Thursday, November 18, 2021

Best Trip Down Memory Lane

It's time for a proud mama moment.  My daughter made the “Best of Utah 2021” in the City Weekly of Salt Lake. This are the best things about Utah and are full of authentically Utah things, some 374 and counting.  My daughter's instagram,"rachels_slc_history" was voted to be included in this special recognition. 

The category for her recognition is 'The Best Trip Down Memory Lane'.  They state this about her writings, photos, and what she shares: "From posts on visits from Hawaiian royalty in 1875 to the racist ways of the Salt Lake Hot Springs Sanitarium at 52 W. 300 South in 1893, Rachel Quist tackles both Utah's light-hearted and heartbreaking moments. In addition to sharing vintage cards and catalog.”   

Rachel is an archeologist by trade and has always been interested in history. She is good at finding and sharing the things she digs up - like the bizarre, obscure, and forgotten things the rest of us never knew. 

You can see and follow Rachel's photos and writings on Instagram at

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Life's Purpose is to Expand Our Consciousness and Awareness

The Tao's (or God, Goddess, all that is) desire is to expand consciousness and awareness. We were all created to help the Tao fulfil this desire of expansion and progression. Essentially, this desire is what created our charter or purpose. It is to provide the Tao with experiences that facilitate more growth, learning, progression, and expansion of consciousness and awareness. Within this charter, there are no boundaries or limitations. There are no stipulations and barriers. What this means is that we are going to have good as well as bad experiences. We are also going to have a lot of experiences, and this means having multiple incarnations so we can experience life from a lot of different points of view. But through them all, we (and the Tao) will learn, grow, and progress. We also expand our consciousness and awareness - and change. 

The Tao provided us with multiple tools to help us succeed in this quest and to increase the probability to complete our life purpose. These tools are embedded in our soul and physical body. The tools are our thoughts, desires, and feelings. 
  • Our desires help create our thoughts. 
  • Our thoughts help create our feelings. 
  • Our feelings help create and guide our actions. 
  • Then we return back to our thoughts to help us comprehend, learn, and understand . 
All of this is what facilitates our ability to expand our awareness and consciousness. 

The Tao has given us a prime directive to learn, grow, progress, and expand our consciousness and awareness. We each have innate tools to help us succeed in this goal; our thoughts, desires, and feelings.  These tools are supposed to be used to help us navigate a life aligned to our own personal life purpose.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Something Has Changed

Something has changed. 

I believe it is from my recent connections to the Causal plane of the Tao. Let me explain.

Years ago, my Spiritual Guide and Teacher, John U.K., helped me learn the skill of astral projection. This is an ability where your energetic self learns how to leave your physical body and then be projected to the astral plane (heaven). This allows a person to interact, learn, and work with a myriad of souls of this level of the Tao.

Over time, I developed a desire to explore other levels of the Tao that are beyond the astral plane and be able to learn and interact with souls on each of those other levels, too. But the standard method of visiting and exploring was like climbing a mountain - it is a slow and cumbersome journey and not many ways to get there. The method was moving through each level, one after the other. But recently, I found a new way to zoom in and out that can bypass this more tedious climb. 

With this new process and ease of movement, I have been projecting myself to the 4th level of the Tao - the dimension that is filled with the "vibration of love energy".  It seems that spending time in this environment - the 4th level - has created some unexpected side effects. Some of my senses, such as taste, feelings, and hearing, seem to be augmented and intensified. Not always - just in little brief random moments. Let me share what I experience. 

A friend of mine made some strawberry jam and gave me a jar to take home. When I opened the jar and tasted this new strawberry jam my taste buds seemed to go wild! They were doing flip flops of ecstasy and I swooned with delight as if I had never tasted anything so scrumptious in my entire life!  

Then, the next day I was listening to an audio book and one of the passages made me pause a moment when I felt my entire energetic self start to expand and seemingly swirl in movement with each and every word. It felt like a kind of dance with every word. I could feel my soul move as if it had become embedded in a symphony around each word. I had never felt anything like this before. Ever. It was as if the sound of these words were lifting and twirling me in a new dimension.

Then, at water aerobics, in the middle of class, I noticed another inner change start to happen around my skin. It was as if there was suddenly no barrier between my skin and the water. I actually felt as if I WAS water and I had completely become blended with this earth element. I was water and the water was me. This was so amazing and such a unique experience.

I attribute all of these new sensations and experiences from my recent visits to the Causal plane. Afterall, this plane is embedded with the energy of love. I believe I must have inadvertently collected some of this energy and for whatever reason, then experienced some random moments of pure joy and pleasure where my senses went into overdrive. (And no, I was not high and not on any drugs). 

For now, my working theory is these moments of intense joy were a result of having immersed my energetic self in a sea of 4th level energy and they seemed to randomly burst in the normalizing process of being back on the physical plane.

Sunday, November 7, 2021

My New Discovery - A Short-Cut to Projection

I recently discovered something rather remarkable. Well, it is remarkable to me and perhaps to anyone who is involved in astral projection or remote healing. I learned that I can project myself to different levels of the Tao through my own chakras. This is HUGE.

In the past, one would have to first project oneself to the astral leve, and then within the astral plane, project to the next level of the Tao. This process was similar to climbing a ladder within the Tao and rather challenging. But I recently stumbled on a process of going within, and then being "carried into" that same energy frequency of the Tao. It was so easy and rather remarkable.

As you may know, we are a microcosm of the earth. We are also a microcosm of the Tao. We have at least seven different energetic chakras in our body

Each of those energy chakras have different vibrations, frequencies, colors, sounds, and purpose.

