Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Era of Disinformation - We Can Improve Sensing Truth From Lies

Communication is often a mixture of different kinds of information. Some is made up of truth, or lies, or a combination of the both. It can include some emphasis or substitutions to include more drama or a little twist of surprise, or even some gaps - all designed to make the message more interesting, compelling, or even forgettable. In a way, it's kind of like cooking. We can create something entirely new, or follow a recipe that everyone knows, or modify what we have been given before we share and serve it to others. 

But what is different in this new era of humanity is that we can now share what we cooked up with a lot more people. We have the internet, Facebook, Twitter, and other mediums to share our concoctions with and it can be shared with many, many people. Some of these new 'internet cooks' can easily create and distribute a lot of crap very quickly with some even serving poison (I'm talking about you Tucker Carlson). 

Some are trying to make the sharing of information through the medium of the internet more safe. Some will use data and logic as a means to help us determine if we can trust the information. Some are letting us know which sources may be untrustworthy so we can make a more informed choice. For example, the "DIsinformation Dozen" were identified as to who was responsible for most of the disinformation about Covid on the internet. This was a way to not only inform but to also shame but also encourage people to withdraw their support of those sites.

Others are trying to prevent the lies from even being distributed (such as Twitter blocking Donald Trump). But all of these efforts are not going to stop all the lies nor prevent them from being shared. 

Lucky for us, there are also ways to help us each improve our ability to decipher truth from lies. For example, we can train ourselves to pay more attention to our feelings and tune in to how and what we are feeling when we receive a message. Does the message ring true? Does it make us feel good, or more knowledgeable, informed, or positive in some way?  We can take a moment and ponder the feelings we are sensing with this information. Message packaged with the energy of truth will carry that energy with it and over time, you can start to recognize that energy within any message. It can have elements of pleasure, or joy, or a feeling of awareness, decisiveness, and purpose. It just feels solid.

When we hear (or read) a message that has a feeling of doubt, or uncertainty, or dread, or thoughts of confusion, anger, or fear, or even rage - these are messages bundled in in a negative energy and usually associated with a lie. A lie create confusion and even chaos.

We are living in a new era and it brings with it lots of change. There are many new wonders in this new age, but also many challenges. The ability to share lies and misinformation poses a threat and danger in society, but there it also provides new opportunities. One of those opportunities to step up to the challenge and develop the skills to sense truth in real time and refrain from partaking and participating in sharing and spreading misinformation and lies. We are empowered to become better human beings.