Monday, July 26, 2021

Preparation is a Key to Survival

I recently listened to John Hudson's audiobook titled "How to Survive - Self-Reliance in Extreme Circumstances" and found it direct, to the point, and very engaging. He has an Australian accent and some of us find that kind of sexy. 

Hudson has some incredible stories to help motivate and increase the desires to get prepared for almost any emergency. He provides a mental map of using work, plan, and hope as the model from which to build on. He also peppers it with skills to develop that will help you succeed, such as mental focus, attitude, and breaking down the steps to move forward into bite-size pieces. 

I learned a lot in this read, but one of the ones that surprised me was to NOT drink urine or saltwater, even when desperate for water. I also learned that food is not the top priority - it is shelter and water; they come way ahead of needing food. This let me know that my acquisition of securing cans of Spam as part of my pandemic sequestering preparation was a complete fail. (If you could use some Spam, let me know and you can have mine). 

If you have a desire to become better prepared for almost any extreme situation, I recommend Hudson's book. It is a delightful read and may even save your life.