The Tao also has different levels, layers, of energy as well. And it is the same type of layering, levels, and energies we have within our spiritual, energetic self. The levels of the Tao have different names. For example, the first level of the Tao is known as the physical plane, or earth. The second level of the Tao is called the astral plane. Some call it heaven. These are the more commonly accepted terms of the seven levels of the Tao:

During a meditation, I visualized the different chakra energies within me. After I felt that moment of expansion, I then focused on just one chakra. I wanted to totally immerse myself in that energy. At the time, I wanted to connect with the fourth chakra, so focused completely on that chakra and felt myself "in" that chakra. Then, found I was now "on" the Causal plane of the Tao!  It was as if I had found a back door and was placed inside that level of the Tao. It was unexpected. It was also totally amazing.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Dune and the Kwisatz Haderach

Inspiration can come from the astral plane. Writers sometimes will be inspired to create stories and tales to help us understand concepts we may not even think are possible. The book 'Dune', written by Frank Herbert, is one of those books that was prompted from the astral plane.

'Dune' is a futuristic tale embedded with demonstrations of spiritual gifts. Spiritual gifts are skills one can develop by learning how to sense and use spiritual energies. In fact, when John U.K. my Spiritual Guide and Teacher, was giving me lessons on how to cultivate spiritual energy, he assigned me to read 'Dune'. Visualizing the ways spiritual gifts can be used helps a person better understand how spiritual gifts can be used to help a person in their life. 

Several spiritual gifts are presented in 'Dune' but the most memorable are: 
  • personality sensing - sensing a person’s true nature and knowing who to trust 
  • future sensing - the ability to sense the future and its probable outcomes
  • dream interpretation - knowing which dreams are important and then understanding the message
  • astral travel - the ability to project oneself and be many places all at once 
  • command projection - the skill of changing the physical nature of something - such as changing a poison into a safe beverage
During this training, John UK told me, “A person who has developed and mastered these spiritual gifts can be given and honored with the title of the Quesaksaderak. Frank Herbert, the author of DUNE, misspelled the title as Kwisatz Haderach, but it is phonetically correct. It actually is the Quesaksaderak."

He continued and said, “The actual meaning of the Quesaksaderak term is a person who is able to be in multiple places at once, a type of super being. The term, along with many other ancient words and concepts were shared with this author from the astral plane. We anticipated he would be able to bring forward some of these ancient concepts to this present time."

We now have a new release of the movie 'Dune'.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this new movie version presents the spiritual gifts used by the Bene Gesserits, the Fremen, and the Kwisatz Haderach.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A Musical Thought Message After a Suicide

A former Qigong client of mine recently committed suicide. 

A few days after his death, I projected my energetic self to the astral plane to see if I could connect with him and make sure he was OK. He appeared in what looked like a medical facility to me. He was in a private room, in what looked like a hospital bed. He was laying in bed, covered by a sheet and blanket, facing away from the door. The door was open and I slowly walked into the room. I called out his name and announced who I was while I walked toward him. He didn't acknowledge me at all. I then saw a mutual friend of ours in the room - Jim. Jim had died of cancer over a year ago, saw me, and walked up to me and gave me a hug. He guided me out of the room and we chatted in the hall. Our shared friend was not ready to have visitors, so I left, but was delighted that Jim was there to help in this young man's transition after death. 

I returned to my meditative state on the physical plane, but then heard a song in my head with the lyrics "I am alright, now". I knew the message was from this young man and he was reporting he was alright, and to share this with his family. His message was embedded in the song "White Lies" by Paolo Nutini. The lyrics, however, had been slightly modified to express what this young man wanted me to know and remember.  I've highlighted his words and message that were embedded in that melody:

Please don't fade and please don't cry, coz I'm all right, now
Take a chance and watch it fall, grab too much and lose it all 
Now I've lost my disguise, I'm all right, now

Here is the song and melody that accompanied this message. It is titled "White Lies" by Paolo Nutini 


Friday, October 15, 2021

Julius Caesar and Thomas Jefferson

Most of us know that ancient Rome was one of the first known democracies, beginning in 509 BC. But economic problems, government corruption, private armies, and the rise of Julius Caesar as emperor all led to the country's eventual demise and fall in 27 BCE.

How did Julius Caesar contribute to the collapse of democracy a thousand years ago? As you may recall, this charismatic leader and was given the title Dictator by the Senate. Later Caesar announced he was the Emperor for life and took over completely. He put on a crown of laurel leaves on his comb-over balding head and then acted the part. 

The Roman Senators didn't seem to push back in public, but they did in private. Eventually they plotted a conspiracy to kill Caesar, and he was killed on the Ides of March.  
But what is most interesting to me about this history is knowing that Julius Caesar, in a later incarnation ,was Thomas Jefferson! The man who in one life initiated the fall of democracy in one country (Rome) later lives a life dedicated to creating a new democracy somewhere else! I find this very interesting and even rather remarkable. 

It makes me wonder who and what Donald Trump will become in a future incarnation. Will his new future incarnation be devoted to trying to fix something he also broke or wanted to destroy? Maybe in a later life he will be in charge of Black Lives Matter.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Train Yourself to Travel to the Astral Plane

You can learn to astrally travel. Some call this astral projection. Others call it astral travel. Essentially it is the experience of having your energetic body temporarily leave your physical body and visit what some people call heaven. The astral plane is a different dimension of the Tao and the dimension most close to the physical plane.

