladdin, but the reality was it was more like a moving meditation. I then had more questions for John U.K. as to what just happened.

I wanted to know if this ancient person, the Egyptian barber, saw me as I am now or if he saw me as the person in HIS life. 

John U.K. said, "He saw you as were when you lived in ancient Egypt."

I also asked him if he saw himself in the bathroom mirror, and if so, did he see himself as the man in ancient Egypt or my current spouse.

"When he looked in the mirror,  he saw himself."

From this brief experience I learned it is possible to move through time. It seemed that moving through time was possible. From this brief little experience, it seemed you could move back and forth via having an anchor point - a former incarnation. 

This little experience was one of the first stepping stones I experienced with the fluidity of time. I now started to visualize the path of life being rather malleable - kind of like a wet spaghetti noodle. This wet noodle was no longer a straight and hard path. Now I could see it is more pliable and can even be looped back to touch other noodles or points along along that same noodle. This was a game changer.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Understanding Other Dimensions - The Concept of Flatland

In 1884, Edwin Abbot published a novella titled "Flatland, a Romance of Many Dimensions". It is a story about a two-dimensional world and many years later become a movie. That story of Flatland would be  included in many lectures in physics and astronomy classes to help students understand how perspective can change based on the dimension you are in. 

For me, someone who works with subtle energies through my work with Qigong, the story of Flatland provides a way to accept and understand how and why some of us can see invisible energies in the human body. It also helps explain how some of us can sense (or see) what activities going on in our world that may be invisible to others. It is about being able to view, hear, experience things from within a different dimension. 

Here is an animated clip about different dimensions and how it frames the perspective of what we see and experience. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

I Believe Meghan and Harry

I was captivated with the Meghan and Harry interview with Oprah. I felt their hurt and pain, and also their bravery in having the strength to leave their home and family in order to survive. A family business can be difficult to work in, especially if that business is also the structure for emotional support, family vacations, as well as your economic security. But this family business of the royal family seems to also have a business model where the press is part of that structure. The press seems to have a relationship like you have with a bully in school - needing to give them your lunch money so they won't beat you up.

The "Firm" seems to have negotiated a relationship based on killing stories they don't want published and then offering other stories (which were often untrue but also tantalizing) to keep the public entertained and coming back for more. In this process, heroes and villains were created and it seems that Meghan, the newest member of the Royal family who is also biracial, became an easy target. (My assumption she was used as fodder to keep stories of Prince Andrew's sexcapades with his pimp, Jeffrey Epstein, out of the press. It was like a tit-for-tat negotiation between the Firm with the press.) 

The Oprah interview showed Meghan and Harry were not going to play this game and were no longer going to be bullied. The immediate outcome of this interview was a reaction by the TV personality Piers Morgan who had an on-air tantrum. His strong reaction to me was proof that Piers sees his role as keeping people engaged in trying to stir up controversy by hating Meghan. His chosen narrative and style of mockery keeps feeding his hungry supporters for more tidbits that support their already present hate and anger.

I believe Harry and Meghan will thrive away from the Windsor family biz. I believe Meghan and Harry will have an become greater role in the betterment and improvement of the world now they are free to spread their wings and soar.  

I also see "the Firm" can only survive IF they create a new type of relationship with the press. If they continue as is, I don't see the monarchy surviving (after the queen dies). But if the Firm and the press change their relationship with each other, with both parties being more honest and accountable and stop creating made up stories and stop the bullying - I see there is a chance the Firm may survive. 

I believe Meghan and Harry's story. I am also pleased by the strength seen in both of them. This change gives me more hope for the world.

Friday, March 5, 2021

A New Beginning

I was shot yesterday. With the Pfizer covid vaccine. At Kaiser Permanente. 

It was painless, and afterwards, I was directed in a room with about 30 other people, all who had just received the vaccine, too. Each one was sitting at personal table with the appropriate distancing of 6 feet apart where each person sat for 15 minutes so the health care staff could observe and make sure no one experienced any allergic reaction.

I was led to first sit and chat with a physician, who reviewed my medical chart to make sure the information about meds and other preventive care tasks were up-to-date.  The doctor said, "You can get a pneumoccal vaccine to help prevent pneumonia two weeks after your next Covid vaccine." I said, OK. She continued, "We also recommend you get a bone density test. You can send an email to your doctor requesting this test and he will order it to set this in motion." She also asked me if I had any questions, which I did not, so was directed to a table and chair to finish out the rest of the 15 minute wait. 

