Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Power of Thoughts in Healing

Years ago I heard of a Qigong healer who, during her Qigong treatments, would ask her client to direct their own thoughts to the location in their body they wanted healed. Then, during the treatment, this healer would focus her own thoughts to that same location and together they would join together to work on the needed healing in that area of the client’s body.

I had never tried this method before and was interested in seeing if it worked. I asked one of my clients if she would like to try this process and see if it could help eliminate her chronic pain. She agreed and so together we tried this process to see if she could get some relief. 

My client was lying on the treatment table, face up, with her eyes closed. She was totally relaxed so I began the Qigong treatment.  When I got to the location in her body with the almost constant pain, I asked her to now direct and send her thoughts to this location. She did. Almost immediately I could physically feel her thoughts next to mine. It felt kind of like a handshake. Our thoughts were now joined and we worked together to relieve her pain.

At the end of the Qigong session my client was pain free. It was rather amazing. But it was only temporary - for a few days. I was disappointed to learn it was not a permanent resolution, but it was an improvement. But from this experience, she was able to continue this process to better manage her pain. She would direct her own thoughts to that location during those episodes of pain and was able to get some relief and comfort through this process of directed focused attention and visualization. 

I was also rather amazed by the sensation this process created. That “feeling” of feeling someone else's own thoughts as if they were a physical object, and then “feeling” of combining that energy with my own thought energy was rather remarkable. This experience also made me more aware of our own power in the healing efforts.  It was one of those moments that expanded my awareness.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Memory Loss and Qigong

Almost a decade ago I did a remote medical Qigong (chee-gung) treatment on a young woman who was experiencing severe headaches during her pregnancy. I projected my energetic self to her bedside and used the Qigong method of visualization to direct and move Qi (chee) from my hands, into the top of her head, and then guided it through her head and torso then down into the ground. This is called grounding.  As I started this  grounding  process, I was gently directing Qi through the top of her head visualizing and directing Qi inside and down her head as if it were a beam of light. It was supposed to go down her torso and then down into the ground to connect her with the earth. But then this beam of visualized energy stopped and would not advance. It was stuck about midway inside her brain and would not advance. 

For the life of me I could not understand how it could be stuck. At that time, I could not 'see' very deep inside the body so could not see why it was blocked. I assumed I must have done something wrong so did a type of workaround to ground her. I sent a new beam of energy from the earth and into her body. 

Later I learned this young woman had a brain tumor and this was the reason the beam of energy could not penetrate beyond the location of the tumor in her brain. This was one of those 'lessons learned' moments, letting me know that if or when Qi doesn't advance where my mind tells it to go, I need to "STOP" and go in deeper to determine what is happening in this area of the body. This is one way subtle energies will message me regarding a health problem in that person's body.

Fast forward to June of this year when one of my dear friends suddenly experienced short-term memory loss. She suddenly didn't know where she was, how to get home, or anything associated with her short-term memory. She was taken to the ER and given an MRI.  The results showed no stroke and no tumors. She also had a drug screen and lab work. All were normal. The doctor sent her home and was told to reduce her stress and maybe her memory would return. 

But her memory did not return. Her life has changed completely. Each day she now fights to try and remember just the basics of daily living. For example, she doesn't remember to eat or even if she has eaten. She has lost 20 pounds in two months. She doesn't remember how to get into her computer or what her passwords are. She has to write everything down and record everything she does in order to report to someone if she did any of her activities of daily living. Her short-term memory is a bit looney tuney.

Recently I offered to do some Qigong medical treatments on her to see if this could improve her situation. This week I began her treatment by directing Qi through the Du channel of her subtle energy body. This channel begins at the bottom of the torso and moves up the back, the neck, and then over the top of the head, then ends at the upper lip (see image with red arrow). This channel is a primary vehicle to move Qi up the body. 

I tapped into this channel and was going to do one of the standard Qigong practices known as microcosmic orbit, where Qi is fortified and moved through this channel, then connected to the Ren channel (see blue line in image) and the flow continues around the entire body. But when I visualized moving the Qi over the top of her head, when I arrived at her frontal lobe area, I could not advance the Qi forward. It just stopped.  A memory moment popped into my mind of the headache treatment I did a decade earlier where the Qi flow was also blocked. In that circumstance it was a tumor, but in this case, a tumor had been ruled out. What was blocking her Qi from flowing?

I stopped the treatment and requested assistance from my two spiritual colleagues; the Old Chinese Master and the Microbiologist.  We then went in deeper - about one or two inches deeper inside her head, and I now saw the Du channel looked like it had been blown up. It was deflated and a bit shredded. There was also a milky-brown liquid puddle laying around where the Du had burst. The milky brown color let me know this was probably a mixture of stuck Qi (which tends to be a solid white or gray color) and brown, which means blood is involved. I determined the Du channel must have burst in the frontal lobe after a strong emotional event impairing Qi and blood flow in the frontal lobe.

The Old Chinese Master placed a lot of acupuncture needles around her head and arms and the Microbiologist repaired her Du Channel. When they were done, I then directed Qi through her Du channel and it was smooth, smooth, smooth. Now I could conduct a microcosmic orbit treatment around her entire body.

The next morning my friend called and was excited to report she is starting to remember more short memory things. "After I brush my teeth I usually forget if I already brushed my teeth, so I feel the brush with my finger. If it is wet, I know I already brushed my teeth. But this morning, I remembered I HAD brushed my teeth and didn't need to feel the brush. This is huge!" she said. "I can feel a change happening in my memory!" 

"I have hope!" she continued. "And having hope is everything."

