Saturday, August 10, 2019

Trumps Bully Wall

Someday Trump will have his own library. For someone who doesn't read, falsifies facts, and also changes history (remember how he said there were airplanes during the Revolutionary War?) the requirement of him getting his own Presidential library is rather surprising. Let's examine what would probably be in his Presidential library.

Most likely the Trump Library would have rooms and rooms showing crowd size. There would also probably be sound recordings of his favorite chants, like "lock her up", "send her back", and definitely comments like "there was no conspiracy". But what I would want to see in that library is a wall. Not a border wall. I want to see a wall listing all the names of people Trump mocked, denigrated, or bullied during his tenure. It may even rival the number of names on the Vietnam Wall (there are over 58K of names on the Vietnam wall).
Vietnam War Memorial Wall
I believe a wall listing everyone Trump tried to humiliate and destroy would become the highlight at his Presidential library. I also believe that everyone listed on Trump's "Bully Wall" would eventually become recognized as someone of honor, and maybe even a hero. It would be one way of turning something unnatural and rather horrific into something worthwhile.