I looked around the room and there was such an atmosphere of happiness and joy in the expression of all these people who were now vaccinated. It was as if we had all taken a deep breath and had a sigh of relief as we exhaled. We had survived! I was so surprised by this sensation and feelings in this room. It was so unexpected. It was a feeling of hope.

After the 15 minute wait, I got up to leave to exit the room. Near the exit, staff with their computers were available to schedule the second vaccine dose before you went home. It was very easy and efficient.

I left the building and went home. The rest of the day I noticed more feelings sneaking out of my body that I did not know I had buried. It was as if now, all those anxieties were being released and were no longer needed. It was pretty amazing to feel this change. 

For me, receiving the Covid vaccine was like surviving the blitz in a war. I now had the freedom to breathe deeply, easily, and move along. This was a new beginning.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

A Focus On Human Rights

For the last 20 years there has been a new subtle energy available in the world and this energy is helping humanity expand its consciousness and awareness. This energy has even allowed the filter between heaven and earth to become more transparent and thin, which means messages and communication between heaven and earth are more readily available than ever before.

Subtle messages of communication with "the other side"can be received in a variety of ways, such as prompts, dreams, mental visualizations, automatic writing, channeling, etc. Just like a muscle improves with use, so too, will subtle communications improve with use. The more a person practices receiving and sending subtle messages, the better they can be in receiving and interpreting those messages. 

I have focused on improving my skills in subtle communications for many years and have become very good in receiving and interpreting subtle communications. When I retired from my job I decided I would use my skills in subtle communications and ability to direct subtle energies to "help heal the earth from global warming".  It made sense to absolutely no one else but me and I was naive enough to think I would learn along the way, which is exactly what happened. 

After months of trying different techniques and methods I received a message during a meditation. Actually, my meditation was hijacked by an outside force and I was taken away to discuss what the hell was I doing. In this meditation I was advised that my focus on the earth was wrong because that was not the problem. The problem was humanity - they were the ones creating this problem and so that is where my focus should be. As a result of this experience, my focus changed. My new focus was "heal humanity". 

I focused on "healing humanity" for many, many months, trying different methods and not seeing much change. I pleaded for help and was finally given some advice during a meditation. I was given a "key" that was associated with a petroglyph and this image and key unlocked a room. In this room was a massive device which looked like a convoluted huge french horn. I was informed this device could be used to help in my "humanity healing" efforts. So I began using this device to send out healing sounds, harmonies, songs, and other vibrations as a means of healing. 

But then, something else changed. Recently I received a new suggestion. This one came in a dream with a recommendation to focus on "human rights". This is a narrower focus but it can help clear, cleanse, and prepare a more secure foundation for humanity's future. 

The concept of human rights brings up thoughts of safeguarding humans so they can exist and live on this planet. It lays a foundation of belief that we ALL have a right to be here. Accepting this belief and then protecting this right allows seeds of growth and an expanded consciousness to continue. 

The healing efforts have changed. It has become more about right now having a focus humanity's foundation of understanding is clear and the energies are vibrant. We want to make sure there is a basic level of acceptance and understanding of the basic rules of how we can not only get along, but also work together. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Six of My Favorite Reads While Being Sequestered

One of the perks that came from the Covid pandemic has been the opportunity to read more books. I have become a big fan of eBooks and audiobooks from the county library. In fact, I can honestly say the library is pretty much my remote office and the biggest outside source of information in my new little world. Here are six of my favorite pandemic book finds that came from being sequestered in my house, on the couch, and in my jamies, with a cup of hot green tea.

Four Winds by Hanna Kristin

This is now one of my favorite books of all time. The story is set in the dust belt of Texas during the great depression. The characters and their experiences are so current, even from this by-gone era. The emotions that well up inside you as you become carried away in the tale, are so visceral. You can't help but feel as if you have been placed in those pages. There is such deep strength in those human interactions you begin to feel rays of love, hope, and connections that seem surprising. 

Reading someone else's plight and experience during a different type of natural catastrophe can help give us strength to get through our own pandemic. 

Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson

Goodreads says this about the book: "In this book, Isabel Wilkerson gives us a portrait of an unseen phenomenon in America as she explores, through an immersive, deeply researched narrative and stories about real people, how America today and throughout its history has been shaped by a hidden caste system, a rigid hierarchy of human rankings." 

I was a  bit skeptical to read it because I was depressed enough and didn't want to read a book that was going to make me more depressed or do a guilt trip on me. But they I started the book and couldn't put it down. I learned so much and gained such a better understanding about the inter connections of humanity. I now believe this is a "must read" for everyone on the planet. 