Why travel to the astral plane? Because astral travel is one method you can use to receive insight and knowledge. It is a method to help a person expand their awareness and find the answers to their questions.
The easiest way to learn how to #astrally travel is after love and sex. The next is during sleep. Here are some pointers:
  1. As you find yourself drifting into sleep after making love, concentrate on these thoughts. First, “I can fly”. “I am weightless”. “I can leave my body and fly or travel beyond”.
  2. “I wish to meet my Higher Self”.
  3.  “I desire to remember this”,
Do this each time before sleep, and you can train yourself to astrally travel during sleep.

What is travel to the astral plane like? It is as if you are underwater and you poke your head through the water’s circumference. Sometimes you have the sensation of being slippery. You may also return with  dreams related to flying.

Astral travel and meditation are not the same. Meditation is a mind activity. Astral travel is a soul activity. 

As you learn to astrally travel, your questions will start to get answered over time. You will also have new and more impressions. You will also start to have clearer dreams with embedded messages.  In addition, you will experience more feelings of joy.  

If you want to gain knowledge and insight, learn to project your energetic self to the astral plane and pay more attention to your feelings, thoughts, insights, and dreams.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Earth is Our Partner in Expanding Our Consciousness and Awareness

Most of us understand that the purpose of life is built around learning, growing, developing, and progressing.We essentially are spiritual beings temporarily housed in a human physical body on planet earth and are here to have diverse experiences during our lifetime o facilitate developing a greater understanding, awareness, and consciousness than what we came here with. 

Eventually most will come to a point in this process and experience the "whole” or what some say is nirvana or some type of an exalted state of being. What that looks like is not yet known to me, but I can “see” the possibility and even some of the paths that go there. In fact, in some ways the process reminds me of a video game. We choose our avatar image (aka our physical body & experience we want) and with that avatar, we have challenges, and conflict, and inflictions that we have to overcome that helps us learn and understand the game. The avatar often gets killed off, but then we can restart the game with a brand new avatar (aka reincarnation). 

We then begin a new and maneuver with the added wisdom from our prior experiences with the game. We also continually add new skills and understandings each time we overcome an obstacle in this process. Eventually we reach a new stage in the game (we have a more mature and wiser soul), and then eventually also reach a completely new level in the game that we didn't even know was there. And in that new level, there are even more new challenges but also much greater rewards. 

Ultimately we will complete all the levels and obtain an expanded awareness and a new consciousness. When this happens, we will feel one, or whole, or complete. When this happens things personally change within your soul. 

There is a reason why we are on alive and on this planet. The earth is where we have the best opportunity to maximize and obtain the skills, knowledge, and wisdom to take us to this expanded awareness and understanding. This is where we have the best chance to expand our our consciousness. 

This is also why we need to stop pretending the earth is just a rock we live on. The earth is alive and with a consciousness. It is the very foundation for our ability to learn, grow, develop, and progress. It is the means for us to become an exalted state of consciousness.

"The Voice" is Using Donald's Playbook

There is a singing show competition on TV called "The Voice" featuring Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as this years Coaches. 

What I noticed is a slight change in format from prior years. This year they ingare instill more conflict and divisiveness between the Coaches in the show. It is as if the programing wing has decided to use Donald Trump's playbook of conflict, bullying, and lies to keep the audience engaged. 

Blake Shelton has become "the Donald like figure" in this setting. His role, as the tall old rich white male, is to bully and belittle the other Coaches. He even wanders around the stage making fun of the female Coaches as if they are the new Hillary's. He will also but in and try to dominate conversations by spewing out lies or spinning tall tales aimed at dividing the judges and audience. His grandiose embellishments of his history and abilities adds to the deceit and strengthens the divisiveness. The overall goal is to improve the ratings and keep people engaged. Sound familiar? 

Of course, in this reality show about singing talent, we see these antics as rather comical and whimsical. We know it is for show and isn't real.  But I also initially thought the same thing during Trump's original campaign and look what that led to? I guess I just need to face the fact that this is who we are as a society; we get pleasure from belittling others and believing in our superiority. And in the meantime, we find ourselves hooked into watching this kind of drama play out in our living room.

And as the Donald MAY have said...."It's sad, so very sad". 

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Change, Growth, Progression, and the Expansion of Consciousness

During one of my meditations, I felt myself being stretched taller, and taller, and taller. I became similar in height to some of the spiritual beings who I have worked with in some of my Qigong healing treatments and experiences (such as the Microbiologist, Guardians, and Harmonies). I then wondered if this type of experience of becoming taller was a path of progression and change?  You know, like morphing or growing into a new type of “being”? Or was I just having this experience because I had a desire to be more like my new colleagues? 

While having this experience of being made taller, I had a stream of thoughts about how life began as a single cell organism - a very tiny bit of life. But then, for some reason, a group of the single cells found a way to communicate and start cooperating and working with other single cells. Eventually these coordinated cells then created a multi-cell structure and then eventually created multi-cell organisms. Change. Growth. Progression.  

These cells all had challenges in communication, cooperation, and coordination in each new phase they went through. The creation of something new and different created new moments, such as thoughts, desires, problems, and curiosity. The process to create, build, grow, learn, progress, change, and adapt were expanded and normalized. The outcome of new awareness occured in little moments and continued in this process and flow. 

This model of progression can be seen in all the layers of the Tao and throughout time. It is also the process that we are witnessing in humanity right now. Societies or groups of individuals are essentially acting as if they are single cells and  communicating their thoughts, desires, and interests to the other "cells". Each of these groups is currently trying to disempower the other cells. The cells that choose to cooperate and work together, while respecting the nuances and differences inside those different "cells", humanity will emerge into a new level of consciousness and awareness.  

