Friday, July 9, 2021

A New Type of Remote Learning

Since going to my very first Qigong class more than a decade ago, I've become passionate about working with Qi (life force energy. I keep finding new ways to pursue this interest and recently have been prompted to become more proficient and master more skills. As a result, I've done some research on what it takes to become a Qigong Master. 

So far, what I have learned is that the title of Master is bestowed on a person by a Qigong Master. This matches what happened to me in my own Qigong training process. Medical Qigong lineages are passed from doctor to apprentice. I was taught by Dr. Suzanne Friedman who had Qigong passed to her by Dr. Xu Hongtao of the Xiyuan Hospital in Beijing, China. Suzanne was a qigong master in a spiritual Qigong lineage, in that her other teacher, Master YeYoung, inducted her into his family's Daoist inner alchemy & meditative qigong forms. The Qigong treatments and exercises come from the medical tradition, where these exercises have been passed down since at least 300 BCE.

When I completed my Qigong training, the title of Qigong Practitioner was bestowed on me by my instructor. A couple of years later, the title of Qigong Therapist was then granted to me. But my instructor is now dead, and I wasn't sure what the process would be to have the title Master be granted to me. So I did some research. 

A couple of Qigong masters from China shared their Qigong Master process. For them, the master certification exam takes place over at least a 2 month period in China. Part of the testing was spending 30 days in a cave and meditating.  During that 30-day of isolation and fasting, they each only had minimal food and water. No bathroom. No showers. No comforts.  

Other mastery tests included observing their healing of others. In addition, there were tests to change the alcohol content in wine, for example. There were also tests to interpret the energy and body readings in others. They also had to sense, read, and interpret the thoughts of others. In addition, they had to sense and predict the future (such as a 10 day weather forecast).

After successfully completing the 2 month period of tests and observations, they could still fail the process. It was up to the Qigong Master Teacher to either pass or fail them in this mastery effort.  

But in the USA, there appears to be no standard or regulation on Qigong titles or certification requirements. It appears there are several schools where you just pay for the course, complete it, and voila, you get a certificate saying you are a Qigong Master. No proof of having any healing or sensing skills at all. This is rather scary if you ask me. 

But I had a brilliant idea of what I could do to advance and learn more about working and using Qi. As you may know, I have a few colleagues (spiritual beings) who often accompany me on my Qigong medical treatments (the Old Chinese Master, the Microbiologist, and Mariessa). I wondered if they would be willing to work with me and help me expand my skills, knowledge, and ability to work with Qi and they agreed! I am so pleased! I'm now going to be mentored by the very best in the Universe!

This means that I will be spending large blocks of time in a type of remote training experience. Essentially I will be in a state of deep meditation in order to be instructed by these masters. Kind of mind blowing, isn't it?!