The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World by Stephen Brusatte

Remember as a kid how you loved dinosaurs? Well, since that time there has been a lot of progress in knowing more about these creatures. This book was such a delightful find and VERY interesting. I felt like I was on an adventure through time because the author is such a natural story teller. I ended up buying the book 'cause it is one of those books I want to always have on my bookshelf and available whenever I get a whim of nostalgia to go back in time millions of years.  

A Most Beautiful Thing by Arshay Cooper

This is a true story about a group of young men who formed the first all-black high school rowing team in the nation. Unbelievable hardship and perseverance is the force behind this story.  

If you want to learn more about black lives and why they matter, you should read this. If you want to know more about how some people are changing and improving the world, you should read this. The book is inspiring. During the time of Covid, reading a book about overcoming such great odds can help  you get off the couch and do some jumping jacks.

The Human Cosmos: A Secret History of the Stars by Jo Marchant

Goodreads says this about this book: "Jo Marchant's spellbinding parade of the ways different cultures celebrated the majesty and mysteries of the night sky is a journey to the most awe inspiring view you can ever see--looking up on a clear dark night."

Covid has helped me become more interested in the stars and the cosmos, and then reading this book it seemed to speak to my soul. The book is so well researched and has become one my absolute favorite books. It has earned a prime spot on my bookshelf.

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green

This is the first of the Carl series. There are two books about the Carls and you should read both of them. It is a fun romp in a totally different environment than the one you are probably immersed in.

Carl is a giant sculpture - a ten-foot-tall transformer wearing a suit of samurai armor that just shows up on the streets of NYC. It is funny. It is wise. It is a book filled with love, wonder, and stuffed full of humanity's flaws. There are also some great life lessons embedded in this tale. 

I thought this was a delightful read and took me away to a land of make believe. Or possibilities. 

I now keep a log of the books I've been reading on Goodreads should you want to see what else I'm reading or some of my reviews. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Visiting Someone Who Has Died

Some of my Utah-based relatives are fervent Trump supporters. They have been quick to accept all Trump's memes coming from the deep dark web, like the Pizza-Gate scandal that encouraged their belief that all Democrats are evil, spewed from Satan, and eat babies for lunch. I ended up turning off most of my family's Facebook (FB) notifications. As a result, I was not in the loop when one of my cousins died. 

My cousin Esther was older than I. She had been ill for awhile and then died in November. Shortly after her death she did what I call a “fly by”. This is when an energetic soul pops in uninvited during one of my meditative states and does a quick hello. Esther unexpectedly popped in my meditative “view”. She was smiling, very happy, and rather exuberant. She waved her hand and said "hi".  I was surprised she would visit me - a person she considered to be an evil Democrat. Then she was gone. It was very quick.

It is now February and I thought, “I think I will go check on Esther (on the astral plane) and see how she is doing.”  I was secretly hoping Esther would now be a bit more enlightened and realize the errors of some of her beliefs. I kind of hoped she would say something like "I was such a fool for supporting Trump" or "Beth, you were so wise. I now know Democrats don't eat babies for lunch."  Yes, I had those kind of thoughts. I was propelled by curiosity and teeny bit of vindication.

I went into a deep meditative state and then focused my thoughts and desires to find Esther on the astral plane (aka heaven). I could feel myself 'there' but saw in front of me what appeared to be a bubble. At first it reminded me of the Biosphere experiment in Arizona. But inside I observed people in that transparent balloon who were all dressed in white. They were even walking around as if they were at a cocktail party, with Esther being at this center. I even saw my aunt and my mother there as well, and also dressed in long white dresses.

I then realized this bubble was similar to the inside of a Mormon temple and I thought, "Oh, this was created as part of Esther's transition after her death. This is how Esther expected her after death life to be - kind of like the inside of a Mormon temple, but with refreshments."  

Next, I went inside that bubble. I was the only one dressed in normal and colorful clothes. I greeted Esther as well the people I knew - my aunt and my mother. My mom whispered to me that she was here to help Esther in her transition after death. There are souls who help acclimate a person to their after-life experience. When a person dies, their soul brings with it their after-life expectations. If the person expects nothing, she will experience nothing. If a person expects hell, she will experience a hell. Each person's after-life is based on what is expected. This is called a created reality to help with the transition from a that physical life to the now life on the astral plane. How long this created reality lasts varies. The deeper or longer the person held those beliefs, the longer this created reality will last. Eventually, most souls will get to the point where they can move beyond the walls of that bubble.  

