Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Being at One with the Elements of Earth, Water, Air & Fire to Work on Global Warming Problems

The ‘Old Chinese Master’ is helping me develop new skills in working with Qi (chi). Recently he has been guiding my efforts to become more at ‘one with the elements’ - earth, water, fire, and air.  I began by first with the earth, focusing on improving my connection with it. I did this in several meditations all designed to help my focus on the sights, feel, smells, and sensation with the earth. When I felt the sharing of our souls energy back and forth with each other, I felt we were connected.

My connection to water began in the city swimming pool. As I stepped into the pool, I was overwhelmed with a sensation of there being absolutely no separation between us. The water felt smooth, warm, and velvety and I felt the same sensation deep within me. It was as if there were no lines between us. We were the same. 

Next, I connected with air. In this effort I seemed to hear a message in my mind saying, “the composition of what makes air can be changed by me. For example, I can be a blanket of air that is totally devoid of oxygen. This means I can be used to cover and extinguish a fire, such as the ones raging in the forests. I can participate in helping to calm and extinguish a fire by removing oxygen which helps fuel those flames.  

I knew Immediately this was what I was being prepared to do. I would be using these three elements - air, water, and earth - to help put out a forest fire in Northern CA. Due to global warming, the western USA now has severe fires every summer that rage deep and far in this area of drought. If we can help mitigate these fires using QIgong techniques partnered with air, water, and the earth, perhaps we can better control those fires?  

This seems like something worthy of trying with nothing to lose. Thinking outside the box and exploring additional methods of working with Qi may lead to a new solution.