Sunday, November 7, 2021

My New Discovery - A Short-Cut to Projection

I recently discovered something rather remarkable. Well, it is remarkable to me and perhaps to anyone who is involved in astral projection or remote healing. I learned that I can project myself to different levels of the Tao through my own chakras. This is HUGE.

In the past, one would have to first project oneself to the astral leve, and then within the astral plane, project to the next level of the Tao. This process was similar to climbing a ladder within the Tao and rather challenging. But I recently stumbled on a process of going within, and then being "carried into" that same energy frequency of the Tao. It was so easy and rather remarkable.

As you may know, we are a microcosm of the earth. We are also a microcosm of the Tao. We have at least seven different energetic chakras in our body

Each of those energy chakras have different vibrations, frequencies, colors, sounds, and purpose.

The Tao also has different levels, layers, of energy as well. And it is the same type of layering, levels, and energies we have within our spiritual, energetic self. The levels of the Tao have different names. For example, the first level of the Tao is known as the physical plane, or earth. The second level of the Tao is called the astral plane. Some call it heaven. These are the more commonly accepted terms of the seven levels of the Tao:

During a meditation, I visualized the different chakra energies within me. After I felt that moment of expansion, I then focused on just one chakra. I wanted to totally immerse myself in that energy. At the time, I wanted to connect with the fourth chakra, so focused completely on that chakra and felt myself "in" that chakra. Then, found I was now "on" the Causal plane of the Tao!  It was as if I had found a back door and was placed inside that level of the Tao. It was unexpected. It was also totally amazing.