Saturday, January 12, 2019

Balancing the Inner Yin and Yang

In Chinese philosophy, the Taiji symbol of yin and yang is composed of two different energetic forces - yin energy, which is symbolized as black, and yang energy, symbolized by white. Yin is the calm, female energy of stillness and support. Yang is the more male energy of action, movement. and change.

Recently I introduced some changes in my daily meditation to see what would happen, such as sitting outside in the dirt to do a meditation rather than in my comfy living room chair. This method improved my 'grounding' process.

Another time. I visualized connecting with the trees in my yard in a meditation to see how this change in energy source would impact the meditation. This seemed to stretch and connect me with energy sources waaaaaay beyond my little area of comfort in my living room.

Next I tried holding a different I had gathered from different 'earth energy sites' I had visited, and the outcome of the meditation experience changed with many of those different rocks. Each of these different meditation methods lead me to different outcomes and experiences in my meditation.

But then, I did something that REALLY made a huge difference in my meditation. I took one of my black, shiny stones and placed it in my left hand. The left side of the body, according to Chinese Medicine, is the male side of the body, and I was holding a "female stone" in that "male territory".

I then took one of my white crystal tubular stones and placed it in my right hand. The right side of the body is considered the female side of the body, so I was now holding a "male stone" in the "female territory" of my body. It was as if I was creating a type of modified Taiji in and around my body.

I then started my normal and usual meditation while holding onto my black and white/clear stone in each hand.

What happened next was rather amazing to me. I could feel the subtle energies within me change from a kind of erratic and chaotic flow of movement to one that started to be a more unified and calming flow.

I then felt my entire self become calm and balanced with a very gentle steady movement of flow. The transformation I felt was very amazing. It was if my entire body was at peace. I was "at one".

There are many different types of meditation and they will provide different types of experiences and outcomes. If you stick with just one type of meditation you become really good at that one method and the outcomes you have will usually become very deep experiences. But when you add some variety or different types of meditation, new doors and experiences may open. This was a nice reminder to be open to new types of meditation experiences. New outcomes and adventures may await.