Saturday, July 31, 2021

An Expanded Awareness of Protective Qi

I’ve worked with subtle energies of the chakras, life force energy, and Qi for decades. It all started when I met a spiritual being named John UK who taught me how to use the subtle energies of the chakras and learned how to use those energies for such things as astral projection, truth sensing, dream interpretation, etc. Later I went to Chinese Medicine school and learned how to work with Qi to use that subtle energy for healing. But recently I became aware of some additional doors that are available for me to explore that I didn’t even know existed. Until now. The information came in a dream. Here is the dream:

The dream began in an airport terminal. A friend approached me and introduced me to a young man he was working with and mentoring. This young man was probably around 20. The two of them then wandered off and later, I gazed over at them while sitting in the terminal and noticed this young man now looked like his skin was made of red plastic and he also had some big purple polka dots all over that red skin. I got up and walked over to my friend and this young man because I was rather curious about the change in appearance. I had never seen anything like this except in the movies, but I could also tell my friend did not want me to mention the appearance changes I was witnessing in this young man. So, I didn’t. No one else was reacting as if they were seeing anything strange so I assumed no one else noticed these changes in the man’s color and presentation. 

My friend then asked me to watch this young man while he ran an errand. This seemed like a strange request to me because the young man was obviously grown, but I said I would watch him. But now I noticed this young man was vibrating or had an inner within him. I was familiar with this situation and knew I could solve this situation using my Qigong skills. I asked this young man to follow me to a private room where I could calm those inner vibrations. 

We entered an empty room and I closed the door. I was ready to begin to use Qigong but he suddenly morphed into something completely different! He was now HUGE! I became frozen in place and could not move. I was paralyzed in the position of my last action. I knew this young man had released a blast of protective Qi and it was this that had completely immobilized me. 

The mental thoughts were “Bring in the light! Bring in the light!” but nothing happened. My thoughts quickly changed to the awareness that I needed to voice this out loud, so I tried, but I was paralyzed and could not speak.  

I then placed ALL of my focus and all of my inner energy to yell out “Bring in the Light!” and finally I heard myself scream this out loud. The dream immediately ended as my physical body abruptly woke up from hearing this glaring scream coming out of my mouth.  I now was just lying in bed with my heart racing and the airport terminal was gone. 

I laid there for a long time wondering what just happened and why. Finally, I realized that what I witnessed in this dream was way beyond any of the skills I had in my toolkit. I had a new awareness there were many more doors to open and explore as well as more skills to develop using subtle energies. I was going to start a new journey of exploration.