Esther was still living in a bubble based on the expectations of what a good Mormon life is supposed look life after death. This also meant her other beliefs, such as goodness of being a Republican and the sinfulness of being a Democrats was still in play. In other words, she was still not very open to me and my quirks.

I do assume that when Esther finds out Elvis is still singing and playing in Vegas, she may decide she is ready to step outside of that bubble and go shake-a-leg. Perhaps this will be when she will be ready to start exploring an expanded viewpoint of the afterlife being more than just Mormons. I'm looking forward to having her discover there is a lot more to life outside that bubble than she ever imagined.

Friday, February 12, 2021

The Impeachment Saga and How it Relates to OJ Simpson

The second Donald Trump impeachment hearing has been riveting and compelling, but does it mean the Senate will do the right thing and convict?  Probably not. 

Much of my work these days is focused on the subtle energy flows in society and how the flow or stagnation impacts humanity. So in this meditation, I wanted to see what impact the results of this impeachment trial would have on the USA and our goal for people to start working together. In this meditation, I was shown two paths; one where Trump is acquitted and the other where he is found guilty. 


In this first path, I saw the Senate convict Trump, I then observed how Trump supporters increased their support around Trump. They were more committed and went even DEEPER into committing a part of themselves to him. They became more ANGRY and had more RAGE. It was as if their minds were  completely locked in with Trump, showing similar personality traits of a bull dog locking their teeth on an opponent. They were mentally and physically unable to let go. 

I could also see that almost all normal methods to try and reason or remove this locked grip would fail and would be long lasting. In addition I could see that options for growth, change, or any building of connections or any development at all would be severely limited. The long term impact meant the subtle energy flow inside of these communities would stagnate. Growth and development would stop.  


Next, I was shown the path where Trump was acquitted in this second impeachment hearing. There was disappointment for many, but life continued. People were able to move on. People were able to refocus and get back to living their normal life. We were able to get Covid under control. We were also able to get government back to functioning as it should. The holes Trump exposed were able to get fixed and missteps got corrected.  

In addition, I saw that Trump was no longer in the forefront of our news and sucking our energy. People were able to get weaned away from his rhetoric and that energy drain. The USA was able to be healed. Progress was being made and people were able to be open to new ideas and solutions. 

I also saw Mr Trump being on a path being similar to what we witnessed with OJ Simpson. As you may recall, OJ Simpson was a celebrity being tried for the murder of two people on TV. We all were riveted to the drama with our strong opinions, but then watched a star-struck jury acquit him. Years later, OJ was caught, tried, and jailed for a totally different crime (stealing). Trump seems to be following a similar path of delayed justice. 

I also saw that many of the rioters ended up losing their faith and support for Trump and they ended up in jail. 

Finally, based on what I saw in this meditation, I concluded that the better option will end up being the one where justice is delayed. Yes it will be an acquittal for now but punishment from the courts on other fronts will take place. This path will provide us the better options for our subtle energy flows. It will help us heal humanity in the USA, which for me, is what I'm hoping to see.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Dream Types and How to Interpret Significant Dreams

The world is experiencing a change of consciousness and with this, there are more and more people receiving messages via their dreams. I have shared information about how to interpret dreams on other blogs, but because significant dreams are now becoming more common, I believe it is worthy to also share this information here. 


There are essentially 3 different types of dreams; a regular dream, a real dream, and a future sensing dream.  A regular dream, a real or significant dream, and a future sensing dream.

Regular Dream

Regular dreams are generated by your conscious mind and type of dream that reviews or unloads information. Regular dreams are generated in the recent past or experiences remembered from the distant past. 

Real or Significant Dreams

A real dream or significant meaning is a dream with a message.  These are the dreams that are generated from the subconscious and soul level and can be messages. These dreams are significant and create an image and metaphor that comes with an interpretation and insight. The dreams with the strongest impression usually do so with a purpose.

Future Sensing Dreams

Future sensing dreams are directed by your Spiritual Guide or through your Higher Self.  Do not think of future sensing dreams as real dreams because they are not messages but they can be warnings.   

The dreams you want to pay attention to are the real or significant dreams because those dreams are usually important messages. This is a guide to help you interpret those significant dream.


