Sunday, October 13, 2019

Montserrat Spain is an Earth Energy Site Aligned with the 6th Chakra Frequency

Montserrat is a National Park in Catalonia, Spain. It has a lot of rocky mountain formations and in sunny weather it looks like this:
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During our visit, it was overcast with sprinkles of fog and rain. It was rather ethereal looking and mesmerizing.

When I travel, I including taking time to sense of the subtle energies at the different locations I visit. Through this process I determine if they are earth energy sites and if so, what type of subtle energy they have. Determining the type of subtle energy they vibrate helps me determine how I can connect or use the subtle energy in that locale. For example, some earth energy locations can be conduits. Some are good places to meditate and learn. Other locations are good to interact with the astral plane and visit with the nonPhysical. Other locales are good for healing energy. An earth energy site is a place with a concentration of life force energy and because of this, you can interact with those subtle energies and have some rather amazing experiences.

At Montserrat, I was overwhelmed with the feelings of peace, tranquility, and harmony at this locale. It definitely is an earth energy site.

I could sense the subtle energies here are aligned with the 6th chakra energy vibrations. This surprised me at first, but then I learned this area is also a monastery and home to about 50 monks. The monks who live here have taken a vow of silence, unless they are working. Their work is intellectual in nature, which is very much aligned with the vibration of the 6th chakra. 

I don't know if the monks helped create this subtle energetic vibration or if they were drawn to this location due to that energy already being a part of this area. Either way, the subtle energies in this area are very vibrant. This is a place you can easily meditate, get answers, and even experience a mind expansion.