Thursday, January 31, 2019

Gray's Anatomy Text Book

Henry Gray, Author of "Gray's Anatomy" 1858
At one of our social gathering, one of my former medical colleague shared how the book "Gray's Anatomy" - the anatomy medical text we all used in college, was created using the victims  of the Holocaust. We were all a bit stunned with this trivia and I think we all felt a bit ashamed to hear this. But upon further investigation, I learned this story is not true. This text book, which helped create the necessary foundation of many medical careers, was created in 1858. The holocaust was from 1941-1945.

However, the medical text has been used in other avenues besides just training medical students. For example, the TV show "Grey's Anatomy" was created as a play on words, referring to both this well known medical textbook and the name of the series' lead character. In addition, the TV series "The Good Doctor" has the lead character visualizing illustrations from Gray's Anatomy to mentally diagnoses a patient's condition.

This medical text has been around for a long, long time, and is still an active part of our current culture.