Friday, August 13, 2021

A Moment of Awareness

A man climbs to the top of a mountain and when he arrives at the summit, he pauses and feels a sense of complete satisfaction as he stands and looks out over the landscape. He has arrived at the mountain peak and is filled something he has never felt before - a wholeness. A oneness. A sense of purpose and accomplishment. There is an inner recognition that all his hard work, planning, effort, culminated effort panned out. He is proud of himself, his endurance, his strength. He didn't give up. He overcame much and at this moment feels something what others would describe as pure joy.

Eventually the sensation fades and it is now time to climb down the mountain, which he does in silence. He returns home and now has no goal. He feels no purpose. He is rudderless. Negative feelings start to creep in and the only way he knows to combat this is to set a new goal and climb a new mountain. So he does.

He once again feels engaged and even a rush of satisfaction when he starts to climb a new mountain. Once again he reaches the summit and again feels that rush of satisfaction of a job well done. He receives accolades and atta-boys and with it, an emotional high. He has found a purpose - to climb to the tops of mountains.

He climbs mountain after mountain, after mountain. Soon the exuberance fades and the accolades disappear. His life and purpose has become rather ordinary and mundane. He no longer feels that sense of adventure, challenge, or even awe when he reaches the summit. His soul no longer expands and lifts when he is on the top of a peak looking out of the wonder of the planet.  

What he does next is rather unusual. He decides to embark on a journey of discovery that is the opposite of what he has been doing. It is as if he decided to stop reaching for the sky and to now go deep inside the earth. He has decided to explore the hidden inner depths INSIDE the earth. He wants to know if what he felt on top of a mountain peak feels the same in the inner depths of the earth. Needless to say, he gets encouragement from anyone about this new adventure. In fact, most think he is now odd.

He moves forward with this plan and begins a journey to go inside caves and explore the inner depths of the planet. He has completely different experiences and the sensations end up being not what he expected. He finds his soul has been fed in a totally different manner and he now senses a very rich deepness within him he never knew was there.

I find him sitting on his deck in the early morning hours sipping a cup of tea. He has been pondering the sensations and experiences of his life journey. In this moment, he feels complete and whole. He has inner depth but also an expanded soul. There is a realization that he does not need to go anywhere or do anything. He is complete. He is 'one'. He smiles with satisfaction as the sun rises.