I gave my friend four weekly medical qigong treatments and after the 4th treatment, we both claimed she was back normal and had her memory fully restored. She now can drive again, multi-task, and remember everything she did during the day. She can formulate a plan and even remembers to follow it without the aid of sticky notes or piles of reminders all over her home. The short-term memory loss has been completely healed.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

A Different Perspective Can Expand Your Awareness

I've been pondering how our thoughts,  opinions, and problem solving skills often change when we view things from a different perspective. I recall when I began Chinese Medicine School. I already had a career in Western Medicine but then became interested in Chinese Medicine. I was 55 years old and decided to go back to school and learn a new approach to medicine. I was 55 and went to Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine School (AIMC) in Berkeley CA. From this starting point I learned about the invisible energy force called Qi in the human body, along with the distribution system in our bodies. This was such a different perspective from everything I knew about the physical human body and difficult for me to open to. But then I kept having so many amazing experiences in class that I could not explain or understand, so I kept returning to class to try and figure it out. 

Soon I started to FEEL those invisible and intangible acupuncture points, and then started to hear the whooshing of the qi flow inside a person's body. Amazing! Then, I started to see stuck Qi and even began being prompted by "someone" standing by my side as to how to treat a person and their illness. My perspective of the human body changed the more I accepted and allowed this different system, with its unusual information, into my awareness. 

Eventually I began doing remote energetic Qigong medical treatments. In these treatments I would project my "energetic spiritual self" to the client and conduct a healing treatment without any physical contact at all. In these remote energetic treatments, the perspective of what I was able to see, sense, and observe expanded tenfold!  I now could 'see', sense, and connect with all sorts of different layers within my client's energetic body. From this new perspective, I was able to provide a totally different and expanded type of treatment. 

My point is that acquiring a different perspective can often give us additional information that may expand our awareness. Continually refusing to be open to concepts or ideas from someone that is not like us (a different country, or race, or gender, religion, political party, etc.) creates limitations. These limitations may prevent us from being able to truly solve a problem because we refuse to account for different viewpoints.  An expanded or different perspective may be just what we need to complete the task, reach our goal, or even reach our potential.

The Gift of a Living Wage

Years ago I was chatting with John U.K., my spiritual guide, about my financial woes at that time and asked about money on the astral plane. "Do souls still work and try to make a living?" I asked.

He responded that on the astral plane there is a system in place to provide each soul with a regular amount of funds in a personal account each month, and if a soul desires more, they may add and supplement this through other ways. Some souls do and some souls don't. 

Now that I am retired and also get a set amount of funds each month, I am appreciating this type of process. This has allowed me the opportunity to explore new and different adventures that I would have either ignored or not even known about. That sense of being able to focus on other possibilities and interests without the stress of survival is a gift.  

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Miss Molly's Upcoming Transition


My sister's dog Molly has cancer and I have occasionally given this little dog remote Qigong treatments to ease her discomfort from all her tumors. A week ago the Vet recommended scheduling a date for Molly to be put down. My sister asked if I would help communicate this message to Molly through a Qigong treatment. During this treatment, a new spiritual being showed up during the session - a dog whisperer. She came to assist in easing Molly's fears and communicating this message.  

The dog whisperer told Molly that on Aug 31 she would be visiting the Vet and be placed in a permanent state of sleep. The whisperer then encouraged Molly to not fear this and to enjoy the remainder of her days with my sister. Molly actually seemed relieved. 

Today is Molly's last day so in my early morning meditation, I did a quick projection to check on her and see how she was doing. I was surprised to see she was surrounded by a group of dogs - all different types and sizes. They were all in a state of excitement and play. It almost seemed like visiting a dog park with a swarm of dogs running up to her, jumping up and around her, licking her, smelling her, and wanting to play. It was as if I had interrupted a party. 

I could also "hear" the chatter between them. One reported being hit by a car. Another reported being deserted and dying in the desert, but none were sad.It seemed to be a way to let Molly know she was transitioning in a special and pain-free manner. Then, the conversation changed with one of them wanting to know what treats Molly had been given this week. Now everyone was interrupting each other about what their favorite treat is. I did not expect any of this during this projection. I was actually relieved to see this was not a sad time for Molly, but one filled with anticipation and her buddies.

I have seen dogs on the astral plane (heaven) so knew a dog's spirit lives on and returns home, just like our human spirits do. But I was not aware that dogs also have greeting parties ready to welcome the soul in this transition - just like we have. I find this not only interesting but also comforting.

I believe that Molly is actually looking forward to getting back with her friends and will be relieved to be free of the daily challenges she faces within her physical body.

Monday, August 30, 2021

Current State of Affairs

America is currently experiencing a lot of turmoil. We have the Delta virus pandemic along with some deadly hurricanes, and a drought with a serge of wildfires. We also are witnessing chaos in Afghanistan and endless civil strife within our own country. It is upsetting and difficult to stomach. Even though I intellectually know that chaos and strife can serve as a means for growth, change, and improvement, it is still difficult to live through.  

I recently pulled out my notes from a conversation I had with John UK, my spiritual guide & teacher. This conversation took place during the peak of the Trump administration  in 2018, and I was feeling a lot of doom and gloom at that time. I think the message is still relevant today. 


The loss of America’s status in world politics is noticeable and necessary for the changes needed in the world. Other countries are becoming more independent and demanding independence from the USA. War will always exist. Peace becomes a recognized value in the effects of war. It is part of the balance. 

The USA military is changing. Also, the USA 's consciousness is changing. The status of the USA in world events is being diminished, which is needed for new growth and change to emerge. 

The threat of nuclear war is still valid and still a concern, however. This has not yet been solved. China and Russia will continue to create big churn in the world as well as in the USA. They will become more dominant. In the Middle East there will be turmoil, death, and destruction. 


It will be the children who will be the ones doing the hard work and heavy lifting to fix global warming and the problems in the world. This means that focusing on the next generation and encouraging them will have the most value to help the planet and humanity survive. 

