Monday, September 9, 2019

Being Out of Balance - Male and Female Power In the Body

In Chinese Medicine, the concept of balance is instilled in every concept related to health and wellness. Yin energy is considered female and yang energy is considered male. In addition, the right side of the human body is considered female and the left side is considered male. So when menopause hits, there is an energy imbalance that gets created and some symptoms of yin and yang imbalance become very prevalent.

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Now that menopause is a permanent state of being in my life, I have noticed different changes on each side of my body. From a Chinese Medicine point of view, this makes perfect sense since the left side of the body is MALE and the right side of the body is FEMALE and each side acts differently.

On the MALE side of my body - the left side - I now have unwanted hair growth. You know, rogue course chin hairs and wacky eyebrow hairs that just come out of no where. They don't even know they are ruining the entire landscape with their bad behavior. They don't seem to know the rules, let alone, follow instructions. Very male.

The female side of my face - the right side - is still is obedient and not prone to bad behavior. I think these hairs are still playing by the old rules and are compliant and obedient. Very female.

There are other symptoms in other parts of my body, too. My left boob has shrunk a bit and is now smaller than my right boob. This was an unexpected change. I have become lopsided. And guess what else is out of whack? The joints on the male side of my body are the ones that can't suck up any discomfort! They have become a wuss. Each time I get out of a chair, for example, I now hear that new "male voice" in my head whining about a little pain on the left side. Such a baby! The right side will just patiently wait, and wait, and wait in silence for the left side to get up and be a man. The right side is still a trooper.

Yes, I miss the good old days when my body was in balance and the male side followed the rules of balance. But I'm adjusting to this new partnership, My goal is just to get 'him' to take out the garbage without complaining for now. These small goals, I believe, may help him know he is wanted and has important jobs still to do. With luck there will be a reset in the balance of power and we will learn to get along.