Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Earth Energy Points Can Relocate

This is one of my favorite spots in Northern California - the Avenue of the Giants. There is one grove I particular like,  the Thomas Greig trail in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park because the life force energy has been particularly strong at that location. We call this an "earth energy site" because of the intense concentration of life force energy. These types of locations are great places to meditate, ponder, get creative solutions, ideas, and have experiences of complete wonder and awe.
Location of Thomas Greig Trail
What the trail head looks like

There is a bench along the trail where I often go and just sit,  ponder, think, listen, or meditate. The clarity of information and insight at this spot has been intense has been a place I easily obtain answers, insight, or get clarity on what to do. This is what "my spot" looks like in years past.
What the middle of the trail looked like in years past
But during a recent visit to this grove, things felt VERY different - empty, in fact. I was rather stunned to feel NOTHING when I arrived at the grove. I then began my walk towards "my spot" but this time it felt like a big fat void of nothing. In fact, the bench used to face East but now was facing South! The big redwood tree that had been behind the bench was now toppled over, laying exposed and uprooted. The ferns and fauna now seemed stunned and withered as if in shock.

This is what "my spot' looked like during this visit.

I sat on the bench and began a meditation, trying to connect to the subtle energy in this area, but I felt nothing. Nada. That pocket of blissful life force energy had packed up and left town. 

Subtle energy can and does relocate, and this is what happened here. I was surprised, however, and rather unprepared for this dramatic shift in energy. I was rather bummed-out and feeling a bit heart broken over this loss. One of my favorite energy spots now felt dead. 

Later on, as I continued my drive northward and was now at the Prairie Creek Redwood State Park,  I suddenly could "hear"something shouting at me to stop. I pulled over, parked the car, and was suddenly overwhelmed with that familiar feeling of bliss and happiness, just like I used to feel at "my spot" along the Thomas Greig trail. That pocket of life force energy was now HERE! 
Along the road at Prairie Creek Redwood State Park
This energy pocket had moved about 2 hours north of where it used to be, and was now at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. 
Route from Ave of Giants to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
This time I was easily able connect with that life force energy and obtain the clarity of information I had been seeking. 

I have no idea if this energy spot will remain at this locale or not. However, it was a nice reminder how subtle energy can relocate and change. It felt like a gift to be able to once again reconnect with this energy source and get what I needed.