Friday, July 2, 2021

Portrait Artist of the Year

It's true. I've become hooked on a British reality show. It is called "Portrait Artist of the Year". It's a TV competition to find the best portrait painter who will then advance, and may win the prize to paint a famous personality to be part of the National Gallery. 

The event is timed. The artists have 4 hours to produce a portrait of one of three famous sitters. Then the portrait is judged and the winner is announced. 

What I love about this show is watching the portrait unfold. Each artist uses many different techniques, and to my surprise, none of them use the ones I was taught by my artist-mother. I was absolutely dumbfounded to watch methods being flaunted that my mother would have cringed and abhorred. But I found myself absolutely thrilled to see these artists using what works for them and bending the rules. It was thrilling! 

Here's a condensed version of the episode that captivated me. Some of the episodes are also on Prime.