Thursday, January 17, 2019

Red Dal

I'm old and retired, but decided there is still time to learn to cook. I mean, at this stage of life most everyone knows how to cook SOME stuff, like eggs, coffee, toast, hot dog with beans, and maybe even tuna casserole. But if you want to cook with more than just salt and pepper, you need to spread your wings and explore new methods and spices.

Today I learned how to cook the Indian dish, red dal. This is the YouTube site I used to guide me through the process. I went to MANY sites, but chose this one because I could understand the instructor. She also has a website with the printable version of the recipe, which also helped.

Because I'm a newbie at this stuff, my first attempt ended up in a cloud of stinky smoke. I took a swig of wine and got back in the game and tried it again. Here is a website on how to get rid of the odors if you also find you have to learn the hard the way, like me.