Sunday, November 14, 2021

Life's Purpose is to Expand Our Consciousness and Awareness

The Tao's (or God, Goddess, all that is) desire is to expand consciousness and awareness. We were all created to help the Tao fulfil this desire of expansion and progression. Essentially, this desire is what created our charter or purpose. It is to provide the Tao with experiences that facilitate more growth, learning, progression, and expansion of consciousness and awareness. Within this charter, there are no boundaries or limitations. There are no stipulations and barriers. What this means is that we are going to have good as well as bad experiences. We are also going to have a lot of experiences, and this means having multiple incarnations so we can experience life from a lot of different points of view. But through them all, we (and the Tao) will learn, grow, and progress. We also expand our consciousness and awareness - and change. 

The Tao provided us with multiple tools to help us succeed in this quest and to increase the probability to complete our life purpose. These tools are embedded in our soul and physical body. The tools are our thoughts, desires, and feelings. 
  • Our desires help create our thoughts. 
  • Our thoughts help create our feelings. 
  • Our feelings help create and guide our actions. 
  • Then we return back to our thoughts to help us comprehend, learn, and understand . 
All of this is what facilitates our ability to expand our awareness and consciousness. 

The Tao has given us a prime directive to learn, grow, progress, and expand our consciousness and awareness. We each have innate tools to help us succeed in this goal; our thoughts, desires, and feelings.  These tools are supposed to be used to help us navigate a life aligned to our own personal life purpose.