Sunday, October 13, 2019

Looking for Earth Energy Sites - Krka Falls

In Chinese Medicine we learned we are a microcosm of the earth. On the flip side, this also means that we as human beings are also a miniature model of the earth. Just as we have acupuncture points in our physical body that connects the physical with the spiritual energies of Qi, so too does the earth have places (or points) where the spiritual and physical meet as well. We call those places around the globe "earth energy centers".  These earth energy centers have different purposes - just like our own acupoints in our body have different purposes and can provide different experiences.

When I travel, one of the things I try to do is to discover, sense, and then interact with these different earth energy centers. Often these energy centers are gateways for some amazing spiritual experiences which can be used at that moment or used in the future.

When I sense I am at an earth energy center, or a heart center, I will mentally create a type of "anchor point" where I infuse the image, feelings, and sensations of the area into my memory. I do this so I can access and use this earth energy point in the future meditations.

Recently I visited Krka National Park in Croatia and felt the abundant earth energy at this park. This locale, which has hundreds of water falls fed by spring water from the earth and is an earth energy site. You can not only see the beauty in this place, you can also feel a sense of peace, tranquility, and calm in this area.

Sometimes at an earth energy site you can feel an INTENSE sense of joy that is overwhelming. If and when you feel something like that, you know you have discovered the "heart" of this earth energy site. This does not happen very often, but it can happen. I did not feel that type of intensity at the Park, so was a bit disappointed that the heart center eluded me.

Later, our tour boarded a boat and we went down the river toward the town of Skradin. It was a lovely peaceful boat ride when suddenly I felt an INTENSE ,concentration of pure joy and automatically started to tear up. I recognized this sensation as being a sensation I have when I discover an earth energy heart center.  I snapped a photo of the place, took a deep breath in, and focused my thoughts to create a mental anchor point. I did this because I wanted to use energy site in  future meditations or healings that will require tapping into that subtle energetic resource. 

In Chinese Medicine I learned we are a microcosm of the earth. I am using this model of understanding to explore the earth and is subtle energies, which then helps me better understand humanity as well as myself.