You want to know what happens if the earth dies? What happens to all of those souls if it is destroyed? Do things start over? This is what you want to know. The answer is that everything becomes just dead space for eons of time. There is no spark. It is similar to what you see on the planet Mars. Mars was once a living planet with living souls and was destroyed. It is now in a state of dead space, waiting for the time when it can emerge from that state of emptiness and restart that conscious spark to begin a new. Yes, it will take eons of time. We are hoping to avoid this fate for planet earth.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Going from Pitch Black Darkness to Bright White Lights in a Meditation

The experience of being in extreme darkness and then suddenly being immersed and bathed in a total bright light of spiritual energy can be a profound and memorable experience. 

This technique of being immersed in total darkness and then suddenly having the entire room filled with radiant bright light was a method used by ancient cultures for spiritual awareness and communication. Cultures, such as the ancient Native Americans, would journey to places like Chaco Canyon and engage in activities that would create spiritual experiences. For example, they would go into pitch-black dark windowless chambers and in those rooms engage in spiritual rites, one being bringing in radiant spiritual light that would fill the entire chamber. It was NOT an artificial light. It was spiritual energy and an energy frequency or vibration of the 7th chakra energy. This is the energy which can connect someone with the Tao. When the moment is right (such as the chakras being cleared, balanced, and aligned) it is possible to expand that energy and have it fill the entire space one is physically in. 

I once had this type of experience of being in a totally dark room and then having it suddenly becoming filled with white radiant light. It was totally unexpected and very powerful. It occurred in the middle of the night when I was meditating. I had my eyes shut and suddenly saw a bright white light filling the entire room. At first I thought I was just imagining this so I opened my eyes and the brightness was still there, filling the entire room.  I was aware I was not “seeing” this with my physical eyes but experiencing it with my whole energetic self. 

Since that experience I began to meditate more during the middle of the night or at least when it was dark. I noticed a difference in the atmosphere and how I felt when I meditated in the dark. It is as if all the filters or imagined obstacles are now shut down and the connections to other dimensions or with spiritual beings was almost effortless. I also started to do my remote Qigong healing treatments in the middle of the night, too, and this too became easier during that dark window of time.  

If you have never tried meditating after sunset or before sunrise, give it a try and see what happens. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

This New Era is One of Expanded Consciousness

The Renaissance (14th - 17th century) was an era when a new type of subtle spiritual energy was  bestowed upon humanity and the results changed culture and economics everywhere. There was a huge impact on science, religion, art, and politics, especially around Italy, but the energy was distributed around the globe so that awakening energy went everywhere. 

In our current era, we too, have been bestowed with a new subtle strand of energy (called the shialude energy) which has also unleashed a new era of change in our culture. The shialude has initiated an expansion on our own consciousness as well, setting up changes in culture, economics, religion, science, computing, communication, etc. All of this has a strong core - one of personal empowerment and personal truth. Because of this, filters that had been in place for centuries are now being removed and with it comes chaos and confusion. The results of what people are feeling are probably very similar to what people in the Renaissance experienced - some anxiety and fear when those norms we grew up begin to change. But if we can look beyond this turmoil, we should be able to see more possibility and even a greater probability of having a great outcome!  The results of this new era will result in humanity being more aligned with their true inner 'being' and true self. This really is a rather marvelous opportunity for people to live the life they were meant to live and to have the types of experiences that help them grow, learn, progress, and expand their inner being. Humans now have a greater potential and opportunity to align with their true life purpose more than any other time in human history. To me, this is HUGE.

Afterall, the purpose in any life is to gain knowledge, experience, and insight. The purpose is to progress and become more - not necessarily have more, but to 'be' more than who they were before. The process to do this needs ways to expand our awareness and consciousness, and because of the shialude energy, which we all have access to, we all can now do this with much more ease than any other time in history.  

One method that helps us learn to expand our knowledge and understanding on a soul level is to travel and project our energetic/spiritual selves to the astral plane. This is where one's spiritual energetic self temporarily leaves their physical body and enters into another dimension - the astral plane and with the presence of the shialude energy, souls are now more adept at being able to project themselves to that plane. 

Why would a soul want to travel and be projected to the astral plane? Because traveling to this plane provides the soul with a speedier process to gain insight. What type of insight? To answer why am I alive?  What is my purpose?  How am I going to leave this life as an average person of no consequence or am I going to make an impact?  Astral travel (sometimes called astral projection) is a method a soul can utilize to expand their awareness and consciousness. It is a method that helps align a person's soul with their true nature and being.

The times are changing. Yes, it is challenging at times. But overall, this era is preparing ways for humanity to grow, progress, and expand their consciousness. The results of these efforts will be absolutely amazing.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Experiences with the Kundalini

My first kundalini experience was shocking as well as exciting. It was during a meditation and I felt the chakras become charged, one by one. I felt the spiritual energy being pulled up from the earth through my root chakra and slowly moved upward, encircling and activating each chakra.  The movement was ‘snakelike’ as the energy climbed upward toward my head. 

There was a moment in the meditation when I felt myself release control and then the kundalini took over. The energy flow was now unhampered and I could feel the crown of my head expand. It then released a shower of bright white light and energy spurting from the top of my head. My whole body was now part of the energy building experience and I felt as if I was pure and total energy. 

The shower of white light spurting out of my head sent droplets of what looked and felt like tiny, tiny water drops energy onto my skin as well as the floor. The energy would then be reabsorbed back and move toward the root chakra and then upward through swerving around all the chakras and then out of the top of my head in a shower. It was a continuous non-stop movement and flow of golden-like energy. 

I could feel tingling all over my body as the tiny energy droplets of energy hit my bare skin. I was enthralled and felt joyful.This kundalini sensation lasted only a minute or two with its continual flow and movement upward and then the bursting out of my head this a cosmic shower. It really did feel like a spiritual orgasm.

