Saturday, June 26, 2021

Qigong Usually is Wonderful but These Two Treatments Didn’t Go as I Hoped

I love Qigong and how it allows us to see and experience subtle energy in its pure form. Qigong treatments are very different from Western Medicine and the results are almost always amazing. But there have been a couple of Qigong treatments that broke my heart. These are the two treatments that did not produce the results I hoped for.

Client 1

The first Qigong treatment that broke my heart was for a fiftyish year-old man with chronic depression. He was on meds and had been in the psych hospital a couple of times. He came to me via his mother, who was distraught over the failures in "fixing" him. She asked if I would do a Qigong treatment to see if that would help. She was desperate, she said, and wanted to leave no stone unturned. I agreed to give him a treatment, but Qigong doesn't "fix" depression. It is another tool that can be used to assist with treating this chronic disease.

His Qigong session was a face-to-face Qigong treatment. I took his medical history, had him lay on the treatment table, and asked him to relax and close his eyes. I then began the usual Qigong assessment process. I did not find anything unusual at all. I ended up giving him a rather normal Qigong treatment. Then, at the end of a treatment, I usually pause so I can receive messages from the clients inner self. This is a way to allow the client's personal energy to communicate directly and convey advice or recommendations or a personal message to help the client in their path to wellness or recovery. For example, a cancer patient's personal message may be to tell them to "go ahead and have the surgery” or “the cancer will not come back”, or "get counseling". But with him, I got nothing. There was no message from his inner self, which kind of surprised me. After that, I completed his treatment. I felt no urgency at all with him or what I sensed during his treatment. 

A couple of months after his treatment, however, he committed suicide. I was totally devastated and obviously rethought about his treatment and what I must have missed. Eventually I concluded that even though he had given me permission to enter into his personal energetic self for his Qigong treatment, this didn't necessarily mean he granted me full access. He was still able to hide what he didn't want me to see. Perhaps not allowing his energetic self to message me should have been a sign that he was being totally free and open with me.

After this, I decided to no longer do face-to-face sessions. Now I only do remote treatments. In a remote treatment, I do it when the client is asleep which makes sure the client is totally relaxed and open during the treatment. The guardrails usually come down in a remote treatment and because of this, I can go much deeper, see, sense, and uncover much more than when I do a treatment face-to-face. I think if I would have done a remote treatment on him, I may have been able to sense those dark hidden places he was hiding in and perhaps may have been able to find a way to come out.

Client 2

The second Qigong treatment that broke my heart was a remote treatment given to a young man in his 30’s. He was in an ICU in Salt Lake City. His stepmom, who is a friend of mine, requested I do a remote Qigong treatment because he had been in the ICU for almost a month and not getting better. She told me she was desperate and was hoping a Qigong treatment may save him.

I projected myself to this young man’s bedside and connected with his energetic self. I was getting ready to do an assessment on him, but it was as if he slipped away. I connected again, and in a moment, the connection once again broke. It was like I was trying to hold a fish in my hands but it kept flopping around and getting dropped. I would try to pick him up again, but the next moment, he would wiggle, jump, and slip away.

Finally I paused and focused on what was going on around him. I could now “see” several medical personnel buzzing around my clients body. It felt chaotic. I thought “they are doing some type of procedure on him! I need to leave and will return after when they are done."

I stopped the meditation and projection and then retried in a couple of hours. But when I tried to restart his remote Qigong treatment, I could not “find” this young man’s energetic self. I did not know where he was or what happened. Later I learned he had died. 

Apparently I had showed up in the middle of his cardiac arrest. Later, when I tried to find his energetic self and could not find him, it was because he had died and his energetic self (soul) was no longer here.

It was after this experience I decided to always request outside assistance from the Universe before I do a remote Qigong treatment. This way, I would always have other people (aka spiritual beings) who could assist and help me in any of my treatments. This has provided me a great deal of not only comfort, but expertise beyond my current skills.


I have done hundreds and hundreds of Qigong treatments and most of them created some rather amazing experiences or fantastic outcomes. But these two treatments didn't provide the results I had hoped for. Yes, they were requested at the time when there seemed to be no hope, but still, they are painful.

These two cases did, however, trigger some changes in how I do Qigong treatments. For that I am grateful to these two young men for the lessons they taught me.