Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A Musical Thought Message After a Suicide

A former Qigong client of mine recently committed suicide. 

A few days after his death, I projected my energetic self to the astral plane to see if I could connect with him and make sure he was OK. He appeared in what looked like a medical facility to me. He was in a private room, in what looked like a hospital bed. He was laying in bed, covered by a sheet and blanket, facing away from the door. The door was open and I slowly walked into the room. I called out his name and announced who I was while I walked toward him. He didn't acknowledge me at all. I then saw a mutual friend of ours in the room - Jim. Jim had died of cancer over a year ago, saw me, and walked up to me and gave me a hug. He guided me out of the room and we chatted in the hall. Our shared friend was not ready to have visitors, so I left, but was delighted that Jim was there to help in this young man's transition after death. 

I returned to my meditative state on the physical plane, but then heard a song in my head with the lyrics "I am alright, now". I knew the message was from this young man and he was reporting he was alright, and to share this with his family. His message was embedded in the song "White Lies" by Paolo Nutini. The lyrics, however, had been slightly modified to express what this young man wanted me to know and remember.  I've highlighted his words and message that were embedded in that melody:

Please don't fade and please don't cry, coz I'm all right, now
Take a chance and watch it fall, grab too much and lose it all 
Now I've lost my disguise, I'm all right, now

Here is the song and melody that accompanied this message. It is titled "White Lies" by Paolo Nutini