Saturday, September 14, 2019

Preventing a Crash Landing with Astral Travel

You can develop skills to have one of your internal spirits temporarily leave your physical body and be projected to the astral plane. This is called Astral Travel. Your spirit leaves and visits the astral plane, then returns and gets back into your physical body. The easiest way to travel to the astral plane is when you are asleep. Having your mind and body be in that deep state of relaxation can allow your spirit to leave and explore other dimensions.

If you do a lot of astral traveling, you will eventually recognize that you can have a "soft landing" back into your physical body, or a fast and "difficult landing". A soft and gentle return happens when you wake up on your own. But if you are awakened by an alarm clock or an expected event, your spirit will quickly zoom back into your physical body by "the speed of thought" and you will feel as if you crash landed. You will feel all WOBBLY as if your spirit was not embedded correctly. Soon, your spirit will soon get back into place and smooth things out, but for a few seconds, it is an uncomfortable sensation if you crash land.

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Because I hate that feeling of the wobbles so much, I decided to stop using an alarm clock all together. Of course, I still needed a way of make sure I was up and about on time, so I tried the method of announcing what time I needed to wake up. At first I declared out loud, "I want to wake up at 6:00 AM", and I woke up at that time. The next day, I repeated the process and announced a different time, and again it worked.  I did this for a week, trying different times, and each time I woke up at the correct time. 

Next, I tried just communicating the announcement silently - just in my thoughts, instead of that verbal announcement. This also worked. I have not used an alarm clock in over a decade and now have those gentle, peaceful landings that occur by waking up naturally.

Astral travel provides a way to learn and explore all aspects of life. It is a way to learn, grow, and expand your awareness as well as experiences. You can visit places all over the astral plane as well as places and people in the past, as well as other levels of the Tao, and even parallel timelines. There are a myriad of options available once you open the door of astral travel exploration.