Having a kundalini experience is rare because it requires all your spiritual energies to be balanced, aligned, clear, and flowing. It also requires your mind, body, spirit AND your Higher Self to all share in this same desired experience. But years after this first kundalini experience, I had another kundalini but with this one, there was a caveat of difference. In this kundalini, I looked over my left shoulder and saw the earth having this same experience with me. I could see a miniature version of the planet about the size of my head spinning next to me at the level of my head. We were both having our own personal kundalini at the same time - in parallel. 

This shared and parallel kundalini experience with the planet let me know the earth has a spirit - it is a spiritual being, too. It is just not the third rock from the sun - it is a BEING. The experience was also a connection linked with a shared experience and I felt as if we were partners on a journey. 

This kundalini experience with the earth happened over twenty years ago and is probably why I am continually drawn towards finding ways to improve humanity's consciousness and awareness that we are guests on this home world and should partner with the earth rather than try to dominate it.

Friday, August 13, 2021

A Moment of Awareness

A man climbs to the top of a mountain and when he arrives at the summit, he pauses and feels a sense of complete satisfaction as he stands and looks out over the landscape. He has arrived at the mountain peak and is filled something he has never felt before - a wholeness. A oneness. A sense of purpose and accomplishment. There is an inner recognition that all his hard work, planning, effort, culminated effort panned out. He is proud of himself, his endurance, his strength. He didn't give up. He overcame much and at this moment feels something what others would describe as pure joy.

Eventually the sensation fades and it is now time to climb down the mountain, which he does in silence. He returns home and now has no goal. He feels no purpose. He is rudderless. Negative feelings start to creep in and the only way he knows to combat this is to set a new goal and climb a new mountain. So he does.

He once again feels engaged and even a rush of satisfaction when he starts to climb a new mountain. Once again he reaches the summit and again feels that rush of satisfaction of a job well done. He receives accolades and atta-boys and with it, an emotional high. He has found a purpose - to climb to the tops of mountains.

He climbs mountain after mountain, after mountain. Soon the exuberance fades and the accolades disappear. His life and purpose has become rather ordinary and mundane. He no longer feels that sense of adventure, challenge, or even awe when he reaches the summit. His soul no longer expands and lifts when he is on the top of a peak looking out of the wonder of the planet.  

What he does next is rather unusual. He decides to embark on a journey of discovery that is the opposite of what he has been doing. It is as if he decided to stop reaching for the sky and to now go deep inside the earth. He has decided to explore the hidden inner depths INSIDE the earth. He wants to know if what he felt on top of a mountain peak feels the same in the inner depths of the earth. Needless to say, he gets encouragement from anyone about this new adventure. In fact, most think he is now odd.

He moves forward with this plan and begins a journey to go inside caves and explore the inner depths of the planet. He has completely different experiences and the sensations end up being not what he expected. He finds his soul has been fed in a totally different manner and he now senses a very rich deepness within him he never knew was there.

I find him sitting on his deck in the early morning hours sipping a cup of tea. He has been pondering the sensations and experiences of his life journey. In this moment, he feels complete and whole. He has inner depth but also an expanded soul. There is a realization that he does not need to go anywhere or do anything. He is complete. He is 'one'. He smiles with satisfaction as the sun rises.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Filling the World with the Energy of Love

The subtle invisible energies, like Qi (chi), are influenced by thoughts, intention, feelings, movement, light, sound, sex, foods, and the environment. So if you are trying to influence and improve the subtle energies in the world, we have several tools and options we can use to influence or change those types of energies. 

Recently my focus has been to partner with the elements (earth, air, fire, water) and see if (and how) those energies can be used or influenced to help us address some of the problems we are facing around the globe. One of the first steps I used was to first balance the male/female energy and then to balance those elemental energies of earth, air, fire, water. Then I focused on the connections and flows between them. Next, my focus was weaving in the various color energies of the chakras and when I did this, I could feel a shift. I felt a tremendous change - almost like a newness, if you will. 
But then something rather wonderful happened. I was sitting in my meditation pose in the early morning hours and started to hear a John Lennon song enter into this meditation. It is a song I had not heard for a very long time, and it came from out of nowhere. The song was "Love". That simple melody, along with the words and feelings that seemed to be embedded in the song suddenly filled the entire meditation and the energies in the meditation changed and then floated out, drifting to encircle the entire planet. I could 'see and feel' this subtle energy of love, using the mechanism of sound, was now being carried away and bathing the entire globe in that subtle energy vibration.  

I came away from this meditation experience with a deep feeling of hope. And love.

Monday, August 9, 2021

The Fire Alarm

I used to have a client who frequently came in for medical Qigong treatments. She was in her early 40’s and trying to overcome her infertility. She was a regular and after a few sessions, I started to “see a little girl” - a spiritual being - accompanying her to these treatments. Seeing this little girl encouraged me that what we were doing would work. 

But at one of these sessions I asked my client how many times she and her husband had sex last week. I knew that she was fertile that week. She replied “none”. I was rather shocked because we were working on her fertility which meant she needed some sperm to go with that egg. She must have seen the disappointment in my face because she then went on and on about how her husband was busy, not in the mood, and listed other reasons why they didn't have sex. But she assured me that next month she would make more effort. 

I finally realized I was not treating the whole problem. I had made an assumption that the COUPLE was trying to get pregnant but now I knew this was wrong, wrong, wrong, and my efforts to solve this problem through Qigong were never going to work without some sperm.

It was a good learning lesson for me, which brings me back to my new situation and what I have recently been working on. I’ve been focused on using the techniques I use in remote qigong - projection, focus, intention during meditation to work on putting out a forest fire. I have been partnering with the elements (fire, water, earth, and air) and engaging my efforts with 'them' to try and put out a blaze in Northern CA. But no matter what efforts we have used, the fire continues to grow and spread. I have been rather discouraged about this and have thought several times to just give up. 

