Monday, August 5, 2019

Posting Photos of What Brought Me Joy

For the last year, I have been focusing a moment each day to pay attention to what gives me pleasure and joy. This is my way to make sure I have little nuggets of wonderment tucked into my soul so it is full of life's pleasures.

Recently I joined Instagram and have decided that posting a photo each day on Instagram can be a way to reinforce this process of paying attention to life's daily moments of joy. I have found, however that sometimes what I am enjoying is not really a sharable photo experience. I mean, the majority of my little nuggets of pleasure are mostly FEELINGS. Like noticing the colors of the morning sun as it peeks through the trees and creates different shadows. Stuff like that makes me pause and smile.
Morning Light- Colors and Shadows
Or when I open a bottle of wine and pour it into one of those a big wine glasses, breathe in and smell that lovely fragrant bouquet, then take a sip and my tongue seems to perk up and becomes alive as it tastes exotic new flavors rolling on my tongue. I then swallow the wine and suddenly feel my entire body relax, almost as if it just took a big deep breath and made sure that every nook and cranny throughout my body was now swimming in peace and harmony. These types of experiences and feelings just don't seem to transfer very well in a photo op.

But, I like the idea of capturing and sharing my moments of wonder and also being able to see what others see as pleasurable or worthwhile on their own highway of life.