There are three aspects in the dream interpretation process. First you determine what type of dream it was. If it was a regular dream and if it feels fleeting, you can ignore it. If the dream lingers within you and does not fade, it may be significant and a real dream. Dreams that are real or significant will feel deeper, stronger, and different from other dreams. They will stick within you and feel unshakeable.

It it is a real or significance dream, you will want to interpret the dream and then understand the message. Interpretation begins by establishing an overview of the dream. Next you focus on the dream detains and give meaning to the images and metaphors represented in the dream. After that, you focus on interpreting the meaning of the dream and determining the message. This is called the insight and results in the pearl of the dream interpretation process. 

In summary there are three distinct steps involved in a significant dream interpretation 

1. Established an overview 

2. Interpret the overview

3. Gain the Insight

The Dream Overview

In dream interpretation, first seek an overview of the entire dream. It is important to visualize dreams as a whole and to not become stuck on what each symbol means. In the overview phase of the dream, focus on the total of the what the symbols are trying to convey. Recall the dream in detail. Ask questions about the details and seek what may be important or contradictions or unusual or normal events.  In other words, what stands out in your mind? But do not suppose answers about the dream during the overview review process.  

Interpret the Overview

You must maintain an open mind when interpreting the dream.  Once you have thought about an interpretation and have decided that it is not complete, you must be willing to disregard that interpretation. As you explore interpretations to dreams, permit your mind to wander and explore other completely unrelated possibilities.  Because the dream is yours, you will have the advantage in its interpretation. If others offer their interpretation of your dream and if it does not feel right, it isn't. Your feelings can help guide and support you in its interpretation

Be aware that interpreting a significant dream does not always happen immediately. Sometimes it takes days or even weeks to ponder, or even longer. Sometimes you will just know and gain the insight in a flash or a moment of pause. Sometimes the interpretation may not happen until you experience the event.

Gain the Insight 

The insight generally does not have a visual aspect in the dream. The insight is the dream message.

Let's take an example of a children’s story. The story is often told to instruct. It generally has a story line that the child can follow and relate to in their life experience. That relating can be called the interpretation and it may be withheld in the story while the story is told. In other words, the adult tells the story to instruct the child in a specific point. The point is called the moral of the story. Usually such morals may be related to things such as 'you should behave well' or 'don't eat each other's porridge', etc.  The moral of a story is the insight. It may be a lesson to learn or a source of instruction or ways to behave or think.  

Saturday, January 16, 2021

A Shared Death Experience

This was a death experience I had with a friend of mine in Kansas. Carolyn was in her 80's, never married and had no children. She was in a skilled nursing facility and was terminally ill. She was now in hospice and dying. I was living in California, but because I am a certified Qigong healer and can also perform remote healings, I decided to project my energetic spiritual self to her bedside to be with her in her final stage of life.

While I was sitting in my usual meditation spot in California, I began my meditation. I then projected my energetic self to Carolyn's bedside in Kansas. I saw Carolyn standing outside her physical body sleeping in the hospital bed. The room was dark with just some subtle lighting from the outside hall and a dim nightlight in the room. I knew Carolyn was in a coma and waiting for her physical self to die.

I greeted Carolyn and told her I came to just visit and be with her at this time of transition.  Carolyn looked at me and said she was just waiting to die. She then asked if I could help speed up this process and I told her no. She looked disappointed in my answer.  I then told her I believed SHE could speed it up by finding the "plug" that connects her spiritual self with her physical self. I told her that to me, that plug looks like a very teeny tiny piece of rice in the chest, but it is located in different places in different people. I told her that as her body dies, that plug slowly disengages itself from the physical body and when it is detached, death occurs.

Carolyn laughed and then reached into her chest, found that little plug, and yanked. IMMEDIATELY the light in the room changed and we were now BOTH standing in a bright very well lit room! We had gone from a dark room to one that was now VERY bright and happy. There were a lot excited people in that room waiting to celebrate Carolyn's return. Some were holding welcome signs and others held balloons. Some were blowing streamers and shouting hoorah's. It felt like a fun surprise party was finally beginning. 

Then there was a pause. The crowd kind of stopped cheering and looked at me standing next to Carolyn. They had expected Carolyn but not me. They were confused. Carolyn's friend Ruth (who had died the prior month) was standing right in front of everyone and said, "Beth, what are you doing here?"

But then, in a flash, Carolyn and I were back again next to that hospital bed in a darkened solemn room, standing in that exact same location as before, but now nursing staff were in the room and preparing Carolyn's deceased body for transport. It was obvious to both of us that Carolyn's physical body was dead.  

