Monday, October 11, 2021

Train Yourself to Travel to the Astral Plane

You can learn to astrally travel. Some call this astral projection. Others call it astral travel. Essentially it is the experience of having your energetic body temporarily leave your physical body and visit what some people call heaven. The astral plane is a different dimension of the Tao and the dimension most close to the physical plane.

Why travel to the astral plane? Because astral travel is one method you can use to receive insight and knowledge. It is a method to help a person expand their awareness and find the answers to their questions.
The easiest way to learn how to #astrally travel is after love and sex. The next is during sleep. Here are some pointers:
  1. As you find yourself drifting into sleep after making love, concentrate on these thoughts. First, “I can fly”. “I am weightless”. “I can leave my body and fly or travel beyond”.
  2. “I wish to meet my Higher Self”.
  3.  “I desire to remember this”,
Do this each time before sleep, and you can train yourself to astrally travel during sleep.

What is travel to the astral plane like? It is as if you are underwater and you poke your head through the water’s circumference. Sometimes you have the sensation of being slippery. You may also return with  dreams related to flying.

Astral travel and meditation are not the same. Meditation is a mind activity. Astral travel is a soul activity. 

As you learn to astrally travel, your questions will start to get answered over time. You will also have new and more impressions. You will also start to have clearer dreams with embedded messages.  In addition, you will experience more feelings of joy.  

If you want to gain knowledge and insight, learn to project your energetic self to the astral plane and pay more attention to your feelings, thoughts, insights, and dreams.