Saturday, August 14, 2021

Experiences with the Kundalini

My first kundalini experience was shocking as well as exciting. It was during a meditation and I felt the chakras become charged, one by one. I felt the spiritual energy being pulled up from the earth through my root chakra and slowly moved upward, encircling and activating each chakra.  The movement was ‘snakelike’ as the energy climbed upward toward my head. 

There was a moment in the meditation when I felt myself release control and then the kundalini took over. The energy flow was now unhampered and I could feel the crown of my head expand. It then released a shower of bright white light and energy spurting from the top of my head. My whole body was now part of the energy building experience and I felt as if I was pure and total energy. 

The shower of white light spurting out of my head sent droplets of what looked and felt like tiny, tiny water drops energy onto my skin as well as the floor. The energy would then be reabsorbed back and move toward the root chakra and then upward through swerving around all the chakras and then out of the top of my head in a shower. It was a continuous non-stop movement and flow of golden-like energy. 

I could feel tingling all over my body as the tiny energy droplets of energy hit my bare skin. I was enthralled and felt joyful.This kundalini sensation lasted only a minute or two with its continual flow and movement upward and then the bursting out of my head this a cosmic shower. It really did feel like a spiritual orgasm.

Having a kundalini experience is rare because it requires all your spiritual energies to be balanced, aligned, clear, and flowing. It also requires your mind, body, spirit AND your Higher Self to all share in this same desired experience. But years after this first kundalini experience, I had another kundalini but with this one, there was a caveat of difference. In this kundalini, I looked over my left shoulder and saw the earth having this same experience with me. I could see a miniature version of the planet about the size of my head spinning next to me at the level of my head. We were both having our own personal kundalini at the same time - in parallel. 

This shared and parallel kundalini experience with the planet let me know the earth has a spirit - it is a spiritual being, too. It is just not the third rock from the sun - it is a BEING. The experience was also a connection linked with a shared experience and I felt as if we were partners on a journey. 

This kundalini experience with the earth happened over twenty years ago and is probably why I am continually drawn towards finding ways to improve humanity's consciousness and awareness that we are guests on this home world and should partner with the earth rather than try to dominate it.