Then, in another flash, we were both back in that well-lit bright room filled with laughter and love. It was vibrant, alive, festive, and easy to feel supported and whole. Everyone seemed to be celebrating Carolyn's successful completion of a journey and honoring her arrival in this different dimension.

I told Carolyn I was leaving and then ended my meditation. Now I was physically, mentally, and spiritually back in California. I sat pondering and reviewing what I just experienced.

This experience confirmed to me that the physical body dies but the spiritual self lives on. Without a physical body, the spirit immediately, and with no effort at all, goes to a spiritual place (the spiritual dimension/heaven/astral plane). It is an automatic process. It is effortless. It has a feeling of completion.

I also realized that Carolyn's desire to check on what was happening to her physical body provided the means to propel her energetic self back to this physical realm. Thoughts have power. They propel action and that is what took us back to see her dead body. When her curiosity was satisfied, she then automatically zoomed back to that spiritual dimension to be back with her tribe of loved ones.

Death should not be feared. It is just a process to take us to another stepping stone in life's journey - one that is filled with change, growth, learning, and progression.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

We Should Celebrate that Democracy Survived

The last 4 years have been tough. 
We have had incredible instability. 
Lies and more lies. 

The tearing down of America’s governmental institutions has been happening each and everyday for four years. 
And let us not forget all that stoking of hatred, fear, anger, and divisiveness day in and day out via our leaders megaphone.
Yes, it has been a hell of a ride. 

For me, it has felt as if we were on huge luxury liner in the middle of the ocean, but then the storm began. And then another. 
And another. 
With each and every storm, the ship is tossed too and fro and eventually starts to fall apart. 

Each year brought bigger and more dangerous waves and more gut-wrenching storms. With each storm there was fear, more fear, angst, anger, and a lot of chaos. And lies.
Our captain kept telling us there is no storm and to ignore it. He said to believe him rather than what we see and feel. He tells us these are fake waves and this is fake weather. 
We are tossed to and fro.
We try our best to ride out the storm, the cold, and the chill in the air. After all, aren't they all fake?

Finally, on Nov 3rd, the storm seems to end. 
The sun shines.
A makeshift sail gets created which will help us steer back to safety. 
We learn the ships motors no longer function or they have been abandoned. 
Many on the boat are sick. Many have died.

The captain orders his crew to throw anyone overboard who is not praising and adoring the captain. Many get thrown off the boat. Luckily, some are able to stay hidden in the water. They jab their fingers along the side of the boat hoping to be carried with the ship back to safety. 
Once on land, everyone scatters. 
Some of the captains minions gather together and start a riot on Jan 6th inside the halls of government. They vandalize and chant "hang Mike Pence."with some also wanting to kill Nancy Pelosi.  
The Captain looks on, smiles and is mesmerized by those he has enchanted and put under his spell as they promote chaos and fear with this insurrection.

Finally, the captain's megaphone gets removed.
Then, on Jan 13th the captain is impeached. Again.

For me I sit and ponder the events that have occurred over the last 4 years and the fact that we are still standing as a nation leaves me in awe and wonder.
I am thankful our countries democracy held firm and survived. 

I look back on the history of other democratic governments that tried and failed. 
For example, Rome's democracy failed after being invaded by an outside force (the Barbarians). 
America could have fallen, too, especially after being hacked then given a free pass by Mr. Trump. 
Germany is another example of a country who was led by charismatic leader who disempowered their Parliament and became a dictator. It then took WWII to finally that dictator from power. 

In the USA it took a watching Trump's minions and domestic terrorists play out on everyone's TV, showing us all they are just a bunch of thugs and subversives. We then watched Congress come back into session after this coup attempt and confirm Biden - not Trump - as the one who the people freely and fairly elected.

We should celebrate the fact that Trump's coup attempt to overthrow the election, failed.
America's democracy survived. We didn't follow the footsteps of Rome or Germany. Democracy succeeded! It took centuries and thousands of souls helping us prepare for this test and we passed!  

This period of time is important. This moment really will live on and remind us that we have a responsibility in who we share our thoughts, mind, and power with. We must be diligent in making sure it is not abused.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Adiemus - Songs Of Sanctuary - Healing Humanity

Music and sound are tools that can be used to help change the energy in humanity. It can change a mood, enhance a feeling, and even redirect thoughts. Because music can be used as a powerful force of change, I've been using this in my humanity healing meditations. 

