Monday, September 23, 2019

Fall Season Transition

Today is the first day of the Fall season - the equinox. This is the midpoint between the winter and summer solstice and in olden days, was a day for ritual and celebration. Rituals would be done by the village Shaman or Priestess, who would incorporate the harvest bounty in the ritual and give thanks to the Gods. Then, a blessing also would be shared and bestowed to everyone in the community to help nurture and fortify the bonds in the community. An abundance of food and drink would also shared in this atmosphere of celebration joy. The Fall equinox celebration was a big event.

In our current era, we don't hear much about the Fall equinox; but it is still there. It usually is called something else. For example, in Northern California, these Fall celebratory events are known as the Food and Wine Festivals. The rituals and community blessings may no longer have public displays, but there are still blessings and group meditations being done in private as a way to share the energies of hope and protection for their community.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), each changing season is still a big deal when it comes to keeping someone healthy. In TCM, medical treatment plans will now start to be modified, tweaked, and adapted to allow for this changing flow of Qi. For example, to keep a person healthy in the Fall season, the food priorities will now shift to include harvest foods, such as squash, s sweet potato, ginger, cabbage, walnuts, almonds, radish, apples, plums, grapes, sauerkraut. Also, the focus will now shift towards keeping the lungs, the colon, and skin healthy. Emphasis will now be directed towards preventing colds and flu, for example.

The Fall season is also the time of letting go, so this is the time to let go of resentments. Or clutter. It is also the time for drinking more water to help cleanse your inner body. It is also the time to nurture your mind and spirit.

Welcome Fall. We are glad to have you back in our path.