Monday, September 16, 2019

How I Learned that Everything is Energy and it can Transcend Time and Space

Everything is energy. We all are familiar with this saying. But the first time saying registered as a personal truth was based on this experience.

My former spouse and I had been practicing astral travel. We were becoming more proficient in traveling to the astral plane during sleep, but now we wanted to see if we could project our spirit to other places besides the astral plane. Can we project our spirit and visit other places on the physical plane? Is it possible to do this while awake, such as in a meditation?

We sat together in our Utah home to prepare to meditate. He was going to visit a friend of ours in the Czech Republic. He closed his eyes, breathed deeply, and after a couple of minutes, I could tell he was now "gone".

A few minutes later he opened his eyes and reported he had been in our friends home and described what he had observed. I was so thrilled that it seemed to work!  I gave him a big kiss and could then smell and taste chocolate on his mouth and breath. I commented, "You now smell and taste like chocolate. What happened?"

He laughed and said, "there were chocolates in a dish on the table so I popped one into my mouth!"  The result of this was him returning back home with the smell and taste of chocolate.

For me, this was one of those "ah hah moments" of wonder and awe. This experience let me know that everything is energy in some form, and sometimes it can transcend time and space. I found this rather remarkable.

It is no wonder that chocolate has a special place in my heart and soul.