Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Something Has Changed

Something has changed. 

I believe it is from my recent connections to the Causal plane of the Tao. Let me explain.

Years ago, my Spiritual Guide and Teacher, John U.K., helped me learn the skill of astral projection. This is an ability where your energetic self learns how to leave your physical body and then be projected to the astral plane (heaven). This allows a person to interact, learn, and work with a myriad of souls of this level of the Tao.

Over time, I developed a desire to explore other levels of the Tao that are beyond the astral plane and be able to learn and interact with souls on each of those other levels, too. But the standard method of visiting and exploring was like climbing a mountain - it is a slow and cumbersome journey and not many ways to get there. The method was moving through each level, one after the other. But recently, I found a new way to zoom in and out that can bypass this more tedious climb. 

With this new process and ease of movement, I have been projecting myself to the 4th level of the Tao - the dimension that is filled with the "vibration of love energy".  It seems that spending time in this environment - the 4th level - has created some unexpected side effects. Some of my senses, such as taste, feelings, and hearing, seem to be augmented and intensified. Not always - just in little brief random moments. Let me share what I experience. 

A friend of mine made some strawberry jam and gave me a jar to take home. When I opened the jar and tasted this new strawberry jam my taste buds seemed to go wild! They were doing flip flops of ecstasy and I swooned with delight as if I had never tasted anything so scrumptious in my entire life!  

Then, the next day I was listening to an audio book and one of the passages made me pause a moment when I felt my entire energetic self start to expand and seemingly swirl in movement with each and every word. It felt like a kind of dance with every word. I could feel my soul move as if it had become embedded in a symphony around each word. I had never felt anything like this before. Ever. It was as if the sound of these words were lifting and twirling me in a new dimension.

Then, at water aerobics, in the middle of class, I noticed another inner change start to happen around my skin. It was as if there was suddenly no barrier between my skin and the water. I actually felt as if I WAS water and I had completely become blended with this earth element. I was water and the water was me. This was so amazing and such a unique experience.

I attribute all of these new sensations and experiences from my recent visits to the Causal plane. Afterall, this plane is embedded with the energy of love. I believe I must have inadvertently collected some of this energy and for whatever reason, then experienced some random moments of pure joy and pleasure where my senses went into overdrive. (And no, I was not high and not on any drugs). 

For now, my working theory is these moments of intense joy were a result of having immersed my energetic self in a sea of 4th level energy and they seemed to randomly burst in the normalizing process of being back on the physical plane.