Friday, October 30, 2020

The Speed of Thought

The preferred means to travel in the fantasy world of the movie Stardust is with a Babylon candle. All you do is light the candle and think of your destination, and in a flash, you are transported to the destination of your thoughts. This process is very similar to the method used in astral projection AND in remote Qigong healing, but without the Babylon candle. 

A person trains her thoughts and intention to have her spiritual self (a part of her soul) step out of her physical body. She then trains her thoughts to send her soul to different locales. In addition, she packages those thoughts with an intention and purpose. Her spiritual self then uses all of this (step out of the body, add focused thought of destination, along with desired intention) and she  immediately it all comes together in a flash. Her soul arrives at that specific locale (and time period) immediately. It is all an instantaneous moment and process.

The speed of thought can be a rather fast method of travel. It is spiritual travel. It is projection. It is even faster than the speed of light.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Learning to Read Messages

My grandkids are learning to read. They sound each letter out and slowing march their eyes from left to right and create the sentence. But there are many additional reading skills they will also be learning along the way. 

For example, they will also learn to read time. Reading a clock is one way to read time, but also learning about the movement of the sun and stars as it relates to time may be another reading skill they develop as they learn to read time. 

There are also skills of reading emotions that help them in their life journey, too. Recognizing the feelings of anger, joy, sorrow, fear, and other emotions can help them learn to listen to feelings to help them in their own personal navigation through life. 

I recently became aware of of some people who have embraced many of the forgotten reading skills of their ancestors - such as learning to read messages in nature - and are using these skills as a form of connection and navigation. For example, at the end of May 2014 the Hawaiian Polynesian People embarked on a world wide voyage in a traditional canoe called Hokule'a. The entire voyage used only nature to navigate (no modern navigational instruments) as they did when they 1st settled Polynesia. They used the same star compass as they did back then, and also learned to sense of the wave patterns from subtle movements in their feet. They also observed the cloud patterns, birds, and the smells in the air. They were open to receiving an abundance of messages from nature to assist with their navigation.

Our life journey requires us to be able to receive and interpret messages and information from many different sources. We learn to read, write, and speak. We also learn to interpret subtle messages, such as interpreting our thoughts, feelings, impressions, and even dreams. Overtime, we develop multiple types of reading skills, and all of them are ways that help us better understand life, as well navigate through it.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Healing Humanity - An Experience with a Nerve Agent Poisoning

My focus for the last couple of years has been on healing humanity. For me, this means to help remove the barriers, and provide energetic support, so humans can expand their consciousness, awareness, and achieve their life purpose. The goal is about progression and connection and I use subtle energies in these efforts.

But recently I had a very unusual experience. A dissident had been poisoned with a military grade poison from his government with the aim to kill and create fear in anyone opposing this regime. This government is known for harassing, jailing, and killing anyone who questions or opposes this corruption and the news of a dissident being poisoned was making news in the USA. The young man was still alive and I felt a prompt - almost a compulsion - to provide assistance. Assistance from me would be through a remote energetic healing. But I did not have his permission to do this, and having permission is a big deal in Qigong. After all, being allowed to enter and work in someone's personal energetic space requires permission. I did not know this man, nor his family, and did NOT have permission. My next thought was “well, go get his permission then!” So I did.

I went into a deep meditation and I projected my energetic self to this young man’s bedside. He did not know who I was nor what Qigong was, nor anything about energetic healing. The only response I received was “what do I have to lose? Yes. Go ahead.”  So I did.  

I requested my healing team to join me. The Old Chinese Master and the Microbiologist immediately arrived to participate. We did this first remote healing treatment and it was obvious that in order our patient to survive he had to be removed from that hospital. Surviving a poisoning is one thing, but surviving someone who can inject medication, restrain his body, turn off the respirator, or inject more poisoning is another matter. I sensed the doctors at that facility had been bribed and he would not survive at that locale. I shared this news with our patient and we then left. I was discouraged because I didn't see how he was going to get out of that hospital. 

Later, the internet news reported the "Dissident is going to be moved to Germany!" I was surprised by this news and very relieved. He now had a chance. 

A few hours later an unusual message came up on my computer reporting - "Dissident is being moved NOW!" I knew that we needed to act immediately and do another treatment while he was in the air. Working with energy while someone is in flight has some big advantages. The density changes. It is as if subtle energy is magnified and you can see the details with much more clarity because they are all spaced out more. Our healing team of the Chinese Master, the Microbiologist, and myself all projected our spiritual selves inside that airplane. We then did a remote Qigong energetic healing focusing on removing the poison from his body. 

