Tuesday, September 7, 2021

A Different Perspective Can Expand Your Awareness

I've been pondering how our thoughts,  opinions, and problem solving skills often change when we view things from a different perspective. I recall when I began Chinese Medicine School. I already had a career in Western Medicine but then became interested in Chinese Medicine. I was 55 years old and decided to go back to school and learn a new approach to medicine. I was 55 and went to Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine School (AIMC) in Berkeley CA. From this starting point I learned about the invisible energy force called Qi in the human body, along with the distribution system in our bodies. This was such a different perspective from everything I knew about the physical human body and difficult for me to open to. But then I kept having so many amazing experiences in class that I could not explain or understand, so I kept returning to class to try and figure it out. 

Soon I started to FEEL those invisible and intangible acupuncture points, and then started to hear the whooshing of the qi flow inside a person's body. Amazing! Then, I started to see stuck Qi and even began being prompted by "someone" standing by my side as to how to treat a person and their illness. My perspective of the human body changed the more I accepted and allowed this different system, with its unusual information, into my awareness. 

Eventually I began doing remote energetic Qigong medical treatments. In these treatments I would project my "energetic spiritual self" to the client and conduct a healing treatment without any physical contact at all. In these remote energetic treatments, the perspective of what I was able to see, sense, and observe expanded tenfold!  I now could 'see', sense, and connect with all sorts of different layers within my client's energetic body. From this new perspective, I was able to provide a totally different and expanded type of treatment. 

My point is that acquiring a different perspective can often give us additional information that may expand our awareness. Continually refusing to be open to concepts or ideas from someone that is not like us (a different country, or race, or gender, religion, political party, etc.) creates limitations. These limitations may prevent us from being able to truly solve a problem because we refuse to account for different viewpoints.  An expanded or different perspective may be just what we need to complete the task, reach our goal, or even reach our potential.