Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Filling the World with the Energy of Love

The subtle invisible energies, like Qi (chi), are influenced by thoughts, intention, feelings, movement, light, sound, sex, foods, and the environment. So if you are trying to influence and improve the subtle energies in the world, we have several tools and options we can use to influence or change those types of energies. 

Recently my focus has been to partner with the elements (earth, air, fire, water) and see if (and how) those energies can be used or influenced to help us address some of the problems we are facing around the globe. One of the first steps I used was to first balance the male/female energy and then to balance those elemental energies of earth, air, fire, water. Then I focused on the connections and flows between them. Next, my focus was weaving in the various color energies of the chakras and when I did this, I could feel a shift. I felt a tremendous change - almost like a newness, if you will. 
But then something rather wonderful happened. I was sitting in my meditation pose in the early morning hours and started to hear a John Lennon song enter into this meditation. It is a song I had not heard for a very long time, and it came from out of nowhere. The song was "Love". That simple melody, along with the words and feelings that seemed to be embedded in the song suddenly filled the entire meditation and the energies in the meditation changed and then floated out, drifting to encircle the entire planet. I could 'see and feel' this subtle energy of love, using the mechanism of sound, was now being carried away and bathing the entire globe in that subtle energy vibration.  

I came away from this meditation experience with a deep feeling of hope. And love.