Friday, September 10, 2021

Memory Loss and Qigong

Almost a decade ago I did a remote medical Qigong (chee-gung) treatment on a young woman who was experiencing severe headaches during her pregnancy. I projected my energetic self to her bedside and used the Qigong method of visualization to direct and move Qi (chee) from my hands, into the top of her head, and then guided it through her head and torso then down into the ground. This is called grounding.  As I started this  grounding  process, I was gently directing Qi through the top of her head visualizing and directing Qi inside and down her head as if it were a beam of light. It was supposed to go down her torso and then down into the ground to connect her with the earth. But then this beam of visualized energy stopped and would not advance. It was stuck about midway inside her brain and would not advance. 

For the life of me I could not understand how it could be stuck. At that time, I could not 'see' very deep inside the body so could not see why it was blocked. I assumed I must have done something wrong so did a type of workaround to ground her. I sent a new beam of energy from the earth and into her body. 

Later I learned this young woman had a brain tumor and this was the reason the beam of energy could not penetrate beyond the location of the tumor in her brain. This was one of those 'lessons learned' moments, letting me know that if or when Qi doesn't advance where my mind tells it to go, I need to "STOP" and go in deeper to determine what is happening in this area of the body. This is one way subtle energies will message me regarding a health problem in that person's body.

Fast forward to June of this year when one of my dear friends suddenly experienced short-term memory loss. She suddenly didn't know where she was, how to get home, or anything associated with her short-term memory. She was taken to the ER and given an MRI.  The results showed no stroke and no tumors. She also had a drug screen and lab work. All were normal. The doctor sent her home and was told to reduce her stress and maybe her memory would return. 

But her memory did not return. Her life has changed completely. Each day she now fights to try and remember just the basics of daily living. For example, she doesn't remember to eat or even if she has eaten. She has lost 20 pounds in two months. She doesn't remember how to get into her computer or what her passwords are. She has to write everything down and record everything she does in order to report to someone if she did any of her activities of daily living. Her short-term memory is a bit looney tuney.

Recently I offered to do some Qigong medical treatments on her to see if this could improve her situation. This week I began her treatment by directing Qi through the Du channel of her subtle energy body. This channel begins at the bottom of the torso and moves up the back, the neck, and then over the top of the head, then ends at the upper lip (see image with red arrow). This channel is a primary vehicle to move Qi up the body. 

I tapped into this channel and was going to do one of the standard Qigong practices known as microcosmic orbit, where Qi is fortified and moved through this channel, then connected to the Ren channel (see blue line in image) and the flow continues around the entire body. But when I visualized moving the Qi over the top of her head, when I arrived at her frontal lobe area, I could not advance the Qi forward. It just stopped.  A memory moment popped into my mind of the headache treatment I did a decade earlier where the Qi flow was also blocked. In that circumstance it was a tumor, but in this case, a tumor had been ruled out. What was blocking her Qi from flowing?

I stopped the treatment and requested assistance from my two spiritual colleagues; the Old Chinese Master and the Microbiologist.  We then went in deeper - about one or two inches deeper inside her head, and I now saw the Du channel looked like it had been blown up. It was deflated and a bit shredded. There was also a milky-brown liquid puddle laying around where the Du had burst. The milky brown color let me know this was probably a mixture of stuck Qi (which tends to be a solid white or gray color) and brown, which means blood is involved. I determined the Du channel must have burst in the frontal lobe after a strong emotional event impairing Qi and blood flow in the frontal lobe.

The Old Chinese Master placed a lot of acupuncture needles around her head and arms and the Microbiologist repaired her Du Channel. When they were done, I then directed Qi through her Du channel and it was smooth, smooth, smooth. Now I could conduct a microcosmic orbit treatment around her entire body.

The next morning my friend called and was excited to report she is starting to remember more short memory things. "After I brush my teeth I usually forget if I already brushed my teeth, so I feel the brush with my finger. If it is wet, I know I already brushed my teeth. But this morning, I remembered I HAD brushed my teeth and didn't need to feel the brush. This is huge!" she said. "I can feel a change happening in my memory!" 

"I have hope!" she continued. "And having hope is everything."

I gave my friend four weekly medical qigong treatments and after the 4th treatment, we both claimed she was back normal and had her memory fully restored. She now can drive again, multi-task, and remember everything she did during the day. She can formulate a plan and even remembers to follow it without the aid of sticky notes or piles of reminders all over her home. The short-term memory loss has been completely healed.