Tuesday, July 13, 2021

A New Experience with Qi Prompts a Desire to Learn More

Recently I decided I wanted to become a Master of Qigong. The reason for this prompting was due to an experience I had that made me realize I needed to expand my skills in working and using Qi. This is what prompted this new interest and desire to upgrade my abilities.

I was at a public gathering and saw John, one of my close friends, at this event. We were in different areas of the room and waved at each other. Eventually John made his way over to me, bringing a young man with him. This young man was probably in his early 20’s and seemed overwhelmed and uncomfortable in this setting. I assumed he was a student of John's and was probably not used to being around this type of crowd.

John asked me to watch over this young man while he ran an errand. This seemed a bit strange because the young man was obviously grown, but perhaps it was because he was obviously uncomfortable in this type of setting. I said I would and after a few minutes noticed this young man had a very strong inner vibration or buzzing deep inside him. I felt as if this may be due to him being scared. I knew I could help calm him and soften that inner buzzing by using some Qigong techniques that work for this sort of thing.

I led him to a quiet empty room and closed the door. I was ready to begin using my Qigong skills and suddenly he morphed into something different - huge - and released a blast of invisible subtle energy at me which immediately paralyzed me in place. I was frozen in motion! I could not move at all. My body was incapacitated but my thoughts were very active. It was as if I was in an action movie that stopped in mid-flight but totally aware I was in peril. 

My thoughts kept shouting “Bring in the light! Bring in the light!” but nothing happened. I could not voice this message out loud but my thoughts inside were screaming it. I realized I needed to hear this out loud in order to break free from this encapsulation that was freezing me in place. I focused all my energy to voice the message out loud  and yell "BRING IN THE LIGHT!"  I screamed it with all my might. I did this over and over again until I finally heard my voice yelling that message and it was now coming out of my mouth. The spell seemed to break and I was no longer frozen in motion. 

This experience of being paralyzed in place by a protective force of Qi showed me a whole new level of energetic protection that I never had seen before. I didn't even know this was possible. This event made me aware I needed to up my game and improve my skills. I want to know more about how Qi can create such a force as to freeze everything in place, and also how sound and light can be used to deactivate this chain. 

There are still a lot of new things to learn and discover, as well as the need to become better prepared for those unknowns.