These were my thoughts as I felt myself stretch into a similar (and temporary) form as those who I have been working with. I now had a bit more understanding about the pull and force that drives us to learn and grow and also about how progression happens. 

I'm comforted to know that when we humans decide we are ready to start cooperating and working together, and respect the differences from the various groups in our society, we will finally be at the place where humanity needs to be so we as humans can advance and progress to the next phase on this journey. 

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Spiritual Energy vs Religion

When I first met my spiritual guide and teacher, John U.K., I was a Utah mormon questioning the religion I was raised in. Many of my early questions, at that time, were associated with the Mormon church and what I had been taught to believe. I asked John U.K what the true religion was and he said that religions have some good but also bad, but the region most aligned with truth was Taoism. He then said religion and spirituality are not the same and to not confuse religion with spirituality. "Religion is an organization" he said "and spirituality is about spiritual energy. You can learn to use and work with spiritual energy and develop the skills and gifts associated with spiritual energy". 

John U.K. then began my lessons about the spiritual energies using the subtle energies of the seven chakras. I recorded those lessons along with the spiritual gifts associated with these energies and later put them in a book. The book is titled ‘Cultivating Spiritual Energy’ and available on Amazon. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Power of Thoughts in Healing

Years ago I heard of a Qigong healer who, during her Qigong treatments, would ask her client to direct their own thoughts to the location in their body they wanted healed. Then, during the treatment, this healer would focus her own thoughts to that same location and together they would join together to work on the needed healing in that area of the client’s body.

I had never tried this method before and was interested in seeing if it worked. I asked one of my clients if she would like to try this process and see if it could help eliminate her chronic pain. She agreed and so together we tried this process to see if she could get some relief. 

My client was lying on the treatment table, face up, with her eyes closed. She was totally relaxed so I began the Qigong treatment.  When I got to the location in her body with the almost constant pain, I asked her to now direct and send her thoughts to this location. She did. Almost immediately I could physically feel her thoughts next to mine. It felt kind of like a handshake. Our thoughts were now joined and we worked together to relieve her pain.

At the end of the Qigong session my client was pain free. It was rather amazing. But it was only temporary - for a few days. I was disappointed to learn it was not a permanent resolution, but it was an improvement. But from this experience, she was able to continue this process to better manage her pain. She would direct her own thoughts to that location during those episodes of pain and was able to get some relief and comfort through this process of directed focused attention and visualization. 

I was also rather amazed by the sensation this process created. That “feeling” of feeling someone else's own thoughts as if they were a physical object, and then “feeling” of combining that energy with my own thought energy was rather remarkable. This experience also made me more aware of our own power in the healing efforts.  It was one of those moments that expanded my awareness.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Memory Loss and Qigong

Almost a decade ago I did a remote medical Qigong (chee-gung) treatment on a young woman who was experiencing severe headaches during her pregnancy. I projected my energetic self to her bedside and used the Qigong method of visualization to direct and move Qi (chee) from my hands, into the top of her head, and then guided it through her head and torso then down into the ground. This is called grounding.  As I started this  grounding  process, I was gently directing Qi through the top of her head visualizing and directing Qi inside and down her head as if it were a beam of light. It was supposed to go down her torso and then down into the ground to connect her with the earth. But then this beam of visualized energy stopped and would not advance. It was stuck about midway inside her brain and would not advance. 

For the life of me I could not understand how it could be stuck. At that time, I could not 'see' very deep inside the body so could not see why it was blocked. I assumed I must have done something wrong so did a type of workaround to ground her. I sent a new beam of energy from the earth and into her body. 

Later I learned this young woman had a brain tumor and this was the reason the beam of energy could not penetrate beyond the location of the tumor in her brain. This was one of those 'lessons learned' moments, letting me know that if or when Qi doesn't advance where my mind tells it to go, I need to "STOP" and go in deeper to determine what is happening in this area of the body. This is one way subtle energies will message me regarding a health problem in that person's body.

Fast forward to June of this year when one of my dear friends suddenly experienced short-term memory loss. She suddenly didn't know where she was, how to get home, or anything associated with her short-term memory. She was taken to the ER and given an MRI.  The results showed no stroke and no tumors. She also had a drug screen and lab work. All were normal. The doctor sent her home and was told to reduce her stress and maybe her memory would return. 

But her memory did not return. Her life has changed completely. Each day she now fights to try and remember just the basics of daily living. For example, she doesn't remember to eat or even if she has eaten. She has lost 20 pounds in two months. She doesn't remember how to get into her computer or what her passwords are. She has to write everything down and record everything she does in order to report to someone if she did any of her activities of daily living. Her short-term memory is a bit looney tuney.

Recently I offered to do some Qigong medical treatments on her to see if this could improve her situation. This week I began her treatment by directing Qi through the Du channel of her subtle energy body. This channel begins at the bottom of the torso and moves up the back, the neck, and then over the top of the head, then ends at the upper lip (see image with red arrow). This channel is a primary vehicle to move Qi up the body. 

I tapped into this channel and was going to do one of the standard Qigong practices known as microcosmic orbit, where Qi is fortified and moved through this channel, then connected to the Ren channel (see blue line in image) and the flow continues around the entire body. But when I visualized moving the Qi over the top of her head, when I arrived at her frontal lobe area, I could not advance the Qi forward. It just stopped.  A memory moment popped into my mind of the headache treatment I did a decade earlier where the Qi flow was also blocked. In that circumstance it was a tumor, but in this case, a tumor had been ruled out. What was blocking her Qi from flowing?

