Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Earth is Our Partner in Expanding Our Consciousness and Awareness

Most of us understand that the purpose of life is built around learning, growing, developing, and progressing.We essentially are spiritual beings temporarily housed in a human physical body on planet earth and are here to have diverse experiences during our lifetime o facilitate developing a greater understanding, awareness, and consciousness than what we came here with. 

Eventually most will come to a point in this process and experience the "whole” or what some say is nirvana or some type of an exalted state of being. What that looks like is not yet known to me, but I can “see” the possibility and even some of the paths that go there. In fact, in some ways the process reminds me of a video game. We choose our avatar image (aka our physical body & experience we want) and with that avatar, we have challenges, and conflict, and inflictions that we have to overcome that helps us learn and understand the game. The avatar often gets killed off, but then we can restart the game with a brand new avatar (aka reincarnation). 

We then begin a new and maneuver with the added wisdom from our prior experiences with the game. We also continually add new skills and understandings each time we overcome an obstacle in this process. Eventually we reach a new stage in the game (we have a more mature and wiser soul), and then eventually also reach a completely new level in the game that we didn't even know was there. And in that new level, there are even more new challenges but also much greater rewards. 

Ultimately we will complete all the levels and obtain an expanded awareness and a new consciousness. When this happens, we will feel one, or whole, or complete. When this happens things personally change within your soul. 

There is a reason why we are on alive and on this planet. The earth is where we have the best opportunity to maximize and obtain the skills, knowledge, and wisdom to take us to this expanded awareness and understanding. This is where we have the best chance to expand our our consciousness. 

This is also why we need to stop pretending the earth is just a rock we live on. The earth is alive and with a consciousness. It is the very foundation for our ability to learn, grow, develop, and progress. It is the means for us to become an exalted state of consciousness.