Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Change, Growth, Progression, and the Expansion of Consciousness

During one of my meditations, I felt myself being stretched taller, and taller, and taller. I became similar in height to some of the spiritual beings who I have worked with in some of my Qigong healing treatments and experiences (such as the Microbiologist, Guardians, and Harmonies). I then wondered if this type of experience of becoming taller was a path of progression and change?  You know, like morphing or growing into a new type of “being”? Or was I just having this experience because I had a desire to be more like my new colleagues? 

While having this experience of being made taller, I had a stream of thoughts about how life began as a single cell organism - a very tiny bit of life. But then, for some reason, a group of the single cells found a way to communicate and start cooperating and working with other single cells. Eventually these coordinated cells then created a multi-cell structure and then eventually created multi-cell organisms. Change. Growth. Progression.  

These cells all had challenges in communication, cooperation, and coordination in each new phase they went through. The creation of something new and different created new moments, such as thoughts, desires, problems, and curiosity. The process to create, build, grow, learn, progress, change, and adapt were expanded and normalized. The outcome of new awareness occured in little moments and continued in this process and flow. 

This model of progression can be seen in all the layers of the Tao and throughout time. It is also the process that we are witnessing in humanity right now. Societies or groups of individuals are essentially acting as if they are single cells and  communicating their thoughts, desires, and interests to the other "cells". Each of these groups is currently trying to disempower the other cells. The cells that choose to cooperate and work together, while respecting the nuances and differences inside those different "cells", humanity will emerge into a new level of consciousness and awareness.  

These were my thoughts as I felt myself stretch into a similar (and temporary) form as those who I have been working with. I now had a bit more understanding about the pull and force that drives us to learn and grow and also about how progression happens. 

I'm comforted to know that when we humans decide we are ready to start cooperating and working together, and respect the differences from the various groups in our society, we will finally be at the place where humanity needs to be so we as humans can advance and progress to the next phase on this journey.