I stopped the treatment and requested assistance from my two spiritual colleagues; the Old Chinese Master and the Microbiologist.  We then went in deeper - about one or two inches deeper inside her head, and I now saw the Du channel looked like it had been blown up. It was deflated and a bit shredded. There was also a milky-brown liquid puddle laying around where the Du had burst. The milky brown color let me know this was probably a mixture of stuck Qi (which tends to be a solid white or gray color) and brown, which means blood is involved. I determined the Du channel must have burst in the frontal lobe after a strong emotional event impairing Qi and blood flow in the frontal lobe.

The Old Chinese Master placed a lot of acupuncture needles around her head and arms and the Microbiologist repaired her Du Channel. When they were done, I then directed Qi through her Du channel and it was smooth, smooth, smooth. Now I could conduct a microcosmic orbit treatment around her entire body.

The next morning my friend called and was excited to report she is starting to remember more short memory things. "After I brush my teeth I usually forget if I already brushed my teeth, so I feel the brush with my finger. If it is wet, I know I already brushed my teeth. But this morning, I remembered I HAD brushed my teeth and didn't need to feel the brush. This is huge!" she said. "I can feel a change happening in my memory!" 

"I have hope!" she continued. "And having hope is everything."

I gave my friend four weekly medical qigong treatments and after the 4th treatment, we both claimed she was back normal and had her memory fully restored. She now can drive again, multi-task, and remember everything she did during the day. She can formulate a plan and even remembers to follow it without the aid of sticky notes or piles of reminders all over her home. The short-term memory loss has been completely healed.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

A Different Perspective Can Expand Your Awareness

I've been pondering how our thoughts,  opinions, and problem solving skills often change when we view things from a different perspective. I recall when I began Chinese Medicine School. I already had a career in Western Medicine but then became interested in Chinese Medicine. I was 55 years old and decided to go back to school and learn a new approach to medicine. I was 55 and went to Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine School (AIMC) in Berkeley CA. From this starting point I learned about the invisible energy force called Qi in the human body, along with the distribution system in our bodies. This was such a different perspective from everything I knew about the physical human body and difficult for me to open to. But then I kept having so many amazing experiences in class that I could not explain or understand, so I kept returning to class to try and figure it out. 

Soon I started to FEEL those invisible and intangible acupuncture points, and then started to hear the whooshing of the qi flow inside a person's body. Amazing! Then, I started to see stuck Qi and even began being prompted by "someone" standing by my side as to how to treat a person and their illness. My perspective of the human body changed the more I accepted and allowed this different system, with its unusual information, into my awareness. 

Eventually I began doing remote energetic Qigong medical treatments. In these treatments I would project my "energetic spiritual self" to the client and conduct a healing treatment without any physical contact at all. In these remote energetic treatments, the perspective of what I was able to see, sense, and observe expanded tenfold!  I now could 'see', sense, and connect with all sorts of different layers within my client's energetic body. From this new perspective, I was able to provide a totally different and expanded type of treatment. 

My point is that acquiring a different perspective can often give us additional information that may expand our awareness. Continually refusing to be open to concepts or ideas from someone that is not like us (a different country, or race, or gender, religion, political party, etc.) creates limitations. These limitations may prevent us from being able to truly solve a problem because we refuse to account for different viewpoints.  An expanded or different perspective may be just what we need to complete the task, reach our goal, or even reach our potential.

The Gift of a Living Wage

Years ago I was chatting with John U.K., my spiritual guide, about my financial woes at that time and asked about money on the astral plane. "Do souls still work and try to make a living?" I asked.

He responded that on the astral plane there is a system in place to provide each soul with a regular amount of funds in a personal account each month, and if a soul desires more, they may add and supplement this through other ways. Some souls do and some souls don't. 

Now that I am retired and also get a set amount of funds each month, I am appreciating this type of process. This has allowed me the opportunity to explore new and different adventures that I would have either ignored or not even known about. That sense of being able to focus on other possibilities and interests without the stress of survival is a gift.  

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Miss Molly's Upcoming Transition


My sister's dog Molly has cancer and I have occasionally given this little dog remote Qigong treatments to ease her discomfort from all her tumors. A week ago the Vet recommended scheduling a date for Molly to be put down. My sister asked if I would help communicate this message to Molly through a Qigong treatment. During this treatment, a new spiritual being showed up during the session - a dog whisperer. She came to assist in easing Molly's fears and communicating this message.  

The dog whisperer told Molly that on Aug 31 she would be visiting the Vet and be placed in a permanent state of sleep. The whisperer then encouraged Molly to not fear this and to enjoy the remainder of her days with my sister. Molly actually seemed relieved. 

Today is Molly's last day so in my early morning meditation, I did a quick projection to check on her and see how she was doing. I was surprised to see she was surrounded by a group of dogs - all different types and sizes. They were all in a state of excitement and play. It almost seemed like visiting a dog park with a swarm of dogs running up to her, jumping up and around her, licking her, smelling her, and wanting to play. It was as if I had interrupted a party. 

I could also "hear" the chatter between them. One reported being hit by a car. Another reported being deserted and dying in the desert, but none were sad.It seemed to be a way to let Molly know she was transitioning in a special and pain-free manner. Then, the conversation changed with one of them wanting to know what treats Molly had been given this week. Now everyone was interrupting each other about what their favorite treat is. I did not expect any of this during this projection. I was actually relieved to see this was not a sad time for Molly, but one filled with anticipation and her buddies.