Recently, this song Adiemus, was prompted as the song to use in todays humanity healing meditation. In part, to help change the negative energies that are growing due to Mr. Trump spewing out  harmful energies in his attempt to steal the election.


We recognize the results of his power grab is the creation of negative energies - such as fear, anger, and hatred. The opposite of those feelings and energies are the positive energies such as hope, love, support, compassion, and kindness. These are opposites sides of the coin. Usually people will desire to immerse themselves in more positive energies, so it would behoove us to try and flip this coin from the negative to the positive side. But how? 

Music is one method that can help flip that coin. Music is a tool that can change the energies and flip that switch. It can allow our feelings and thoughts to reset. With certain sounds and songs our emotions can change and our internal subtle energetic vibrations change with it.

I've been using music in humanity healing meditations and today, the song Adeimus is the song I was prompted to use to help put out the embers of what Trump is spewing out. In this healing meditation, I could see those negative sparks becoming duds and falling on a resistant moist soil throughout the land. I could also see hope, along with new growth taking root beneath this fertile soil. I see the seeds for a better and expanded human experience being created. 

The world we need and have hoped for is beginning to grow. I can hear that sound and it is music to my ears.  

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Times Like These by Stay Home Live Lounge Allstars

During the week of the 2020 Winter Solstice, many of us worked together to build and strengthen the energetic connections in the earth, water, air, as well as time and space. These connections help with the transmission, sharing, and support of subtle communications, connections, as well as the sharing of ideas, healing, and building communities. 

At the conclusion of the solstice I heard this song, "Times Like These" by the Stay at Home Live Lounge Allstars and it seemed to light up all those connections we had just created. It was almost as if we had just lit a Christmas tree and the lights and sounds of joy reverberated around the globe. It was an amazing moment, welcoming the season of winter and a new era that is now unfolding. 

Here are the people featured in this video and when they appear in the clip: 
Hailee Steinfeld – 0:02 
Dua Lipa – 0:21
Anne-Marie – 0:37 
Ellie Goulding, Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) – 0:43 
Simon Neil (Biffy Clyro) – 0:50 
Ellie Goulding – 0:53 
Biff Clyro – 0:54  
Jess Glynne – 0:57 
Sam Fender, James Johnston (Biffy Clyro) – 1:02 
Simon Neil – 1:07 Mabel – 1:09 Dan Smith (Bastille) – 1:14 
YUNGBLUD, Dan Smith, Luke Hemmings (5 Seconds of Summer) – 1:19 
Simon Neil – 1:25 
James Johnston – 1:29  
Ben Thatcher (Royal Blood) – 1:32 
Rita Ora – 1:34 
Mike Kerr (Royal Blood) – 1:44 
Simon Neil – 1:49 
Dermot Kennedy – 1:50 
Taylor Hawkins, Ellie Goulding, James Johnston – 1:56 
Sigrid – 1:58 
Ellie Goulding – 2:02 
Sigrid, Rag‘n’Bone Man, Grace Carter, Dan Smith, Ellie Goulding, Woody (Chris Wood, Bastille) – 2:03
Ellie Goulding, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) – 2:09 
Dua Lipa, Dave Grohl, Grace Carter, Ben Johnston (Biffy Clyro) – 2:14 
Rag’n’Bone Man – 2:21 
Zara Larsson, YUNGBLUD – 2:26 
AJ Tracey – 2:29 
Sean Paul – 2:45 
Celeste – 3:01 
Paloma Faith – 3:07 
Dan Smith, Luke Hemmings – 3:17 
YUNGBLUD – 3:23 
Rita Ora – 3:30 
Paloma Faith – 3:32 
Everyone – 3:33 
Chris Martin (Coldplay) – 4:02

For me, as each new artist joined this video of song, a new connection of light seemed to flip on. Then, when Dan Smith from Bastille joined in (at 2:03), it was as if the whole globe was now lit up in light and sound! It was one of those magical moments of wonder that was telling us things are going to be Okay. 

I hope you will also enjoy this song and feel the joy and feelings that are embedded in this music.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Utah woman dives into and shares findings from SLC's rich history

Diego Romo from SLC Fox 13 News, reports "Rachel Quist started her Instagram page, @rachels_slc_history, with the intention of broadening people's perspective of Salt Lake City's history. She says it has a more complex story than most people realize."

He continues and says, "Salt Lake's history is a lot more diverse and interesting than what it's commonly portrayed as," Quist said. Her interest in diving deep into the city's history was inspired after visiting the various historical sites scattered around the Salt Lake Valley. "And that gave a very one-sided history," she added. "So then I decided to go out and find the stuff that I was interested in." 


