Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Miss Molly's Upcoming Transition


My sister's dog Molly has cancer and I have occasionally given this little dog remote Qigong treatments to ease her discomfort from all her tumors. A week ago the Vet recommended scheduling a date for Molly to be put down. My sister asked if I would help communicate this message to Molly through a Qigong treatment. During this treatment, a new spiritual being showed up during the session - a dog whisperer. She came to assist in easing Molly's fears and communicating this message.  

The dog whisperer told Molly that on Aug 31 she would be visiting the Vet and be placed in a permanent state of sleep. The whisperer then encouraged Molly to not fear this and to enjoy the remainder of her days with my sister. Molly actually seemed relieved. 

Today is Molly's last day so in my early morning meditation, I did a quick projection to check on her and see how she was doing. I was surprised to see she was surrounded by a group of dogs - all different types and sizes. They were all in a state of excitement and play. It almost seemed like visiting a dog park with a swarm of dogs running up to her, jumping up and around her, licking her, smelling her, and wanting to play. It was as if I had interrupted a party. 

I could also "hear" the chatter between them. One reported being hit by a car. Another reported being deserted and dying in the desert, but none were sad.It seemed to be a way to let Molly know she was transitioning in a special and pain-free manner. Then, the conversation changed with one of them wanting to know what treats Molly had been given this week. Now everyone was interrupting each other about what their favorite treat is. I did not expect any of this during this projection. I was actually relieved to see this was not a sad time for Molly, but one filled with anticipation and her buddies.

I have seen dogs on the astral plane (heaven) so knew a dog's spirit lives on and returns home, just like our human spirits do. But I was not aware that dogs also have greeting parties ready to welcome the soul in this transition - just like we have. I find this not only interesting but also comforting.

I believe that Molly is actually looking forward to getting back with her friends and will be relieved to be free of the daily challenges she faces within her physical body.