Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Power of Thoughts in Healing

Years ago I heard of a Qigong healer who, during her Qigong treatments, would ask her client to direct their own thoughts to the location in their body they wanted healed. Then, during the treatment, this healer would focus her own thoughts to that same location and together they would join together to work on the needed healing in that area of the client’s body.

I had never tried this method before and was interested in seeing if it worked. I asked one of my clients if she would like to try this process and see if it could help eliminate her chronic pain. She agreed and so together we tried this process to see if she could get some relief. 

My client was lying on the treatment table, face up, with her eyes closed. She was totally relaxed so I began the Qigong treatment.  When I got to the location in her body with the almost constant pain, I asked her to now direct and send her thoughts to this location. She did. Almost immediately I could physically feel her thoughts next to mine. It felt kind of like a handshake. Our thoughts were now joined and we worked together to relieve her pain.

At the end of the Qigong session my client was pain free. It was rather amazing. But it was only temporary - for a few days. I was disappointed to learn it was not a permanent resolution, but it was an improvement. But from this experience, she was able to continue this process to better manage her pain. She would direct her own thoughts to that location during those episodes of pain and was able to get some relief and comfort through this process of directed focused attention and visualization. 

I was also rather amazed by the sensation this process created. That “feeling” of feeling someone else's own thoughts as if they were a physical object, and then “feeling” of combining that energy with my own thought energy was rather remarkable. This experience also made me more aware of our own power in the healing efforts.  It was one of those moments that expanded my awareness.