Tuesday, August 17, 2021

This New Era is One of Expanded Consciousness

The Renaissance (14th - 17th century) was an era when a new type of subtle spiritual energy was  bestowed upon humanity and the results changed culture and economics everywhere. There was a huge impact on science, religion, art, and politics, especially around Italy, but the energy was distributed around the globe so that awakening energy went everywhere. 

In our current era, we too, have been bestowed with a new subtle strand of energy (called the shialude energy) which has also unleashed a new era of change in our culture. The shialude has initiated an expansion on our own consciousness as well, setting up changes in culture, economics, religion, science, computing, communication, etc. All of this has a strong core - one of personal empowerment and personal truth. Because of this, filters that had been in place for centuries are now being removed and with it comes chaos and confusion. The results of what people are feeling are probably very similar to what people in the Renaissance experienced - some anxiety and fear when those norms we grew up begin to change. But if we can look beyond this turmoil, we should be able to see more possibility and even a greater probability of having a great outcome!  The results of this new era will result in humanity being more aligned with their true inner 'being' and true self. This really is a rather marvelous opportunity for people to live the life they were meant to live and to have the types of experiences that help them grow, learn, progress, and expand their inner being. Humans now have a greater potential and opportunity to align with their true life purpose more than any other time in human history. To me, this is HUGE.

Afterall, the purpose in any life is to gain knowledge, experience, and insight. The purpose is to progress and become more - not necessarily have more, but to 'be' more than who they were before. The process to do this needs ways to expand our awareness and consciousness, and because of the shialude energy, which we all have access to, we all can now do this with much more ease than any other time in history.  

One method that helps us learn to expand our knowledge and understanding on a soul level is to travel and project our energetic/spiritual selves to the astral plane. This is where one's spiritual energetic self temporarily leaves their physical body and enters into another dimension - the astral plane and with the presence of the shialude energy, souls are now more adept at being able to project themselves to that plane. 

Why would a soul want to travel and be projected to the astral plane? Because traveling to this plane provides the soul with a speedier process to gain insight. What type of insight? To answer why am I alive?  What is my purpose?  How am I going to leave this life as an average person of no consequence or am I going to make an impact?  Astral travel (sometimes called astral projection) is a method a soul can utilize to expand their awareness and consciousness. It is a method that helps align a person's soul with their true nature and being.

The times are changing. Yes, it is challenging at times. But overall, this era is preparing ways for humanity to grow, progress, and expand their consciousness. The results of these efforts will be absolutely amazing.