But today, as I sat pondering what and why these efforts are failing, I heard an answer. First, I was reminded of my client who I treated for infertility and also of the lesson I learned in that process - that my perspective to solve the entire problem had been too narrow. Next I heard that I had done well to solicit and partner with the elements to address this problem, but there was still a missing piece.

I was reminded that almost always a Qigong treatment will work but on those rare occasions that it doesn't provide the desired outcome, almost always it is due to the illness being part of the person's life path or purpose. The illness, for whatever reason, is part of the individuals life purpose. It is part of the process to help the person gain an expanded awareness or facilitate a new level of consciousness. It is the means to help that person learn or progress in some capacity. Essentially it means the desired outcome from the Qigong treatment is a lower priority than the lessons needed for their life purpose. This means that no matter what I do or try, it won’t change the outcome.

I was asked if I saw the fire out during the meditation. I answered yes. I was asked if the elements also witnessed the fire being extinguished. I said yes. Then why do you think it is still burning? The answer in my mind was "because there is a higher purpose to this fire and the purpose is to expand someone's awareness and consciousness". 

The next question was "whose awareness and consciousness needs to be expanded?"

The answer in my mind was it was all of us; it was humanity.

I now knew there was a reason behind this out-of-control fire that is refusing to cooperate and be contained. The fire is serving as a means for us to obtain an expanded awareness of our connection to the planet. The fire is an alarm, letting us know we need to change and become engaged in solving this global warming situation. 

I now had my answer. The Dixie fire in Northern CA is a wake up call for all of us to work together and lower the earth's temperature. Otherwise, we will have more fires, more drought, more hurricanes, and more death and destruction.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Being at One with the Elements of Earth, Water, Air & Fire to Work on Global Warming Problems

The ‘Old Chinese Master’ is helping me develop new skills in working with Qi (chi). Recently he has been guiding my efforts to become more at ‘one with the elements’ - earth, water, fire, and air.  I began by first with the earth, focusing on improving my connection with it. I did this in several meditations all designed to help my focus on the sights, feel, smells, and sensation with the earth. When I felt the sharing of our souls energy back and forth with each other, I felt we were connected.

My connection to water began in the city swimming pool. As I stepped into the pool, I was overwhelmed with a sensation of there being absolutely no separation between us. The water felt smooth, warm, and velvety and I felt the same sensation deep within me. It was as if there were no lines between us. We were the same. 

Next, I connected with air. In this effort I seemed to hear a message in my mind saying, “the composition of what makes air can be changed by me. For example, I can be a blanket of air that is totally devoid of oxygen. This means I can be used to cover and extinguish a fire, such as the ones raging in the forests. I can participate in helping to calm and extinguish a fire by removing oxygen which helps fuel those flames.  

I knew Immediately this was what I was being prepared to do. I would be using these three elements - air, water, and earth - to help put out a forest fire in Northern CA. Due to global warming, the western USA now has severe fires every summer that rage deep and far in this area of drought. If we can help mitigate these fires using QIgong techniques partnered with air, water, and the earth, perhaps we can better control those fires?  

This seems like something worthy of trying with nothing to lose. Thinking outside the box and exploring additional methods of working with Qi may lead to a new solution. 

Monday, August 2, 2021

Balancing Earth and Air Energy to Help Change the Trajectory of Global Warming

 This is a meteorite photo from NASA.

This is a rock that was sitting in my front yard. I had never seen this rock before. It was so out of place and seemed to come from nowhere. Could it also be a meteorite? I don't know. But it must be special because of what happened next.

This morning I sat down to meditate and a thought popped into my mind and said, "Go get that strange rock you noticed in your front yard". So I did. 

I returned with the rock and again sat down to restart my meditation. Again I heard that voice in my mind but this time it said, "Go outside and do a standing meditation instead of a sitting meditation. Place the rock in your right hand. Outstretch your left hand and fill that hand with air." So I did.

I restarted the meditation and then felt an inner change. I was now a connector between two elements - earth and air . My feet were connected to the ground - the earth - and the rest of my body was essentially bathed in air.

Another thought came into my mind "In addition to the up and down connection you have between the earth and air, you are also a balance between left and right. Your left side is a representation of the element of air and your right side is a representation of earth. It was as if I was now the balance and connection between those two forces. I was a partner with each.

Then I had a new and different sensation. It was as if I was now emitting an energy force from my inner core out into the ethos. I was sending out what felt like the force and density of the earth along with the lightness of heaven. These were two contrasting sensations, but they seemed as if they were working as one in unison.

Next I saw and heard people around me - they were chanting, drumming, and using songs. It seemed they were helping to fuel and distribute this balance of energy out to the whole world.

When the meditation ended, I sat down and pondered what just happened. A few days ago I had requested help to end this uncontrollable heat wave and severe drought we are facing in the West. The answer to my request seemed to be this guided meditation. It was an answer but also a lesson on how we can participate and be more proactive to address these imbalances in subtle energies. There are things we can do to help.

I now have more hope. There are things we can do to help change our current trajectory of global warming. Partnering with the elements of earth, air, fire, water may be a place to begin.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

An Expanded Awareness of Protective Qi

I’ve worked with subtle energies of the chakras, life force energy, and Qi for decades. It all started when I met a spiritual being named John UK who taught me how to use the subtle energies of the chakras and learned how to use those energies for such things as astral projection, truth sensing, dream interpretation, etc. Later I went to Chinese Medicine school and learned how to work with Qi to use that subtle energy for healing. But recently I became aware of some additional doors that are available for me to explore that I didn’t even know existed. Until now. The information came in a dream. Here is the dream:

The dream began in an airport terminal. A friend approached me and introduced me to a young man he was working with and mentoring. This young man was probably around 20. The two of them then wandered off and later, I gazed over at them while sitting in the terminal and noticed this young man now looked like his skin was made of red plastic and he also had some big purple polka dots all over that red skin. I got up and walked over to my friend and this young man because I was rather curious about the change in appearance. I had never seen anything like this except in the movies, but I could also tell my friend did not want me to mention the appearance changes I was witnessing in this young man. So, I didn’t. No one else was reacting as if they were seeing anything strange so I assumed no one else noticed these changes in the man’s color and presentation. 

