Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Meditation to Create and Send Seeds for a Kinder World

I’ve been doing daily meditations for decades. But now I am adding a new segment in my daily meditations with a focus on interacting with “The Old Chinese Master”. He is a spiritual being who often accompanies in my remote Qigong healings, but now he is also helping me improve my techniques and methods in working with Qi. 

Wuji Stance
He recently suggested a modification to one of the Qigong meditations I was taught long ago but no longer regularly use. It is call a standing meditation where you stand in what is known as the Wuji position. Your feet are shoulder length apart, hands are relaxed, and your eyes are closed. You then begin your meditation. 

In my original training, we began by doing this meditation for 10 minutes, but then added 5 additional minutes each day until we could do this for an hour or more. 

The Old Chinese Master I am working with, suggested this change and addition to my Wuji stand meditation.

  • "While in your Wuji stance meditation," he said, "visualize creating and sending Qi out from your outstretched arms with your palms facing out. Center your thoughts on the concepts of peace, support, community, working together, partnering with the earth and each other - topics along those lines.
  • Visualize those words with meaning and intention as you create and expand that energy. 
  • Visualize the message, the feelings, and intention as becoming tiny sparks of light, or sparkles, or seeds and moving through your outstretched arms and outward facing palms. 
  • When you feel you have sent out what you can in that position, slightly turn to the right as if you are moving in a circle. 
  • Replant yourself in the Wuji stance and continue with your arms outstretched with palms facing out, and again send out more of those seeds or sparkles out into the ether (or country, or world, or universe) but in this new direction.
  • When ready, once again move a little more to the right in that circle, pause, and plant your feet in the Wuji stand and repeat the sending out of those thoughts, feelings, intentions as sparks of light or seeds in this new direction.
  • Repeat this process over and over again until you have completed the full circle.
  • Complete the meditation. You can now open your eyes. You can also do a “pulling down heaven” and give yourself blessing."
  • Set up a regular schedule to do this meditation, such as daily, or M-W-F, or weekly. Continue with this regular schedule until feel you feel you have done all you can or it is enough.

He continued, "this meditation will help energized more goodness, kindness, hope, and connection energy out into the world (or ether). This is the energy needed at this time to help humanity cope with the changes or chaos they are feeling. This will also help create more love, support, and kindness in the world."