Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Becoming a Cat

Image From BBC Science Focus
You know how your cat will bring you presents and leave them on your doorstep? It may be a mouse, a bird, or something stolen from the neighbors yard. This is their way to let you know you are loved and appreciated.

Well, I seem to be doing something similar with my two little grandkids, ages 4 and 6. These kids are in that fussy eating stage of life so I have been occasionally presenting a kid-friendly meal as a type of gift bestowed to their table. I then I wait for a sign of delight or glee to come from their little faces, but usually I will see curled up lips, frowny faces with a puckered nose, and some squinty eyes. Next comes comments like "what's in this?" followed by "I don't like that!" and then sounds of repulsion and groans as if they are near death as they try to not have to eat it.

I have finally realized I have become just like a cat. I am exhibiting the exact same behaviors and process as the family cat who shares little gifts of love on the doorstep of the family. The fam then responds exactly the same way as they were dealing with a cat. There is a smile, a pat on the back, and words like "good effort". The bounty is then quickly tossed in the garbage and everyone sighs with relief that the whole experience is now over.

Yep. I am using the family cat process for meals with the grandkids!

At first this was a bit devastating to realize I was digressing from the human race to the animal kingdom. But now I decided being the family cat is an OK job. Seeing the kids groan and the parents smile has become part of the meal-time dance, and it actually makes THIS cat smile. After all, it shouldn't matter where a person is in the spectrum of the animal kingdom as long as one continues to enjoy the ride.