I have seen dogs on the astral plane (heaven) so knew a dog's spirit lives on and returns home, just like our human spirits do. But I was not aware that dogs also have greeting parties ready to welcome the soul in this transition - just like we have. I find this not only interesting but also comforting.

I believe that Molly is actually looking forward to getting back with her friends and will be relieved to be free of the daily challenges she faces within her physical body.

Monday, August 30, 2021

Current State of Affairs

America is currently experiencing a lot of turmoil. We have the Delta virus pandemic along with some deadly hurricanes, and a drought with a serge of wildfires. We also are witnessing chaos in Afghanistan and endless civil strife within our own country. It is upsetting and difficult to stomach. Even though I intellectually know that chaos and strife can serve as a means for growth, change, and improvement, it is still difficult to live through.  

I recently pulled out my notes from a conversation I had with John UK, my spiritual guide & teacher. This conversation took place during the peak of the Trump administration  in 2018, and I was feeling a lot of doom and gloom at that time. I think the message is still relevant today. 


The loss of America’s status in world politics is noticeable and necessary for the changes needed in the world. Other countries are becoming more independent and demanding independence from the USA. War will always exist. Peace becomes a recognized value in the effects of war. It is part of the balance. 

The USA military is changing. Also, the USA 's consciousness is changing. The status of the USA in world events is being diminished, which is needed for new growth and change to emerge. 

The threat of nuclear war is still valid and still a concern, however. This has not yet been solved. China and Russia will continue to create big churn in the world as well as in the USA. They will become more dominant. In the Middle East there will be turmoil, death, and destruction. 


It will be the children who will be the ones doing the hard work and heavy lifting to fix global warming and the problems in the world. This means that focusing on the next generation and encouraging them will have the most value to help the planet and humanity survive. 

You want to know what happens if the earth dies? What happens to all of those souls if it is destroyed? Do things start over? This is what you want to know. The answer is that everything becomes just dead space for eons of time. There is no spark. It is similar to what you see on the planet Mars. Mars was once a living planet with living souls and was destroyed. It is now in a state of dead space, waiting for the time when it can emerge from that state of emptiness and restart that conscious spark to begin a new. Yes, it will take eons of time. We are hoping to avoid this fate for planet earth.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Going from Pitch Black Darkness to Bright White Lights in a Meditation

The experience of being in extreme darkness and then suddenly being immersed and bathed in a total bright light of spiritual energy can be a profound and memorable experience. 

This technique of being immersed in total darkness and then suddenly having the entire room filled with radiant bright light was a method used by ancient cultures for spiritual awareness and communication. Cultures, such as the ancient Native Americans, would journey to places like Chaco Canyon and engage in activities that would create spiritual experiences. For example, they would go into pitch-black dark windowless chambers and in those rooms engage in spiritual rites, one being bringing in radiant spiritual light that would fill the entire chamber. It was NOT an artificial light. It was spiritual energy and an energy frequency or vibration of the 7th chakra energy. This is the energy which can connect someone with the Tao. When the moment is right (such as the chakras being cleared, balanced, and aligned) it is possible to expand that energy and have it fill the entire space one is physically in. 

I once had this type of experience of being in a totally dark room and then having it suddenly becoming filled with white radiant light. It was totally unexpected and very powerful. It occurred in the middle of the night when I was meditating. I had my eyes shut and suddenly saw a bright white light filling the entire room. At first I thought I was just imagining this so I opened my eyes and the brightness was still there, filling the entire room.  I was aware I was not “seeing” this with my physical eyes but experiencing it with my whole energetic self. 

Since that experience I began to meditate more during the middle of the night or at least when it was dark. I noticed a difference in the atmosphere and how I felt when I meditated in the dark. It is as if all the filters or imagined obstacles are now shut down and the connections to other dimensions or with spiritual beings was almost effortless. I also started to do my remote Qigong healing treatments in the middle of the night, too, and this too became easier during that dark window of time.  

If you have never tried meditating after sunset or before sunrise, give it a try and see what happens. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

This New Era is One of Expanded Consciousness

The Renaissance (14th - 17th century) was an era when a new type of subtle spiritual energy was  bestowed upon humanity and the results changed culture and economics everywhere. There was a huge impact on science, religion, art, and politics, especially around Italy, but the energy was distributed around the globe so that awakening energy went everywhere. 

In our current era, we too, have been bestowed with a new subtle strand of energy (called the shialude energy) which has also unleashed a new era of change in our culture. The shialude has initiated an expansion on our own consciousness as well, setting up changes in culture, economics, religion, science, computing, communication, etc. All of this has a strong core - one of personal empowerment and personal truth. Because of this, filters that had been in place for centuries are now being removed and with it comes chaos and confusion. The results of what people are feeling are probably very similar to what people in the Renaissance experienced - some anxiety and fear when those norms we grew up begin to change. But if we can look beyond this turmoil, we should be able to see more possibility and even a greater probability of having a great outcome!  The results of this new era will result in humanity being more aligned with their true inner 'being' and true self. This really is a rather marvelous opportunity for people to live the life they were meant to live and to have the types of experiences that help them grow, learn, progress, and expand their inner being. Humans now have a greater potential and opportunity to align with their true life purpose more than any other time in human history. To me, this is HUGE.

Afterall, the purpose in any life is to gain knowledge, experience, and insight. The purpose is to progress and become more - not necessarily have more, but to 'be' more than who they were before. The process to do this needs ways to expand our awareness and consciousness, and because of the shialude energy, which we all have access to, we all can now do this with much more ease than any other time in history.  

