Monday, August 9, 2021

The Fire Alarm

I used to have a client who frequently came in for medical Qigong treatments. She was in her early 40’s and trying to overcome her infertility. She was a regular and after a few sessions, I started to “see a little girl” - a spiritual being - accompanying her to these treatments. Seeing this little girl encouraged me that what we were doing would work. 

But at one of these sessions I asked my client how many times she and her husband had sex last week. I knew that she was fertile that week. She replied “none”. I was rather shocked because we were working on her fertility which meant she needed some sperm to go with that egg. She must have seen the disappointment in my face because she then went on and on about how her husband was busy, not in the mood, and listed other reasons why they didn't have sex. But she assured me that next month she would make more effort. 

I finally realized I was not treating the whole problem. I had made an assumption that the COUPLE was trying to get pregnant but now I knew this was wrong, wrong, wrong, and my efforts to solve this problem through Qigong were never going to work without some sperm.

It was a good learning lesson for me, which brings me back to my new situation and what I have recently been working on. I’ve been focused on using the techniques I use in remote qigong - projection, focus, intention during meditation to work on putting out a forest fire. I have been partnering with the elements (fire, water, earth, and air) and engaging my efforts with 'them' to try and put out a blaze in Northern CA. But no matter what efforts we have used, the fire continues to grow and spread. I have been rather discouraged about this and have thought several times to just give up. 

But today, as I sat pondering what and why these efforts are failing, I heard an answer. First, I was reminded of my client who I treated for infertility and also of the lesson I learned in that process - that my perspective to solve the entire problem had been too narrow. Next I heard that I had done well to solicit and partner with the elements to address this problem, but there was still a missing piece.

I was reminded that almost always a Qigong treatment will work but on those rare occasions that it doesn't provide the desired outcome, almost always it is due to the illness being part of the person's life path or purpose. The illness, for whatever reason, is part of the individuals life purpose. It is part of the process to help the person gain an expanded awareness or facilitate a new level of consciousness. It is the means to help that person learn or progress in some capacity. Essentially it means the desired outcome from the Qigong treatment is a lower priority than the lessons needed for their life purpose. This means that no matter what I do or try, it won’t change the outcome.

I was asked if I saw the fire out during the meditation. I answered yes. I was asked if the elements also witnessed the fire being extinguished. I said yes. Then why do you think it is still burning? The answer in my mind was "because there is a higher purpose to this fire and the purpose is to expand someone's awareness and consciousness". 

The next question was "whose awareness and consciousness needs to be expanded?"

The answer in my mind was it was all of us; it was humanity.

I now knew there was a reason behind this out-of-control fire that is refusing to cooperate and be contained. The fire is serving as a means for us to obtain an expanded awareness of our connection to the planet. The fire is an alarm, letting us know we need to change and become engaged in solving this global warming situation. 

I now had my answer. The Dixie fire in Northern CA is a wake up call for all of us to work together and lower the earth's temperature. Otherwise, we will have more fires, more drought, more hurricanes, and more death and destruction.