Our team conducted several remote energetic treatments on our dissident patient over the next few weeks. I would watch the news and based on that feedback, we would do another remote energetic Qigong treatment. Our patient had gone from near death, to being in a coma, to eventually being discharged from the hospital. He even gave an interview and in this conversation with a reporter, shared how he was experiencing some gaps in his mental functioning, such as having to tell his legs what to do so he could walk. With this feedback, I decided to get our healing team together and discuss possible treatment options to help his neurological functions. 

The Old Chinese Master lives on top of a mountain in China, and in a meditation, I projected my spiritual self to that locale so we could discuss and plan our patients next treatment. The Microbiologist also arrived and the three of us sat outside on the Old Chinese Master's stone patio, which overlooks some very tall misty mountains. I then noticed a man walking toward us on a dirt pathway up the hill. It was our patient - the dissident! He was either dead or he had projected his spiritual self to come here. When he got to the patio I could see this was his spiritual self. This was SOOOO unusual. It meant that he had projected his spirit from his physical body, directed his spirit to come to this unknown locale,  and had found us there. What are the odds of that happening? It was very shocking to me. I had never seen this before. Ever.

Our patient sat down and now the four us discussed possible treatment options. In one of our patients prior remote Qigong treatments, the Old Chinese Master had used a special Qi he had brought from China and it perfectly had aligned with our patients needs We decided to go to that pool of Qi and use it again. We hiked a bit to find this small pool Qi. It was a small dark pool of liquid - probably about 10'x10'.  

I decided to jump into the pool and said that I wanted to align my own energetic self with this Qi to prepare myself for his treatment.  Suddenly, our patient also jumped into the pool of Qi, too. He then started to sink down into the liquid as if he was unconscious. Hd was slowly sinking and floating downward with no attempt to swim or get even move. . 

I called out for help and the Old Chinese Master and Microbiologist both jumped into the pool and we all circled around our patient, with each of us placing one our hands on our patient's head and also on his torso. The Microbiologist then said, “He is in a trance. This pool is acting like a womb and our patient is using this womb like a healing time machine. He is going back in time to regenerate his entire nervous system. Since we don't know where the gaps are in his mind - he is using this womb to regenerate his system back from the very beginning." 

The three of us then hovered over our patient, continuing to touch him on the head and torso, almost as if these connections were acting like a conduit to maintain his life during this journey. Our hands on his head were directing the energy to his brain and our hands on his torso and heart were acting like an umbilical cord - sustaining life. 

Every so often the Microbiologist would reach inside our patients trance and report back to us as to what stage of life our patient was currently at - "he is an embryo". Later he reached in again and reported, "He is now at the baby stage".  Then again, "He is at the toddler stage'.  The Microbiologist did this over and over again through each growth milestone in our patients life. This went on for about what seemed like hours, but it was probably only about 20 minutes of our time.

When our patient finally arrived at his current age, we were all automatically transported into his bedroom. Our patient was now in his bed. We stood around our patient, still touching his head and torso while our patient was obviously in a very deep sleep. We waited a few minutes, making sure he was breathing normally and was OK, and then, without any thought or action on our part, I was automatically transferred back to the couch in my own home. There was no conscious effort or focused thought at all to bring me here. It just automatically happened.  

I sat on my couch for a long time. I was a bit stunned. I had never had a healing experience like this before. I started to realize that someone other than myself was directing all of these healing activities. I had just been a tool. 

I now believe that the Tao (or Universe or some Higher Force) wanted this young man to not only survive, but to be made whole. He is someone with a purpose that matches what is needed in this world - someone to help remove barriers so people can learn, grow, and experience their true destiny.  

The world is changing. This was just one small ripple. I believe there will be many more. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Some Things the Projected Spiritual Self Can Do

John U.K., my Spiritual Guide and Teacher, gave me lessons on how to travel to the astral plane. The process uses focused thought, intent, and how to get your spiritual self out of your physical body. It is essentially a method of projecting a portion of your soul's inner energetic self to go temporarily leave your physical body, and then go to a focused destination - usually the astral plane. It's easier to do this in an earth energy center, after sex, or when you sleep. Then, when the travel adventure completes, youwhole spiritual self reconnects.