One method that helps us learn to expand our knowledge and understanding on a soul level is to travel and project our energetic/spiritual selves to the astral plane. This is where one's spiritual energetic self temporarily leaves their physical body and enters into another dimension - the astral plane and with the presence of the shialude energy, souls are now more adept at being able to project themselves to that plane. 

Why would a soul want to travel and be projected to the astral plane? Because traveling to this plane provides the soul with a speedier process to gain insight. What type of insight? To answer why am I alive?  What is my purpose?  How am I going to leave this life as an average person of no consequence or am I going to make an impact?  Astral travel (sometimes called astral projection) is a method a soul can utilize to expand their awareness and consciousness. It is a method that helps align a person's soul with their true nature and being.

The times are changing. Yes, it is challenging at times. But overall, this era is preparing ways for humanity to grow, progress, and expand their consciousness. The results of these efforts will be absolutely amazing.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Experiences with the Kundalini

My first kundalini experience was shocking as well as exciting. It was during a meditation and I felt the chakras become charged, one by one. I felt the spiritual energy being pulled up from the earth through my root chakra and slowly moved upward, encircling and activating each chakra.  The movement was ‘snakelike’ as the energy climbed upward toward my head. 

There was a moment in the meditation when I felt myself release control and then the kundalini took over. The energy flow was now unhampered and I could feel the crown of my head expand. It then released a shower of bright white light and energy spurting from the top of my head. My whole body was now part of the energy building experience and I felt as if I was pure and total energy. 

The shower of white light spurting out of my head sent droplets of what looked and felt like tiny, tiny water drops energy onto my skin as well as the floor. The energy would then be reabsorbed back and move toward the root chakra and then upward through swerving around all the chakras and then out of the top of my head in a shower. It was a continuous non-stop movement and flow of golden-like energy. 

I could feel tingling all over my body as the tiny energy droplets of energy hit my bare skin. I was enthralled and felt joyful.This kundalini sensation lasted only a minute or two with its continual flow and movement upward and then the bursting out of my head this a cosmic shower. It really did feel like a spiritual orgasm.

Having a kundalini experience is rare because it requires all your spiritual energies to be balanced, aligned, clear, and flowing. It also requires your mind, body, spirit AND your Higher Self to all share in this same desired experience. But years after this first kundalini experience, I had another kundalini but with this one, there was a caveat of difference. In this kundalini, I looked over my left shoulder and saw the earth having this same experience with me. I could see a miniature version of the planet about the size of my head spinning next to me at the level of my head. We were both having our own personal kundalini at the same time - in parallel. 

This shared and parallel kundalini experience with the planet let me know the earth has a spirit - it is a spiritual being, too. It is just not the third rock from the sun - it is a BEING. The experience was also a connection linked with a shared experience and I felt as if we were partners on a journey. 

This kundalini experience with the earth happened over twenty years ago and is probably why I am continually drawn towards finding ways to improve humanity's consciousness and awareness that we are guests on this home world and should partner with the earth rather than try to dominate it.

Friday, August 13, 2021

A Moment of Awareness

A man climbs to the top of a mountain and when he arrives at the summit, he pauses and feels a sense of complete satisfaction as he stands and looks out over the landscape. He has arrived at the mountain peak and is filled something he has never felt before - a wholeness. A oneness. A sense of purpose and accomplishment. There is an inner recognition that all his hard work, planning, effort, culminated effort panned out. He is proud of himself, his endurance, his strength. He didn't give up. He overcame much and at this moment feels something what others would describe as pure joy.

Eventually the sensation fades and it is now time to climb down the mountain, which he does in silence. He returns home and now has no goal. He feels no purpose. He is rudderless. Negative feelings start to creep in and the only way he knows to combat this is to set a new goal and climb a new mountain. So he does.

He once again feels engaged and even a rush of satisfaction when he starts to climb a new mountain. Once again he reaches the summit and again feels that rush of satisfaction of a job well done. He receives accolades and atta-boys and with it, an emotional high. He has found a purpose - to climb to the tops of mountains.

He climbs mountain after mountain, after mountain. Soon the exuberance fades and the accolades disappear. His life and purpose has become rather ordinary and mundane. He no longer feels that sense of adventure, challenge, or even awe when he reaches the summit. His soul no longer expands and lifts when he is on the top of a peak looking out of the wonder of the planet.  

What he does next is rather unusual. He decides to embark on a journey of discovery that is the opposite of what he has been doing. It is as if he decided to stop reaching for the sky and to now go deep inside the earth. He has decided to explore the hidden inner depths INSIDE the earth. He wants to know if what he felt on top of a mountain peak feels the same in the inner depths of the earth. Needless to say, he gets encouragement from anyone about this new adventure. In fact, most think he is now odd.

He moves forward with this plan and begins a journey to go inside caves and explore the inner depths of the planet. He has completely different experiences and the sensations end up being not what he expected. He finds his soul has been fed in a totally different manner and he now senses a very rich deepness within him he never knew was there.

I find him sitting on his deck in the early morning hours sipping a cup of tea. He has been pondering the sensations and experiences of his life journey. In this moment, he feels complete and whole. He has inner depth but also an expanded soul. There is a realization that he does not need to go anywhere or do anything. He is complete. He is 'one'. He smiles with satisfaction as the sun rises.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Filling the World with the Energy of Love

The subtle invisible energies, like Qi (chi), are influenced by thoughts, intention, feelings, movement, light, sound, sex, foods, and the environment. So if you are trying to influence and improve the subtle energies in the world, we have several tools and options we can use to influence or change those types of energies. 