For more information visit

Saturday, December 19, 2020

A Lesson in Confronting an Opponent

I first met the person I call 'the Microbiologist' when I was giving a Qigong medical treatment to a client with cancer. I had never treated cancer using Qigong before and this new client had been a patient of my instructor. I was quite nervous. I had recently completed all my Qigong training and internship requirements and was now certified. Not all Qigong medical professionals are allowed to treat cancer, so when my instructor referred a cancer patient to me, this was a big deal. I was excited but also nervous. 

l lugged my treatment table to Berkeley, CA, and set it up in this woman's living room. I began the Qigong medical treatment and suddenly felt a presence in the room. I did not see anyone there - it was just an impression and feeling. I started to work on the client's diseased organ, preparing to purge the stagnant qi (chi) and cancer, but then I felt two hands enfold around my own hands along with a soft whisper. It was a mans voice coming into my mind saying, "Do it this way. Don't attack the cancer - love the cancer. Understand the cancer and the disease, then use this understanding and respect to love and coach the cancer out of the body. Help it WANT to come into your hands and be extracted from this body." 

This gesture of enveloping my hands in his, filled me with a warm feeling of love and support. His advice to use use love and respect to help the cancer WANT to leave my client was a methodology I had not heard of before. This advice completely changed my planned process. It was a lesson on first understanding and respecting this opponent and with this new awareness, create an alternative option and scenario to entice it toward the outcome you both can work with. 

This was the first lesson this spiritual Being gave me about how to confront an opponent on the battlefield of disease. Even though I have retired from giving Medical Qigong treatments to clients, this spiritual Being, who I call the Microbiologist, continues to work with me, but now our focus is on healing humanity and the earth. Needless to say, I am still learning from him.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Jupiter and Saturn are Having a Convergent Party on Dec 21st! Don't Miss it!

The pandemic is providing opportunities to develop and explore new interests. Stargazing has become a new interest of mine. As a result, I've been reshuffling my sleep schedule to gaze at the stars. I'm also using an app called "Sky Guide" to help me identify the stars and follow their motions.  

In addition, I've also tuned into different information sources to help me be more aware of those big stargazing activities, such as the big one this month - the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. Meteorologist Jacob Dickey says this about this event:

What makes the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter special is that these two planets haven’t been so close and so visible since March 4th, 1226. Saturn and Jupiter were this close in 1623, but weren’t visible to the naked eye, but this year, we will be able to see them approximately 45 minutes after sunset in the West and Southwest sky. They are visible everywhere!   

This schedule of their predicted movement tells us the convergence will take place on December 21st, the Winter Solstice. 

The Winter Solstice is already a day of wonder, so the addition of seeing the convergent of two famous planets in the sky is something you won't want to miss. After all, you won't get another invitation to something like this for several hundred years.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Getting Ready to Improve the USA

 America’s founding fathers were focused on creating a new country and defining who this country was. They focused on it acts. Independence, fair laws,  and equal protections. They wanted to secure civil liberties and even the right to aspire for happiness.They recorded these aspirations in documents, such as the declaration of independence, the constitution, and the bill of rights. We now look at the men as being special and unique souls that all came together at this birth of a new nation.

We are now in a new phase in the United States and have become aware there are some systemic wide concerns, some holes, gaps, as well as different exceptions and understandings surrounding government that requires attention. Donald Trump exposed many weakness in our current systems and we now have Joe Biden and his group of change-makers ready to come in and repair those holes and gaps to make sure the system of government works for everyone, and all those holes and gaps get the necessary attention that is needed.

We seem to have a history of men building the house but then it is the women who come in and make it a home. I see this is the same thing about that is going on right now. The founding fathers built the foundation and put together some structure, but it is now time for the women to come in and make sure the family can live in it. It needs to be safe, secure, and a place to be warm, be healthy, and have food on the table. It needs to be a place where the children can learn, grow, and develop. This is the phase we are now in. This is the time when we will see women - a lot women - stepping forward and getting government to run like we need it to run. This will be seen as the time of women. Women get things done and Joe Biden's administration will have a lot of women be in charge to make sure this house of doesn't fail, but actually blooms and grows.

In hundred years from now, this period of time will be known as when the era of the “founding mothers”. It will be that significant. So enjoy being a part of this profound time in history when the house known as the United States of America becomes a more beautiful place to live. It is going to be rather remarkable experience.