Monday, August 2, 2021

Balancing Earth and Air Energy to Help Change the Trajectory of Global Warming

 This is a meteorite photo from NASA.

This is a rock that was sitting in my front yard. I had never seen this rock before. It was so out of place and seemed to come from nowhere. Could it also be a meteorite? I don't know. But it must be special because of what happened next.

This morning I sat down to meditate and a thought popped into my mind and said, "Go get that strange rock you noticed in your front yard". So I did. 

I returned with the rock and again sat down to restart my meditation. Again I heard that voice in my mind but this time it said, "Go outside and do a standing meditation instead of a sitting meditation. Place the rock in your right hand. Outstretch your left hand and fill that hand with air." So I did.

I restarted the meditation and then felt an inner change. I was now a connector between two elements - earth and air . My feet were connected to the ground - the earth - and the rest of my body was essentially bathed in air.

Another thought came into my mind "In addition to the up and down connection you have between the earth and air, you are also a balance between left and right. Your left side is a representation of the element of air and your right side is a representation of earth. It was as if I was now the balance and connection between those two forces. I was a partner with each.

Then I had a new and different sensation. It was as if I was now emitting an energy force from my inner core out into the ethos. I was sending out what felt like the force and density of the earth along with the lightness of heaven. These were two contrasting sensations, but they seemed as if they were working as one in unison.

Next I saw and heard people around me - they were chanting, drumming, and using songs. It seemed they were helping to fuel and distribute this balance of energy out to the whole world.

When the meditation ended, I sat down and pondered what just happened. A few days ago I had requested help to end this uncontrollable heat wave and severe drought we are facing in the West. The answer to my request seemed to be this guided meditation. It was an answer but also a lesson on how we can participate and be more proactive to address these imbalances in subtle energies. There are things we can do to help.

I now have more hope. There are things we can do to help change our current trajectory of global warming. Partnering with the elements of earth, air, fire, water may be a place to begin.