My friend then asked me to watch this young man while he ran an errand. This seemed like a strange request to me because the young man was obviously grown, but I said I would watch him. But now I noticed this young man was vibrating or had an inner within him. I was familiar with this situation and knew I could solve this situation using my Qigong skills. I asked this young man to follow me to a private room where I could calm those inner vibrations. 

We entered an empty room and I closed the door. I was ready to begin to use Qigong but he suddenly morphed into something completely different! He was now HUGE! I became frozen in place and could not move. I was paralyzed in the position of my last action. I knew this young man had released a blast of protective Qi and it was this that had completely immobilized me. 

The mental thoughts were “Bring in the light! Bring in the light!” but nothing happened. My thoughts quickly changed to the awareness that I needed to voice this out loud, so I tried, but I was paralyzed and could not speak.  

I then placed ALL of my focus and all of my inner energy to yell out “Bring in the Light!” and finally I heard myself scream this out loud. The dream immediately ended as my physical body abruptly woke up from hearing this glaring scream coming out of my mouth.  I now was just lying in bed with my heart racing and the airport terminal was gone. 

I laid there for a long time wondering what just happened and why. Finally, I realized that what I witnessed in this dream was way beyond any of the skills I had in my toolkit. I had a new awareness there were many more doors to open and explore as well as more skills to develop using subtle energies. I was going to start a new journey of exploration.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Preparation is a Key to Survival

I recently listened to John Hudson's audiobook titled "How to Survive - Self-Reliance in Extreme Circumstances" and found it direct, to the point, and very engaging. He has an Australian accent and some of us find that kind of sexy. 

Hudson has some incredible stories to help motivate and increase the desires to get prepared for almost any emergency. He provides a mental map of using work, plan, and hope as the model from which to build on. He also peppers it with skills to develop that will help you succeed, such as mental focus, attitude, and breaking down the steps to move forward into bite-size pieces. 

I learned a lot in this read, but one of the ones that surprised me was to NOT drink urine or saltwater, even when desperate for water. I also learned that food is not the top priority - it is shelter and water; they come way ahead of needing food. This let me know that my acquisition of securing cans of Spam as part of my pandemic sequestering preparation was a complete fail. (If you could use some Spam, let me know and you can have mine). 

If you have a desire to become better prepared for almost any extreme situation, I recommend Hudson's book. It is a delightful read and may even save your life.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Era of Disinformation - We Can Improve Sensing Truth From Lies

Communication is often a mixture of different kinds of information. Some is made up of truth, or lies, or a combination of the both. It can include some emphasis or substitutions to include more drama or a little twist of surprise, or even some gaps - all designed to make the message more interesting, compelling, or even forgettable. In a way, it's kind of like cooking. We can create something entirely new, or follow a recipe that everyone knows, or modify what we have been given before we share and serve it to others. 

But what is different in this new era of humanity is that we can now share what we cooked up with a lot more people. We have the internet, Facebook, Twitter, and other mediums to share our concoctions with and it can be shared with many, many people. Some of these new 'internet cooks' can easily create and distribute a lot of crap very quickly with some even serving poison (I'm talking about you Tucker Carlson). 

Some are trying to make the sharing of information through the medium of the internet more safe. Some will use data and logic as a means to help us determine if we can trust the information. Some are letting us know which sources may be untrustworthy so we can make a more informed choice. For example, the "DIsinformation Dozen" were identified as to who was responsible for most of the disinformation about Covid on the internet. This was a way to not only inform but to also shame but also encourage people to withdraw their support of those sites.

Others are trying to prevent the lies from even being distributed (such as Twitter blocking Donald Trump). But all of these efforts are not going to stop all the lies nor prevent them from being shared. 

Lucky for us, there are also ways to help us each improve our ability to decipher truth from lies. For example, we can train ourselves to pay more attention to our feelings and tune in to how and what we are feeling when we receive a message. Does the message ring true? Does it make us feel good, or more knowledgeable, informed, or positive in some way?  We can take a moment and ponder the feelings we are sensing with this information. Message packaged with the energy of truth will carry that energy with it and over time, you can start to recognize that energy within any message. It can have elements of pleasure, or joy, or a feeling of awareness, decisiveness, and purpose. It just feels solid.

When we hear (or read) a message that has a feeling of doubt, or uncertainty, or dread, or thoughts of confusion, anger, or fear, or even rage - these are messages bundled in in a negative energy and usually associated with a lie. A lie create confusion and even chaos.

We are living in a new era and it brings with it lots of change. There are many new wonders in this new age, but also many challenges. The ability to share lies and misinformation poses a threat and danger in society, but there it also provides new opportunities. One of those opportunities to step up to the challenge and develop the skills to sense truth in real time and refrain from partaking and participating in sharing and spreading misinformation and lies. We are empowered to become better human beings.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Preventing Diabetes

If you are a diabetic, or pre-diabetic, or want to prevent yourself from getting type 2 diabetes, this is the best book to help you get on the path to cure or prevent this disease. The book is titled "The Diabetes Code; Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally" by Dr. Jason Fung.

You may know that diabetes is on the rise and people with no family history of type 2 diabetes are now being diagnosed and treated for this disease. But there are ways to prevent you from getting type 2 diabetes or curing you from this diagnosis. It is about changing what you eat  and when you eat. It a nutshell it is about no snacking (none) and periodic fasting, as well as eliminating sweets and refined carbs from your diet.

This book is easy to understand and includes personal stories and tips from those who have gone through Dr. Fung's program.

It's nice to know there is a relatively easy way to help get on a road that pretty much guarantees better health. It's pretty empowering.

