Saturday, January 5, 2019

Is the Constitution Hanging by a Thread?

Image from Rational Faiths
I grew up in Mormonland, aka Utah, and it was part of the culture  that in the "latter days" the constitution of the United States would hang by a thread. AND, it would be a Mormon who will step in and save the constitution and the United States. This was a prophecy from Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church. (See LDS).

When Barack Obama became president, many in Utah assumed our first black president was the one who would be the person who was going to destroy the constitution (yeah, I know - the person who TAUGHT constitutional law). Then Mitt Romney, a Mormon, ran against Obama and was supposed to save the country. But Mitt lost and many Mormons were a but stunned when this prophecy didn't work out.

But now America has a president who really is acting like a rogue leader and wielding his way to destroy the constitution. Trump ignores and belittles any law or group he disagrees with and seems to lash out and stomp on rules of laws he doesn't like. Somehow he has tamed the Republican party to act like zombies and comply to his desires which is allowing him to become a dictator. It seems to me our country really is headed toward a constitutional crisis, just like the ancient Mormon prophecy said.

So where are the Mormons in all this? Are they now seeing they need to step in and save the constitution? Do they see what is happening?

Nope. Not yet. It's as if they drank the zombie juice and are still in a trance.

But maybe soon that fog will lift. After all, their former guy, Mitt Romney, may just be the guy to swoop in and save the Republican party. Did you read his OP-ED piece in the Washington Post? This is a guy that may just take that needed stand and even save his party. And maybe even the constitution.