Monday, August 30, 2021

Current State of Affairs

America is currently experiencing a lot of turmoil. We have the Delta virus pandemic along with some deadly hurricanes, and a drought with a serge of wildfires. We also are witnessing chaos in Afghanistan and endless civil strife within our own country. It is upsetting and difficult to stomach. Even though I intellectually know that chaos and strife can serve as a means for growth, change, and improvement, it is still difficult to live through.  

I recently pulled out my notes from a conversation I had with John UK, my spiritual guide & teacher. This conversation took place during the peak of the Trump administration  in 2018, and I was feeling a lot of doom and gloom at that time. I think the message is still relevant today. 


The loss of America’s status in world politics is noticeable and necessary for the changes needed in the world. Other countries are becoming more independent and demanding independence from the USA. War will always exist. Peace becomes a recognized value in the effects of war. It is part of the balance. 

The USA military is changing. Also, the USA 's consciousness is changing. The status of the USA in world events is being diminished, which is needed for new growth and change to emerge. 

The threat of nuclear war is still valid and still a concern, however. This has not yet been solved. China and Russia will continue to create big churn in the world as well as in the USA. They will become more dominant. In the Middle East there will be turmoil, death, and destruction. 


It will be the children who will be the ones doing the hard work and heavy lifting to fix global warming and the problems in the world. This means that focusing on the next generation and encouraging them will have the most value to help the planet and humanity survive. 

You want to know what happens if the earth dies? What happens to all of those souls if it is destroyed? Do things start over? This is what you want to know. The answer is that everything becomes just dead space for eons of time. There is no spark. It is similar to what you see on the planet Mars. Mars was once a living planet with living souls and was destroyed. It is now in a state of dead space, waiting for the time when it can emerge from that state of emptiness and restart that conscious spark to begin a new. Yes, it will take eons of time. We are hoping to avoid this fate for planet earth.