Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Morning Gap of Stillness

There is a moment of time each day when we transition from that sleep state to becoming awake. In that gap of mental change is when we really are the most open to bringing forth messages from beyond, or having clear ideas and insights, or having a deeper state of awareness.

Because we are a microcosm of the earth, and mother nature seems to repeat her patterns and processes over and over again, I've become aware the earth goes through this similar type of consciousness transition each day, too. At sunrise is the time when the earth transitions to its awakened state and in that gap, we can choose to tap into that same conscious energy flow. We can then connect and use this window of space and time to bring forward those messages from beyond, or clear ideas and insights, or even obtain a deeper state of awareness and oneness.

I have come to recognize that for me, this gap of stillness during the sunrise is when I have the greatest sensations of wonder, feel the deepest joys, and get the clearest messages and guidance in my whole day. It is often during this window of space and time when things really start to happen. For example, this is when I get the best results for my remote/distance Qigong healings, or gain my greatest new insights, or have my most clarity.

Recently, however, I decided to use this morning gap of stillness to nurture thoughts and feelings about the positive things I want in this world - like an expanded awareness, fairness, civility, clear insights, hope, love, and community. I then grow those ideas, feelings and sensations during this window and them as if they are seeds into the world.

I do this because I know "energy flows where thoughts go". Scattering and sharing positive focused thoughts and intention during this gap of stillness is powerful.