Recently my focus has been to partner with the elements (earth, air, fire, water) and see if (and how) those energies can be used or influenced to help us address some of the problems we are facing around the globe. One of the first steps I used was to first balance the male/female energy and then to balance those elemental energies of earth, air, fire, water. Then I focused on the connections and flows between them. Next, my focus was weaving in the various color energies of the chakras and when I did this, I could feel a shift. I felt a tremendous change - almost like a newness, if you will. 
But then something rather wonderful happened. I was sitting in my meditation pose in the early morning hours and started to hear a John Lennon song enter into this meditation. It is a song I had not heard for a very long time, and it came from out of nowhere. The song was "Love". That simple melody, along with the words and feelings that seemed to be embedded in the song suddenly filled the entire meditation and the energies in the meditation changed and then floated out, drifting to encircle the entire planet. I could 'see and feel' this subtle energy of love, using the mechanism of sound, was now being carried away and bathing the entire globe in that subtle energy vibration.  

I came away from this meditation experience with a deep feeling of hope. And love.

Monday, August 9, 2021

The Fire Alarm

I used to have a client who frequently came in for medical Qigong treatments. She was in her early 40’s and trying to overcome her infertility. She was a regular and after a few sessions, I started to “see a little girl” - a spiritual being - accompanying her to these treatments. Seeing this little girl encouraged me that what we were doing would work. 

But at one of these sessions I asked my client how many times she and her husband had sex last week. I knew that she was fertile that week. She replied “none”. I was rather shocked because we were working on her fertility which meant she needed some sperm to go with that egg. She must have seen the disappointment in my face because she then went on and on about how her husband was busy, not in the mood, and listed other reasons why they didn't have sex. But she assured me that next month she would make more effort. 

I finally realized I was not treating the whole problem. I had made an assumption that the COUPLE was trying to get pregnant but now I knew this was wrong, wrong, wrong, and my efforts to solve this problem through Qigong were never going to work without some sperm.

It was a good learning lesson for me, which brings me back to my new situation and what I have recently been working on. I’ve been focused on using the techniques I use in remote qigong - projection, focus, intention during meditation to work on putting out a forest fire. I have been partnering with the elements (fire, water, earth, and air) and engaging my efforts with 'them' to try and put out a blaze in Northern CA. But no matter what efforts we have used, the fire continues to grow and spread. I have been rather discouraged about this and have thought several times to just give up. 

But today, as I sat pondering what and why these efforts are failing, I heard an answer. First, I was reminded of my client who I treated for infertility and also of the lesson I learned in that process - that my perspective to solve the entire problem had been too narrow. Next I heard that I had done well to solicit and partner with the elements to address this problem, but there was still a missing piece.

I was reminded that almost always a Qigong treatment will work but on those rare occasions that it doesn't provide the desired outcome, almost always it is due to the illness being part of the person's life path or purpose. The illness, for whatever reason, is part of the individuals life purpose. It is part of the process to help the person gain an expanded awareness or facilitate a new level of consciousness. It is the means to help that person learn or progress in some capacity. Essentially it means the desired outcome from the Qigong treatment is a lower priority than the lessons needed for their life purpose. This means that no matter what I do or try, it won’t change the outcome.

I was asked if I saw the fire out during the meditation. I answered yes. I was asked if the elements also witnessed the fire being extinguished. I said yes. Then why do you think it is still burning? The answer in my mind was "because there is a higher purpose to this fire and the purpose is to expand someone's awareness and consciousness". 

The next question was "whose awareness and consciousness needs to be expanded?"

The answer in my mind was it was all of us; it was humanity.

I now knew there was a reason behind this out-of-control fire that is refusing to cooperate and be contained. The fire is serving as a means for us to obtain an expanded awareness of our connection to the planet. The fire is an alarm, letting us know we need to change and become engaged in solving this global warming situation. 

I now had my answer. The Dixie fire in Northern CA is a wake up call for all of us to work together and lower the earth's temperature. Otherwise, we will have more fires, more drought, more hurricanes, and more death and destruction.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Being at One with the Elements of Earth, Water, Air & Fire to Work on Global Warming Problems

The ‘Old Chinese Master’ is helping me develop new skills in working with Qi (chi). Recently he has been guiding my efforts to become more at ‘one with the elements’ - earth, water, fire, and air.  I began by first with the earth, focusing on improving my connection with it. I did this in several meditations all designed to help my focus on the sights, feel, smells, and sensation with the earth. When I felt the sharing of our souls energy back and forth with each other, I felt we were connected.

My connection to water began in the city swimming pool. As I stepped into the pool, I was overwhelmed with a sensation of there being absolutely no separation between us. The water felt smooth, warm, and velvety and I felt the same sensation deep within me. It was as if there were no lines between us. We were the same. 

Next, I connected with air. In this effort I seemed to hear a message in my mind saying, “the composition of what makes air can be changed by me. For example, I can be a blanket of air that is totally devoid of oxygen. This means I can be used to cover and extinguish a fire, such as the ones raging in the forests. I can participate in helping to calm and extinguish a fire by removing oxygen which helps fuel those flames.  

I knew Immediately this was what I was being prepared to do. I would be using these three elements - air, water, and earth - to help put out a forest fire in Northern CA. Due to global warming, the western USA now has severe fires every summer that rage deep and far in this area of drought. If we can help mitigate these fires using QIgong techniques partnered with air, water, and the earth, perhaps we can better control those fires?  

This seems like something worthy of trying with nothing to lose. Thinking outside the box and exploring additional methods of working with Qi may lead to a new solution.