The Foundation of Qigong and DIfferent Paths You Can Take

There are typically three different Qigong paths one can take to learn how to use Qi (aka life force energy). There is medical Qigong, spiritual Qigong, and martial arts Qigong. You can become a Master in any of these different paths. Each type of Qigong shares a similar foundation of learning how to sense and work with Qi along with learning how to control your thoughts, staying focused, visualizing, and building endurance. But the desired outcome is where things diverge. Medical qigong is focused on staying healthy as well as healing. Martial arts Qigong has more of a focus on protection and defeating an opponent or enemy. Spiritual Qigong has the desired outcomes to more aligned with soul expansion and discovery.

For example, in medical qigong training we use a position known as the Wuji position where a person will stand with their feet shoulder width apart and with slightly bent knees. This is the basic stance used to begin many exercises. It is also used in some meditations to build up Qi reserves or develop strength or endurance, One learns to stay in this stance for hours.  

In martial arts Qigong, they will use different movements and exercises that are more aimed at protection. In addition, they may use different stances to help strengthen muscles used for fighting and combat. For example, they may use the horse stance rather than the Wuji stance to train the mind to focus and overcome discomfort and pain. Their students will learn to stay in this position for hours.

Horse Stance from Robert Peng

Skills developed in Qigong can be used to help heal yourself or others. You can also learn to work with Qi and develop skills used in protection as they do in martial arts Qigong. In addition, you can use Qi to expand your consciousness and awareness, Once you have developed the basic foundations of  being able to focus your thoughts and attention, visualize and move Qi, and are able to sense and work with Qi, you have the basic skill set and foundation to accompany you down different paths and journeys. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Meditation to Create and Send Seeds for a Kinder World

I’ve been doing daily meditations for decades. But now I am adding a new segment in my daily meditations with a focus on interacting with “The Old Chinese Master”. He is a spiritual being who often accompanies in my remote Qigong healings, but now he is also helping me improve my techniques and methods in working with Qi. 

Wuji Stance
He recently suggested a modification to one of the Qigong meditations I was taught long ago but no longer regularly use. It is call a standing meditation where you stand in what is known as the Wuji position. Your feet are shoulder length apart, hands are relaxed, and your eyes are closed. You then begin your meditation. 

In my original training, we began by doing this meditation for 10 minutes, but then added 5 additional minutes each day until we could do this for an hour or more. 

The Old Chinese Master I am working with, suggested this change and addition to my Wuji stand meditation.

  • "While in your Wuji stance meditation," he said, "visualize creating and sending Qi out from your outstretched arms with your palms facing out. Center your thoughts on the concepts of peace, support, community, working together, partnering with the earth and each other - topics along those lines.
  • Visualize those words with meaning and intention as you create and expand that energy. 
  • Visualize the message, the feelings, and intention as becoming tiny sparks of light, or sparkles, or seeds and moving through your outstretched arms and outward facing palms. 
  • When you feel you have sent out what you can in that position, slightly turn to the right as if you are moving in a circle. 
  • Replant yourself in the Wuji stance and continue with your arms outstretched with palms facing out, and again send out more of those seeds or sparkles out into the ether (or country, or world, or universe) but in this new direction.
  • When ready, once again move a little more to the right in that circle, pause, and plant your feet in the Wuji stand and repeat the sending out of those thoughts, feelings, intentions as sparks of light or seeds in this new direction.
  • Repeat this process over and over again until you have completed the full circle.
  • Complete the meditation. You can now open your eyes. You can also do a “pulling down heaven” and give yourself blessing."
  • Set up a regular schedule to do this meditation, such as daily, or M-W-F, or weekly. Continue with this regular schedule until feel you feel you have done all you can or it is enough.

He continued, "this meditation will help energized more goodness, kindness, hope, and connection energy out into the world (or ether). This is the energy needed at this time to help humanity cope with the changes or chaos they are feeling. This will also help create more love, support, and kindness in the world."

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

A New Experience with Qi Prompts a Desire to Learn More

Recently I decided I wanted to become a Master of Qigong. The reason for this prompting was due to an experience I had that made me realize I needed to expand my skills in working and using Qi. This is what prompted this new interest and desire to upgrade my abilities.

I was at a public gathering and saw John, one of my close friends, at this event. We were in different areas of the room and waved at each other. Eventually John made his way over to me, bringing a young man with him. This young man was probably in his early 20’s and seemed overwhelmed and uncomfortable in this setting. I assumed he was a student of John's and was probably not used to being around this type of crowd.

John asked me to watch over this young man while he ran an errand. This seemed a bit strange because the young man was obviously grown, but perhaps it was because he was obviously uncomfortable in this type of setting. I said I would and after a few minutes noticed this young man had a very strong inner vibration or buzzing deep inside him. I felt as if this may be due to him being scared. I knew I could help calm him and soften that inner buzzing by using some Qigong techniques that work for this sort of thing.

I led him to a quiet empty room and closed the door. I was ready to begin using my Qigong skills and suddenly he morphed into something different - huge - and released a blast of invisible subtle energy at me which immediately paralyzed me in place. I was frozen in motion! I could not move at all. My body was incapacitated but my thoughts were very active. It was as if I was in an action movie that stopped in mid-flight but totally aware I was in peril. 

My thoughts kept shouting “Bring in the light! Bring in the light!” but nothing happened. I could not voice this message out loud but my thoughts inside were screaming it. I realized I needed to hear this out loud in order to break free from this encapsulation that was freezing me in place. I focused all my energy to voice the message out loud  and yell "BRING IN THE LIGHT!"  I screamed it with all my might. I did this over and over again until I finally heard my voice yelling that message and it was now coming out of my mouth. The spell seemed to break and I was no longer frozen in motion. 

