Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Astral Travel Becomes Effortless in Seniors

I was raised as a Mormon, a religion which teaches we are composed of a physical body and a spiritual soul. When I became an adult and became exposed to other viewpoints, I expanded my view of the soul to include seven chakras. Each of those chakras is a different energy frequency represented with a different color. If we align our personal energies with that chakra color frequency, kind of like tuning into different radio frequencies, we can open different doors of discovery in a spiritual realm of existence. One of those doors includes the astral plane (aka heaven) and the skill to go through that door is astral travel.

I wasn't sure exactly HOW this could happen because my mental concept was based on having a soul that stayed in the physical body until death. If I let my soul leave my physical body, didn't that mean I was dead? But I found the explanation of how this is possible when I attended Chinese Medicine school. In that arena I learned our soul is composed of MULTIPLE SPIRITS, and these spirits have different roles and responsibilities - like registering our feelings, or providing drive and willpower, or even gathering information from cosmic forces. Yes, some of these inner spirits that make up our soul can gather information from cosmic forces by leaving the physical body!

I now could understand HOW the soul could leave the body and visit the astral plane - by sending ONE of the spirits within the soul to do that job.

I was able to develop the skills of astral travel and have been projecting myself to the astral plane for many decades, and in all of this time, I have not bumped into anyone I knew who was still alive on planet earth. Until now.  In fact, I am NOW starting to see friends and family members on the astral plane, which is totally new, especially since most of these people never trained themselves in the skills of astral projection. So HOW are they able to be on the astral plane?

I think I have the answer.

Remember puberty? Through no training or effort on your own, life suddenly changed. You became an adolescent and now had boobs, or got a deep voice, and had hair growing in places you never knew was possible. I think our aging bodies are going through another automatic transformation process, but this time we are getting to visit the astral plane. I believe the process is a way to help us prepare for our next life stage - "going home".

I actually am rather amazed by this discovery!

I believe we often get caught up with everything we are losing as we age and this sometimes prevents us from paying attention to the new things we are experiencing or gaining in this stage. Being able to visit and interact on the astral plane with absolutely no training and effort is a remarkable achievement. This is something to pay attention to and bathe in because being there is absolutely amazing experience of wonder and delight. 

If you want to learn more about astral travel or how to remember your astral travels, those lessons are covered in my book "Cultivating Spiritual Energy".