Thursday, September 23, 2021

Spiritual Energy vs Religion

When I first met my spiritual guide and teacher, John U.K., I was a Utah mormon questioning the religion I was raised in. Many of my early questions, at that time, were associated with the Mormon church and what I had been taught to believe. I asked John U.K what the true religion was and he said that religions have some good but also bad, but the region most aligned with truth was Taoism. He then said religion and spirituality are not the same and to not confuse religion with spirituality. "Religion is an organization" he said "and spirituality is about spiritual energy. You can learn to use and work with spiritual energy and develop the skills and gifts associated with spiritual energy". 

John U.K. then began my lessons about the spiritual energies using the subtle energies of the seven chakras. I recorded those lessons along with the spiritual gifts associated with these energies and later put them in a book. The book is titled ‘Cultivating Spiritual Energy’ and available on Amazon.