Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Changing Paradigm

Let me tell you a story that was shown to me in a meditation to help explain why we are going through what looks to be like a dismantling of our societal norms and rules. The story allowed me to see why we are going through this type of chaos and what will be there for us to create and build on at the end of this dismantling.

The story begins in the mountains of Asia. A Chinese man, perhaps a monk, is sitting on a rock on top of a mountain overlooking other steep mountains and deep valleys. Around him is a small village where he lives. On the dirt path we see a stranger arriving, a man who has climbed the mountain and now slowly staggers on the dirt path. He is hot, sweaty, and tired. He looks to be a foreigner and out-of-place in this region. The Chinese man greets him and offers him water, food, and a place to rest. The foreigner ends up staying several days in this Chinese man's home. During this time, the foreigner rebuilds his strength and is renewed with not only food, but kindness, friendship, conversation, and laughter. The foreigner feels at peace and a wholeness he has never felt before and this feeling is now growing within him. He starts to desire what the Chinese man has and wants to own it. He wants that feeling of contentment and wants to claim it all for himself.

Soon it is time for the foreigner to leave and as he is embracing the Chinese man to bid him farewell, he pulls out a knife and slits the Chinese mans throat. The foreigner now declares that everything here is now owned by him and exerts power, dominion, and authority over the entire town. The entire town is now silenced, living in fear of death, and is being dominated by the foreigner who came in and took what was not his.

The foreigner no longer feels that inner peace and joy. He now feels a continual stream of uneasiness, anger, and danger from everywhere and th reverts to his former self, that of projecting lies, strength, and fear towards everyone around him.

This scenario ends. A new story now is displayed in this meditation.

The beginning of this story is just like the previous tale with a Chinese man sitting on a rock looking out over the valley. A stranger arrives on the scenario of being given food, water, shelter, and friendship is repeated. But this time, when it is time for the foreigner to leave, we see the foreigner giving the monk a hug and leaving. He does no harm. This time, the stranger returns home and takes with him new knowledge, experiences, and connections to people and places that can augment his skills.

The foreigner is now home and using his new knowledge and skills to replicate some of what he experienced. He is creating new ideas and shares his new knowledge with others in his community. Some follow his example and we see a community flourishing and growing.

In the final scenario we see both the Chinese man and the foreigner sitting in their own land, looking out at the vastness and each has an inner spark that is glowing brightly within themselves.

The new paradigm is a change of consciousness. It is an awareness that true joy comes from within and each person is in charge of creating and nourishing their own inner spark. Taking from others has never worked and never brought anyone inner peace, joy, and harmony. In this new paradigm, there is an awareness and acceptance that each of us is in charge of creating our own inner peace.