Monday, January 7, 2019

The Thrill is Gone

You know how things that are forbidden will feel special, and even thrilling?

I admit I used to get excited when someone with a Costco membership invited me to dine with them at the warehouse and grab one of their famous $1.50 hotdogs. The desire to have my own membership cards grew and finally, I GOT ONE! I now can go to Costco anytime. I'm one of "them".

Now that I can go anytime it has become common. Normal. No longer special.

Marketers know that if you put up barriers or limit supplies, people's desires will increase. When things become commonplace, the anticipation decreases. This is why being able to only get eggnog during Christmas will make you more excited for that drink when you see it on the shelves. Or even fruitcake. It is also why most mistresses lose their pizzaz if they become the mrs.

The excitement and anticipation that comes with a forbidden or limited adventure can change when it becomes always standard-issue. My Costco meals are no longer unusual. The thrill is gone.