Years later I went to Chinese Medicine school and it was there I learned about Qigong, which is an energetic healing method. In this system I learned the soul has MANY different spirits (the hun, po, yi, zhi, and shen) and it is the hun spirit that is the portion of your soul that leaves the body for adventures.

Since then I have specialized in Qigong healings and soon merged my skills of astral projection with Qigong in a way that allows me to do remote energetic healing. In this process I go into a deep meditation and project my spiritual self and travel to the bedside of the person who is to receive a remote Qigong treatment. My spiritual self essentially acts like my physical proxy to complete a healing treatment. But recently I have been experiencing some changes. For example, in one of those remote treatments I was wishing I had some some additional help. I then thought "Wait! Everything is energy so why not just divide myself up and create additional me's to help with this treatment?" So I did.  I created 4 additional "me's".

I then placed one of my additional "me's" at the end of each arm and leg of my patient. I stayed at his head. Then, I had each of the other "me's slightly pull, rotate, and move their assigned extremity while triggering specific acupuncture points. It reminded me of DaVinci's Vitruvian Man man with each one of us being at an extremity engaged in a coordinated treatment to maximize the release and flow of Qi in different systems. This effort was an enhanced version of the "13 Ghost Point" Qigong treatment protocol and it worked VERY well for this client. After we completed this, we all merged back together and wrapped up the treatment.

So what I learned from this is that the spiritual self can do many things. It can be projected out of the physical body and can travel to other realms of the Tao.  It can also conduct remote energetic healings. And it can fragment and divide into multiple resources to provide the needed solution. Pretty cool stuff.

When will Things Get Better?

 "When will things get better? When will we see a change of direction in our society?" I asked.

This is the response...

"There are seeds of this happening now, but what the media is showing you is the bright shiny objects - the President and his minions. This drama fuels even more angst, hatred, despair, and news. It is a cycle that is difficult to break - people are hooked on the anxiety and wondering what will he do next? The reality show soap opera as a President is the constant star. Meanwhile, the world burns and still, the soap opera is where the focus and attention remains. It is like a new drug, is it not? Perpetual drama and entertainment while the world disappears.

You are probably aware that choice is still the paramount decider of what, when, and how energy flows. Where attention goes, energy flows. 

Attention on the shiny object and drama is where the attention is - until there is something that happens and personally forces someone to look elsewhere - like a catastrophe - illness, loss of job, loss of income, death, losing a home, a broken relationship, divorce, no school for the kids…all of these are currently in play so now there are more people being forced to refocus. It is often in the depths of pain and despair where the phoenix is born. This is the stage that many are now finding themselves. They are in that step of transformation.

In the past, the go-to solution has been to refocus people on a specific or a familiar path. But this is not necessarily the solution right now. A new era is emerging and demanding new ways to bring people together. So does this mean Trump will continue to stoke and fan the flames of more drama and fire? We believe he will, but society is now tiring of the story and are wanting to change the channel. But it is their choice - and they are reaching that decision based on their own feelings, rather through any manipulation. 

There will be a point of exhaustion and a desire to end this drama. It may or may not be at the time of election, but we believe it may. Especially if Trump continues the intensity of putting gasoline on the fires, if you will, which is what he tends to do. He continually is looking for a bigger bang and more focus on him, which means each day he needs to outdo the day before. 

What happens after Trump is no longer in the spotlight in the role of President? Yes, people will quickly and easily get bored with Biden, but creating and rebuilding are not that interesting. BUT, attention will be placed on tapping into resources and ideas that are currently not prominent.These are the new seeds and solutions and they will start to be welcomed. These new ideas and methods will eventually become the new shiny objects and interests and create a greater awareness and insight within humanity. Energy and enthusiasm will be towards creating different solutions. 

Yes, society is also at a breaking point of change. We anticipate seeing new choices being made and Trump losing much of his base. We expect that “filter” which many of his supporters hide under will be coming off. This is when the hard work will begin. This is when the new fruit can now be exposed. This is when the old shells and behaviors of the past will turn in and fade away. 

It is like cutting an orange in half and pushing the fruit of the orange out, which also forces the skin of the orange to go inward. You call it flipping the orange. This is an appropriate metaphor of how things are changing - the hidden fruit is exposed, pushed out, and available. It is ready to be consumed and even shared. 

The stake in the ground now can be seen. A new world is under way."