Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Surviving and Creating Something New

In my meditations, I keep getting the encouragement to ignore the chaos and turmoil and to stay focused on what kind of world we WANT to live in. Part of that process of focused intent is about pondering and feeling moments of joy, pleasure, laughter, gratitude, and connections. But recently in a meditation, another lesson was presented to me.

In this meditation, the visual begins after a long and death defying turmoil where I miraculously climb into a blank, empty, white room that feels safe.

Blank Room Clipart

I don't know where I am, but I feel safe. I also think, "I don't see any door".  With that thought, a door suddenly appears in the room, so I walk thru the door and notice that is the unknown. It is all black and I can't see anything. I return to the white empty room. 

My mind then drifts to what I have been recently focusing on - things that bring me pleasure and joy. With that brief thought, I then see the white room start to fill in with things that bring me joy - you know, like meditating, or my rocks that look like the chakras, or the pictograph rock art on my walls. I then start to see this white empty room now looking as if it is my living room. I then question if I am in that white empty room that is decorated to look like my home, or if I am actually in my home? I can no longer tell them apart.

I then seem to toggle back and forth between these two spaces in order to verify it is two different spaces and my next thought is, "why would I need two places that are just alike?" With that thought, the room in my meditation then once again becomes blank, empty, and white. I then realized that was my lesson. This white room is like a blank canvas of the world.  We have the opportunity to create it into the world we want to live in.  We can fill it with what we love and value, and can even create something totally new and different.

I also realize my current physical space - my living room represents the "now" and the blank white room represents the future.

We are still going through a period of great upheaval and chaos in our world. We really are fighting to survive. And we will survive.

Eventually we will reach a time when we finally feel safe and we can really create a whole new world - one that is the kind of place we want and need. A place that brings us joy and one that can work for all of us.