Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Flight Attendants Made this Kids Birthday a Fantastic Experience

We all know how air travel has become difficult, time consuming, tiring, tedious and not something most of us enjoy. Traveling on your birthday is not something most of us would choose to do if we can get around it. But this day for our 6 year old grandson ended up being way better than any of us ever expected.

The day started with he Kansa Grandma (Koma) constructing a yellow lucky birthday crown for him to wear on this 6th birthday. It was his lucky crown and would let everyone around him know this was his special day.

When they boarded the airplane, the flight attendants made an announcement that there was a birthday boy on the plane and his name was George. As he walked down the isle of the plane, he was greeted by birthday well wishes and high fives from the other passengers. He beemed as he found his seat.

The plane took off and they headed to California. Llater on the flight, the flight attendants asked that everyone to lower their window shades and to turn on their call light. She explained these call lights were now George's birthday cake candles. The lights were dimmed and and the call lights shined brightly. George then took a big breath and blew. The flight attendant now asked everyone to turn off their call light as if the candles were blown out. The plane was now briefly in the dark (as you can see in this video) and then the lights came back on, and with this kind gesture, a little 6 year old boy beamed.

In addition, the flight attendants made a very unique and special "birthday cake". The cake is made from the finest role of toilet paper available, then layered with coffee swizzle sticks, and topped with layers of shiny pretzel packs. It is the best birthday cake I have ever seen in coach!

That bday boy was thrilled and had a birthday bash he will never forget!

Thank you, you wonderful flight attendants!
You made this little boy a birthday he will always remember. 
Thank you for your kindness. 
Thank you for making the world a better place.
One kid at a time.