Thursday, September 5, 2019

Pete Buttigieg's Response to Sharpie Gate is How We Need to View Trump

We now have a fresh new scandal; Sharpie Gate. In an era where we have a new scandal almost every day, this is the one I think is going to change things. Sharpie Gate involves someone taking an official weather map and penning in Alabama into the path of Dorian. Why? So that the President could save face and not have to admit he lied.

Background of Sharpie Gate
The President had tweeted that Alabama was included in the warnings about hurricane Dorian. This was incorrect information. The National Service immediately tweeted the correction stating Alabama was not in Dorians path. The President then held a news conference in the Oval Office showing a doctored photo of the weather service map and it now had Alabama penned into the path via a sharpie. When asked about where this change on the map came from, Trump didn't know. 

So why is this scandal worth mentioning?  
Even though there is no sex, no hidden bank accounts, no money laundering with this scandal, I think this is the scandal to remember. Why? Because of how Pete Buttigieg responded on an interview with CNN when he was asked about Sharpie Gate. Buttigieg said,

"I feel sorry for the President' after he showed the apparently altered hurricane map. Look, when the presidency has been reduced to this, all of us are diminished because the presidency is supposed to be something we all look up to, even if we disagree with the President. What we're seeing there is literally pathetic," he continued. "It makes you feel a kind of pity for everybody involved, and that's not how I want to feel about a president whether it's for my party or the other."
When I heard Buttigieg's response I could feel the energy associated with Trump start to change and become PATHETIC.

Trump is someone who has shocked us since the very beginning. He is unusual. He is unbelievable. He is unconventional and does things his own way. Trump has a commanding style based on self promotion and domination that easily fuels scandal after scandal because he doesn't follow the rules. Or the laws. For some, Trump has become a type of super hero because he is so unconvential and gets away with everything. Until now.

Calling out Trump as a PATHETIC person changes the energy around Trump. He really does become ordinary and weak. Try it yourself. Look at an image of Trump and in your mind think "Trump is pathetic" (do this with a feeling of pity; not of contempt). You will probably now see Trump as different. You will no longer feel that fear, nor anger, nor hate. You will see him as he truly is - painfully pathetic and weak.

I think Buttigieg is right about how we should view Trump. I see this as a game changer.