This experience of being paralyzed in place by a protective force of Qi showed me a whole new level of energetic protection that I never had seen before. I didn't even know this was possible. This event made me aware I needed to up my game and improve my skills. I want to know more about how Qi can create such a force as to freeze everything in place, and also how sound and light can be used to deactivate this chain. 

There are still a lot of new things to learn and discover, as well as the need to become better prepared for those unknowns.  

Friday, July 9, 2021

A New Type of Remote Learning

Since going to my very first Qigong class more than a decade ago, I've become passionate about working with Qi (life force energy. I keep finding new ways to pursue this interest and recently have been prompted to become more proficient and master more skills. As a result, I've done some research on what it takes to become a Qigong Master. 

So far, what I have learned is that the title of Master is bestowed on a person by a Qigong Master. This matches what happened to me in my own Qigong training process. Medical Qigong lineages are passed from doctor to apprentice. I was taught by Dr. Suzanne Friedman who had Qigong passed to her by Dr. Xu Hongtao of the Xiyuan Hospital in Beijing, China. Suzanne was a qigong master in a spiritual Qigong lineage, in that her other teacher, Master YeYoung, inducted her into his family's Daoist inner alchemy & meditative qigong forms. The Qigong treatments and exercises come from the medical tradition, where these exercises have been passed down since at least 300 BCE.

When I completed my Qigong training, the title of Qigong Practitioner was bestowed on me by my instructor. A couple of years later, the title of Qigong Therapist was then granted to me. But my instructor is now dead, and I wasn't sure what the process would be to have the title Master be granted to me. So I did some research. 

A couple of Qigong masters from China shared their Qigong Master process. For them, the master certification exam takes place over at least a 2 month period in China. Part of the testing was spending 30 days in a cave and meditating.  During that 30-day of isolation and fasting, they each only had minimal food and water. No bathroom. No showers. No comforts.  

Other mastery tests included observing their healing of others. In addition, there were tests to change the alcohol content in wine, for example. There were also tests to interpret the energy and body readings in others. They also had to sense, read, and interpret the thoughts of others. In addition, they had to sense and predict the future (such as a 10 day weather forecast).

After successfully completing the 2 month period of tests and observations, they could still fail the process. It was up to the Qigong Master Teacher to either pass or fail them in this mastery effort.  

But in the USA, there appears to be no standard or regulation on Qigong titles or certification requirements. It appears there are several schools where you just pay for the course, complete it, and voila, you get a certificate saying you are a Qigong Master. No proof of having any healing or sensing skills at all. This is rather scary if you ask me. 

But I had a brilliant idea of what I could do to advance and learn more about working and using Qi. As you may know, I have a few colleagues (spiritual beings) who often accompany me on my Qigong medical treatments (the Old Chinese Master, the Microbiologist, and Mariessa). I wondered if they would be willing to work with me and help me expand my skills, knowledge, and ability to work with Qi and they agreed! I am so pleased! I'm now going to be mentored by the very best in the Universe!

This means that I will be spending large blocks of time in a type of remote training experience. Essentially I will be in a state of deep meditation in order to be instructed by these masters. Kind of mind blowing, isn't it?!

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Bon Voyage Pat

I just learned my friend Pat died. And not recently; it was in Sept 2020! I felt shock to learn this new fact about her, I mean, her death. Then, despair started to soak into my pores and I seemed to become waterlogged with grief. The fact that this happened almost a year ago also disturbed me. What kind of friend does this make me for not even knowing?

Pat had moved out of the Bay Area and landed clear across the country. When she announced she was moving to Florida my mouth fell open. “But what about all the crazies and the rednecks there? And the right wing nut cases? And the Trumpers? Pat, you will hate it there,” I told her. She said she had done the research and there are Democrats who live in Florida, too. She promised she would find them and not join the weirdos. After all, she was a social butterfly and craved more variety than what she found here. She decided to take the leap into that unknown.

Friendships often change with distance. Soon things shifted to become just occasional conversations, then moved to just messages on Facebook. Pathetic, really. A fork in the road was created and we drifted in different directions. This depressed me even more. I felt alone in my grief. And vulnerable. I became very sad. Our escapades and adventures were now over - forever. No more chats. No more laughing with a glass of wine in our hand. No more outings.

Now Pat is dead. Kaputz. It seems like it was a all over in a flash. I have a real awareness I will never see her in the flesh again. Her book of life is closed. I'm surprised how much emptiness and hurt her absence is creating.

So long, my friend. Thank you for the joy you brought into our lives. You made an impact on this world and everyone who called you friend.

Friday, July 2, 2021

Portrait Artist of the Year

It's true. I've become hooked on a British reality show. It is called "Portrait Artist of the Year". It's a TV competition to find the best portrait painter who will then advance, and may win the prize to paint a famous personality to be part of the National Gallery. 

The event is timed. The artists have 4 hours to produce a portrait of one of three famous sitters. Then the portrait is judged and the winner is announced. 

What I love about this show is watching the portrait unfold. Each artist uses many different techniques, and to my surprise, none of them use the ones I was taught by my artist-mother. I was absolutely dumbfounded to watch methods being flaunted that my mother would have cringed and abhorred. But I found myself absolutely thrilled to see these artists using what works for them and bending the rules. It was thrilling! 

Here's a condensed version of the episode that captivated me. Some of the episodes are also on Prime.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

One More Thing by B.J. Novak

If you need to laugh, escape, or be entertained, the book "One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories" by B.J.Novak may be just what you need. The stories are light hearted, engaging, and quirky. I found myself coming back to read certain short stories over and over again because of how they made me laugh or because of their gentle insight. 

I think my favorite tale is "Walking on Eggshells (or When I Loved Tony Robbins)". But the one that seems to linger in my heart is "The Ambulance Driver". 
I'm so impressed with Novak's imagination, creativity, and ability to draw a person in. Being able to consistently entertain is a gift and his dialogue skills are a marvel. He has become one of my favorites.